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  1. wtf is up, where can I find the updated rom with a 50 MS/88 PS/75 PC QB handing off to his 56 MS RB, after getting an int using the teams 44/56/69, 69 HP, 69 INT SS?
  2. buck

    Wild-Card Predictem

    you know me correctly.
  3. buck

    WEEK 16 Picks

    Verbatim, even the GIA.
  4. brad muster, in the kitchen, with the lead pipe...man, in a perfect world I could sit around and watch all of these old school primetimes...so much fun.
  5. That one long run gurley made sure looked like Eric Dickerson. Not quite as straight necked as Dickerson, but everything else reminded me of him.
  6. Sorry, I didn't read your post right! My bad
  7. No DAL??? one of my brothers wore an elway jersey to the KC RAI game last week. You would not believe the shit people gave him over that!
  8. otto. heck yes. the (ancient) original GOAT. graham crackers were named after this GOAT. also, the modern automatic transmission would not exist if it weren't for automatic otto. and the guy from repo man was named after him.
  9. Rodgers might have the more gifted arm and leg, in terms of calipers and radar guns...But Brady's body, mind, and soul are even more gifted. And in football: health, mind, and soul are greater than muscle. This revelation might not have come to you, yet. But someday it will....or you could just look at any belichick pats team and see this reality in action.
  10. Brady's performance in ATL super bowl last season alone was enough to make him the undisputed GOAT. That was like four joe Montana super bowl games in one....except without rice or taylor. but then factor in his amazing career...and he better be having trophies, stadiums, awards, streets, buildings, etc named after him in honor of Brady's exclusive greatness.
  11. I don't know man... maybe a step up from Derek Carr.
  12. So, are the eagles "done"? Do they win a playoff game without RG3 v2.0 (wentz)? What about chiefs? You guys still think they've shot their wad?
  13. I went to the game. Revis was getting burned, but Carr either didn't see it or couldn't get it to the wr in time, usually due to pressure. i will come out and say that Carr looked like total shit yesterday. By total shit, I mean complete shouldn't even be playing quarterback shit. If there was an incompletion, it was carrs fault, not revis's. have minimal confidence in carr anymore. The only decent things he did were in total garbage time. i also don't have confidence in revis .
  14. Raider fan.... 100% sickness. And we saw a lot of consoling Carr today.
  15. Alex smith v Derek Carr...smith kicked much ass, Carr looked horrible. mgk, marshawn lynch says "hi"
  16. You guys hear those early 90s grunge songs during the interludes of the SEA PHI game last night? the rooster, and some Pearl Jam song. Seems like there was another that I can't remember. but the PHI does not look as strong as their record would suggest. The game was lost when Wentz lost the fumble at the goal line and SEA took it down and scored. PHI had a lot of trouble with Russell Wilson's antics. And PHI / Wentz seemed to have trouble with all of SEAs blitzes. RE: KC chiefs fuck em.
  17. Blaming Alex smith? Lol. Must not watched the game or looked at the stars. i guess you football geniuses think Alex smith also plays defense.
  18. From what I saw of revis, dude shouldn't even be on the field. Wtf
  19. buck

    WEEK 13 Pickem!

    Good call. DAL sure kicked their ass all night long.
  20. Pock, if you could see my face when I write posts, you would see LOFL happening.
  21. yeah, they can both eat shit. GIA and Eli. GIA just told Eli to eat shit first, and all the haters are jealous.
  22. Have you football geniuses even read what the GIA coach said? coach said that he wanted to let these other QBs play some, but Eli would start. Eli said "no" to that idea. So coach said, "see ya, ya bum!" he said he is going with Geno for now and is going to get that other dude Webb rolling, too. it's not exclusive Geno time. But at least Geno has a little NFL experience, and then ease the Webb dude in. have you read how Eli is helping these other QBs get ready? Eli himself knows he is a bum. But you football geniuses don't agree! Anyways, you gonna sit here and say what a coach shouldn't do with a freaking 2-9 GIA team and a bum QB You gonna sit here and say "poor Eli"? Pssshh. again, all due respect to Eli for what he's done in the past...but this ain't the past anymore.
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