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  1. yellowno7

    Comprehensive catalog of TSB ROMs?

    This is great, I'm excited to dig in!! ...As far as my second link (above), those are in RAR format. I'm told I need NES format to work on the modded NES Classic Mini. Any idea how to get these files in NES format? Maybe a converter or different source? UPDATE -------------------- As a Mac owner, I didn't have an app to open the RAR file to test. I scoured the internet and on CNet Download, found "RAR Expander" (over 1.7Million downloads). I was able to open all 345 NES files in less than a couple minutes. YESSS!!! ------------------------------ thanks again, guys!
  2. Hi, anyone seen a good place with a comprehensive catalog of TSB ROM versions (different years, etc)? Might have someone mod a NES Classic Mini and want to pimp it with a good selection of TSB versions. --------------------------------- I've seen: 1) This url (TecmoBowl.org "ROMs by year") has a few options... 2) ... and TecmoSB.com (clicky) has a link for "TSB Roms Collection <=== last update: 11/16/2014." I haven't been able to open this one, but it appears to have so many ROMs, that some years have 5-10+ versions. --------------------------------- Figured by now, someone may have already edited a good catalog list somewhere. nbd if not.
  3. I just started using FCEUltra to play NES, because NESticle wasn't doing so hot on my WinNT system. When I exit FCEU, the season data is erased. And when I reopen the ROM, all teams are reset and the season is new again. Is there a way for FCEU to remember my season, without my having to manually "Save State" and "Load State" every time? Can I download a patch or a file or anything? I know in MAME, a simple "hiscore.dat" file will remember high scores for all ROMs, and no saving is necessary. I LOVE TECMO AND I NEED HELP!!