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  1. Jaylen Smith, LB and his shitty DB counterpart
  2. Cubsfan5150 Skins, Broncos... Third team doesn't matter
  3. Quit being a selfish bitch first and I'll never mention you again
  4. This is kinda bullshit Kamp. Was there a warning? Are you treating discdolo the same way? He might be even worse. This needs to be deleted unless I totally missed something in this ridiculously long off season
  5. I think this is a good idea... I also think that people would make more posts if they were actually responded to. There's nothing like doing a playoff race post only to receive crickets.
  6. Your Group - Group 4 Who won toss - Peters Matchup called by coin toss winner - MIA/DET Team that coin toss loser chose - MIA I accidently onsided as P2, he drove down and threw a pick in the EZ. Sammie (Sanders) Smith needed 2 plays to score. He got the ball back and bled the clock and scored with under a minute left in the half. Second half I got the ball and hit Jenson on a long dive, score. He again took his time and scored. Marino led a drive that stalled around the 30 of DET and ended in a FG. DET again took their time with around 2 minutes left and tried a 60+ yard FG to tie and missed. 17-14 Final I didn't record because he was streaming, but the stream was bogging down the connection. My apologies. TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
  7. In Discord Handle: cubsfan5150 Can you host?: only with servers Your time zone: eastern Best time for you to play: Weekend nights
  8. I Don't disagree Arn, but there's no reason to sit here with open trading without being able to trade... We can't fix the phile, so use the time wisely
  9. BTW, to be clear, both trade offers were sent BEFORE the deadline
  10. Both owners agreed to the trade prior to the deadline... But due to NYE festivities were unable to link up. The two extra hours that it took to approve shouldn't hurt anyone. For context,the MLB trade deadline is always at 1600 but if two teams have agreed to a trade, they'll extend as necessary to accommodate
  11. 1. Who will win the opening coin toss Atlanta or San Francisco (3 points) Home team (SF) 2. Who will score first Atlanta or San Francisco? (4 points) ATL 3. Will the opening kickoff be returned onto or past the receiving teams own 15 yd line? Yes or no. Yes answer is it will reach 15 yd line or greater. No is it will reach 14 yd line or less. (4 points) NO 4. Will the team who gets ball first in the game, score a TD on the opening drive? (4 points) YES 5. Who will have more TD's (passing+rushing), SF QB Matt Ryan (44PS-63PC) or ATL QB Andrew Luck (19MS-56PS-56PC) (4 points) RYAN 6. Will SF RB Chris Carson (44MS) score a rushing TD? (3 points) YES 7. Over/Under (90.5) total yards rushing + receiving for ATL RB Adrian Peterson (56MS) (5 points) UNDER 8. Over/Under (155.5) receiving yards for SF WR Odell Beckham (63MS-69REC) (5 points) UNDER 9. Over/Under (0.5) on # of lost fumbles. If you say over, there needs to be at least 1 or more. Under is basically saying none (6 points) ONE 10. Over/Under (1.5) successful 2 point conversion attempts? (7 points) UNDER **11. Total combined points scored in the game. If you expect a final score of 21-14, then your answer is 35. If you are within 5 points of the total you earn the points. (8 points). 41 12. Who will win the 2K Super Bowl? (10 points) SF ---------------------------------------
  12. Can't vote for any of those guys... Kreig carried his team with little to no running game this season. Obvious MVP
  13. Nothing worse that making someone fumble after a score, being that you probably just wasted the only fumble that you were going to get that game.
  14. Daboy and avoidgreglloyd Not sure why on the second one, but I always enjoyed TPCing against him
  15. Yeah man, those were good times... luckily we've had some pretty solid ownership in WTF lately, but I'd love to have another 5 leagues running right now.
  16. Here's how the NFC is shaping up... just a few teams left in the race for the playoffs: 1. Philly has the 1 seed wrapped up and has for some time... lots of mediocrity after the Eagles 2. The 2 seed has some intrigue behind it... either way Buffalo and Houston (some great games in history) are likely playing each other, barring a complete collapse by one or both, but with 5 losses each, Houston holds the tiebreaker via a head to head OT victory in week 9. Buffalo has the easier schedule left, but both have loseable games, so it should come down to the wire. 3. See above, unless a complete collapse happens. 4. Dukesta has ran away with the 4 seed and would be leading any other division; however, as things are, he'll be hosting a playoff game for the first time since since at least 86 and maybe longer. 5. Washington is the driver's seat for the final playoff spot at the moment. With tiebreakers over both GB and DAL, WAS just needs to win their final game vs NO, who hasn't won a game since Coach NOS resigned. Either way Jr is a difficult coach to scheme against and it could end in an L. If it does, GB, DAL and even OAK still have an opportunity to slip in there as the final seed. With no head-to-heads amongst those three, it's tough to determine the tie breakers, but a DAL win against CHI coupled with a WAS loss vs NO would likely put DAL in the playoffs.
  17. Things are a bit more complicated in the AFC as we have 9 teams still vying for the five playoff spots. Again, there are teams that have most of their games in while a few teams are lagging. That being said, here we go. AFC EAST - The East is the best race in the league so far with NO, MIA and DAL still alive for the division title. NO has had a phenomenal season (9-2, 114 pt diff) with one of the worst rosters in the league, but they have MIA on the tails with two head to head match-ups left. I expect MIA to take both of those games, which will be the last two games that NO lose, finishing 12-4, while MIA finishes the season 5-1 and takes the division at 13-3. DAL will win two of their last three and finish up at a disappointing 9-7, while competing for the final playoff spot. CENTRAL - GIA are in commanding position over in the Central and I expect them to wrap up the division with a couple more wins (BUF and SEA) while splitting the last two and finishing at 12-4. ATL is still competing for a WC spot, but suffered a tough loss to WAS in week 15, which might play a major part in the WC selections. Their week 16 game vs GIA will depend on what NY has to play for, otherwise, ATL might finish up 9-7 and possibly miss the playoffs for third consecutive season. The Jets are the real mystery here. Sitting at 7-5 through 12 games they have 3 games that they should win and a toss up vs HOU, which should land them at 10-6 at worst and a very good chance for a playoff spot for the first time in team history. HOU has one hell of a schedule remaining, and will finish 8-8 at best, leaving the defending champs out of a chance to defend their title. WEST - AFC West roughly translates to mediocrity. The Chiefs have been a disappointment to say the least, and are going to have a difficult time clinching the division with DAL, PHI and PIT left on their schedule. At 7-6, I expect them to finish 9-7 as they concentrate on controlling the clock with a healthy Bo. PIT has a chance to steal the division away from KC as they have a favorable schedule remaining, as CHI, NE and the KC finale will all be tough, but winnable games. I don't see PIT winning out, and they'll finish up 8-8, just missing the playoffs. WILD CARD - There are a lot of possibilities here, but barring a complete collapse or major injury, I just can't see JETS not grabbing one of the final playoff spots. After that, it's a real toss up with HOU, DAL, ATL and PIT all alive. Being that DAL holds the tie breaker over ATL, I see them traveling to NY in the cold to begin the AFC playoffs.
  18. With week 15 released things are starting to shape up across the league. Most teams have around 12 games in thus far with a few outliers each way (nice job @Prime). That being said, you can look at each team's body of work to this point and have a pretty good clue as to how they will finish the season. NFC: EAST - The East is Oakland's to lose. They lead the league in total D and are third in defense PPG while managing an above average offense, which has led to a 9-4 record thus far with PHI, SEA and CHI left. They should go 2-1 and finish up 11-5, finishing ahead of LA and CHI, who will fight for second place and a possible wild card slot. I see RAMS finishing 9-7 and CHI 8-8. CENTRAL - WAS should be in the drivers seat, but two tough losses (late fumble with the lead vs GB/last second JJ bomb loss vs OAK) have left them vulnerable. A tough win vs ATL in week 15 put them at 8 wins and a game and half up on GB and NE. WAS will finish anywhere from 2-1 to 0-3 (19-9 remaining opponent record). The division is still very much up in the air at this point. I see GB finishing up 2-2 and their final record ending at .500, while NE finishes 3-3 and also finishes .500. As long as WAS doesn't go winless the rest of the way, I think the division is theirs, as they currently own tie breakers over both chasers. WEST - SF looks like they're running away with the division at this point, but they have a date with PHI looming that could tie them in the loss column. That being said, SF should win the other three remaining games and finish 14-2 at worst, while PHI has some formidable opponents remaining (only one team left with a losing record as of this post). Honestly, I don't think SF will have to sweat much as they will take care of business in week 8 and put PHI two losses behind them while coasting the rest of the way to the #1 seed in the NFC. PHI will clinch a playoff spot for the 4th consecutive season after finishing 5-2 the rest of the way. WILD CARD - After all of that, we'll have one WC slot left (PHI at 12-4 takes the 4 seed). This is where it gets tricky. There are several scenarios here, but at this point, I see RAMS making their first playoff appearance since the '88 season. A lot will be riding on the GB/RAMS game that takes place in week 9. If LA wins that one, they should beat CLE and BUF to clinch the final playoff spot.
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