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  1. game was played couple nights ago, video is in, was super close , no turnovers, clean game towards end of game, philly qb hits wr johnson for game winner 17-14 gg prime
  2. is this where we make our picks if we dont have discord
  3. ziur chose minn/rams i took rams, i get KO, i fumble, next play rb walker runs in from 6 yrds out KO , fumble again, this time minn only gets FG, 10 -0 minn but minn wont score again as rams come back from awful start and win 21-10 gg ziur game 75770
  4. i chose phx -dallas, fightdogs takes dallas i get up 21-0, then a couple fumbles and game was 21-14, thats how it ended daboy8821 phx 21 fightdogs dal 14 gg fightdogs game 75713
  5. dallas wins reg season 2-0 philly gets ball 1st and scores dallas answer back philly fumbles KO return, dallas picks it up and about to run it in when they get tackled at philly 1 yrd line THEN the goal line stand, 4 downs, no TD, huge stop philly drives it down and scores before halftime, 14-7 dallas ties, philly goes ahead 21-14 philly dallas go for it on 4th n 2, qb vinny comes up an inch short, philly gets big FG 24-14 dallas get long 1 to rison but cant get onsides philly 24 dallas 17 gg cowboys
  6. SF qb young, TE jones, SF Oline, rmm is a genius
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