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  1. cowboys4life

    (SNES) Ken Griffey Legends

    Seattle Mariner Edgar Martinez is a right handed hitter. Currently set as a left handed hitter.
  2. cowboys4life

    Tecmo Retro Bowl 1987

    Are we gonna see a MAN option with icons for this one like the 78 rom had?
  3. cowboys4life

    SNES rom question

    I like the nes version but i still thin the snes version is far superior. It was the first snes game i ever bought and till this day i still have it. Ill check out those leagues you posted that looks like fun. Maybe even one day will get enough snes support to get a 32 team rom which imo would put this game over the top.
  4. cowboys4life

    SNES rom question

    I was wondering if there is a site or download that has every snes rom made by the tecmo community? I know where to get the NES versions but havent seen a snes one. just wondering. thx
  5. cowboys4life

    Keeping Tecmo Super Bowl Ultra Alive

    Stupid question here but where to i put the file with the season roms so the inital app will read it correctly?
  6. cowboys4life

    Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K10

    Awesome, looking forward to this as always.
  7. I was wondering if there way any plans for like a Tecmo Super Bowl 3 version comming out for like the all time greats rom.I played this yesterday and it was awesome other than a few changes that could be made but none the less an excellent rom.Anyways just wondering if anyone had plans to sick this on SNES as Tecmo Super Bowl 3 style or the original for SNES