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  1. Seattle Mariner Edgar Martinez is a right handed hitter. Currently set as a left handed hitter.
  2. Are we gonna see a MAN option with icons for this one like the 78 rom had?
  3. I like the nes version but i still thin the snes version is far superior. It was the first snes game i ever bought and till this day i still have it. Ill check out those leagues you posted that looks like fun. Maybe even one day will get enough snes support to get a 32 team rom which imo would put this game over the top.
  4. I was wondering if there is a site or download that has every snes rom made by the tecmo community? I know where to get the NES versions but havent seen a snes one. just wondering. thx
  5. Stupid question here but where to i put the file with the season roms so the inital app will read it correctly?
  6. I was wondering if there way any plans for like a Tecmo Super Bowl 3 version comming out for like the all time greats rom.I played this yesterday and it was awesome other than a few changes that could be made but none the less an excellent rom.Anyways just wondering if anyone had plans to sick this on SNES as Tecmo Super Bowl 3 style or the original for SNES
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