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  1. Godfather


    Hey, where do I find the team names/colors and player names in the hex editor? I want to change one of the teams to Tulane.
  2. Godfather


    Thanks!! That looks awesome. I downloaded your ROM and an emulator. Now I just need to download a hex editor and change one of those teams to Tulane.
  3. Godfather


    My dream is NCAA Jam. Have each school's top three alumni. For example, LSU could have Maravich, Pettit, and Shaq.
  4. Thanks!! I have myself a project. My niece plays soccer and would probably like it. I might even make some with her teams. I bet she and her teammates would love that.
  5. What editor do you use for World Cup? I'd love to make one for the USWNT. (I'd also need to do some graphical hacking to give the players longer hair.)
  6. Awesome. Can't wait to crank it up. Which hacking tool do you use? I have a couple of rosters I'd like to create.
  7. Thanks, got it. I'll work on it when I get a chance.
  8. That's an excellent idea. I think I have the USA Today encyclopedia in the closet. What was the program you used to edit the players and teams? I know I've used it before (to change Rod Smart to He Hate Me) but it's been a long time and I can't remember what it was.
  9. Here are some college teams to consider for future projects. Some might already have been done. Basically, it would be any team that was voted #1 in one of the polls, any team that was undefeated, or any team that went into the bowls with a chance to win the championship. Plus a few other top five finishers here and there. I'd been working on this project for Madden. This list might not be exhaustive--it's really just ideas. It looks like the team packs for 1995 through the present had a lot of teams per year so I'm starting with 1994. 1994: Penn State(Undefeated), Nowledge (Poll champion) 1993: Florida State(1), West Virginia(6-NC loser), ND(2), Nebraska(3-NC loser) 1992: Alabama(1), Miami-FL(3), FSU(2) 1991: Washington (1), Miami-FL (AP), Penn State (3) 1990: Colorado(AP), Georgia Tech (1) 1989: Miami(1), ND(3), FSU(2) 1988: ND (1), Miami (2), FSU (3), Michigan (4), WV (5) 1987: Miami-FL(1), Okla(3), F$U(2), Cuse (4) 1986: Penn State (1), Miami (2-NC loser) 1985: Oklahoma(1), PSU(3-NC loser), Michigan (2) 1984: BYU (1), Washington (2), Auburn (3), BC (4), OK State (5) 1983: Miami-FL(1), Nebraska (2-NC loser) 1982: Penn State (1), SMU (2) 1981: Clemson (1), Pitt (2), Penn State (3)7 1980: UGA (1), Pitt (2), Oklahoma (3) 1979: Bama (1), Southern Cal (2) 1978: Bama (AP), Southern Cal (1) 1977: ND (1), Bama (2), Arkansas (3) 1976: Pitt (1), Rutgers(UD), Southern Cal (2) 1975: Okla (1), Bama (3), Arizona State (2) 1974: Oklahoma (AP), Southern Cal (1), Bama (2), Ohio State (3) 1973: ND(AP), Bama(1), Penn State(5/UD), Miami-OH (17) 1972: USC (1), Okla (2), Ohio St (3), Bama (4) 1971: Oklahoma(3), Nebraska (1), Bama (2) 1970: Nebraska (AP), Texas (1), Ohio State (2) 1969: Texas (1), LSU(7), Penn State(2/UD), Southern Cal (4), Arkansas (3) 1968: Ohio State(1), Penn State(3/UD), Southern Cal (2) 1967: Southern Cal(1), Tennessee(2) 1966: Notre Dame(1), Michigan State(2) 1965: Bama(AP), Mich St (1), Arkansas(2) 1964: Bama(1), Arky (2) 1963: Texas (1), Navy (2) 1962: Southern Cal (1), Wisconsin (2) 1961: Bama (1), Ohio State (2), LSU (3) 1960: Minnesota (1), Iowa (2), Ole Miss (3) 1959: Syracuse (1), Ole Mss (2), LSU (3) 1958: LSU (1), Iowa (2), Army (3) 1957: Ohio State (1), Auburn (AP) 1956: Oklahoma (1) 1955: Oklahoma (1) 1954: Ohio State (AP), UCLA (1) 1953: Maryland (1), ND (2) 1952: Michigan State (1), Ga Tech (2) 1951: Tennessee(1), Michigan St (2), Maryland (4) 1950: Oklahoma(1), Texas (2) Tennessee (3) 1945: Army 1939: Texas A&M 1938: TCU 1936: Minnesota 1935: SMU 1933: Princeton 1927: Illinois 1926: Stanford 1925: Dartmouth 1921: Cornell, Cal
  10. I'm going to sound like an idiot here, but how do you get the add-on packs to work? Tecmo Ultra will only import from NES files and the only thing in the add-on packs is DAT files. Since everyone else seems to be playing, I know I'm missing something that's right in front of me but I can't figure out what.
  11. I configured my controller but it still doesn't work 100% with either Nestopia or RockNes. Must be the emulators because the controller works with Fusion (Sega emulator) and Madden 07. With the NES emulators it works 90% of the time, but that other 10% can cost you a Tyson Punchout fight, or lives in Mario Brothers, or games in Tecmo...
  12. Having the same problem. My USB controller doesn't always respond correctly (although sometimes it does). I've configured it correctly, but sometimes nothing happens when I press A or B, and if I try to go right (upfield) after running left on the field (up on the controller) I just keep running out of bounds. I'm using RockNES on Windows XP--you might want to mention that if it makes a difference. My controller isn't Logitech but it's the same thing basically. It looks like a Playstation controller and works with Madden.
  13. I'm working on what a 28-team XFL would have been like. I'll be using BASEketball names for some teams, except the Dallas Felons are now the Cincy Felons due to the Bengals' police blotter woes being more timely. The Felons are intended to be an all-star team of the worst offenders. The Miami Dealers would ideally be actual dealers, but in the interests of having a full roster I'm willing to settle for users. The Detroit Lemons are the biggest busts, either in the draft or free agency. A team I created is the New Orleans Drunx. The Drunx are mostly DUIs but anyone with an alcohol-related incident can make the team,like Namath did for being drunk on Monday Night Football. Anyway, if you have nominees for the blank spots on these rosters, let me know. Same goes if you have a better candidate than someone already listed. Thanks. Cincinnati Felons QB1: Ookie Mexico (aka Michael Vick) QB2: Art Schlicter--Kicked out of NFL for gambling, in and out of prison repeatedly for financial fraud RB1: O.J. Simpson--We all know about him RB2: Lawrence Phillips--More arrests than career touchdowns RB3: Cecil Collins--Less familiar name. Kicked out of LSU for breaking into a coed's apartment, transferred to I-AA McNeese, probation revoked for wacky weed, drafted by Jimmy Johnson's Dolphins, serving 15 year sentence for multiple repeats of the initial offense. RB4: Maurice Clarett--Armed robbery to complete his career meltdown. WR1: Rae Carruth--Possibly the most despicable member of the team. Put a hit out on his pregnant girlfriend. WR2: Reggie McNeil--Chronic police blotter appearances WR3: Chris Henry--Walking police blotter. Four arrests in one year and the poster boy for the new personal conduct policy. WR4: Fictional character in The Longest Yard, protrayed by Michael Irvin in a case of creative casting. TE1: Mark Chmura--Underage girl. TE2: Billy Cannon--Former Heisman winner, converted from running back during his NFL career. Busted for fake $100 bills in 1982. O-Line: LG Barrett Robbins (fight with po-po), RG Chris Terry (wifebeater), RT Justin Strzelczyk (died in a high speed chase), need LT and C. DE: Mark Gastineau--wifebeater DT: Alonzo Spellman--forced a plane to make an emerency landing DT: Tank Johnson--weapons violation while already on probation DE: Jim Dunaway--OJ isn't the only Bill to kill his wife and beat the rap LB: Ray Lewis--Displayed his killer instinct in Atlanta on Super Bowl weekend LB: AJ Nicholson--Sexual assault LB: CB: Pacman Jones--No explanation needed. SS: Gene Atkins--Wifebeater FS: Damien Robinson--Best known for trying to rip Aaron Brooks' helmet off with his head still in it, leading to the Turley helmet toss. Also arrested for trying to bring an assault rifle into the Meadowlands. CB: Daneal Manning--He and his posse beat down a dude for working on a laptop. K: Russell Erxleben--First round pick of the Aints, ended up going to the pen for scamming investors P: Mitch Cozad--Northern Colorado backup who stabbed the starter in hopes of taking the job. Congrats Mitch, here's your starting job. Miami Dealers QB1: Todd Marinovich QB2: Wade Wilson--Suspended recently for HGH even though he no longer plays RB1: Bam Morris--Fired from Steelers after getting busted with a massive amount of dope RB2: Jamal Lewis--Served 4 months for arranging a drug deal. In the offseason so his career wouldn't be interrupted. You or I would still be under the jail. RB3: Mercury Morris--Former Dolphin did time for running coke RB4: Toney Converse--Never made it to the NFL. Former Tulane running back serving a 19 year sentence in state prison for dealing. WR1: Michael Irvin--It was his brother's crack pipe, of course. But his brother can't catch. WR2: Robert Baker--Auburn wide receiver who wiggled out of a 15-year sentence for dealing. WR3: WR4: TE1: TE2: O-line: LG Nate Newton (enough wacky weed to make a ton of brownies, or one day's supply for personal use), RT Keno Hills (hooked up Marinovich), C Mark Stepnoski (NORML activist). Need LT, RG. DE: Claude Wroten--Busted with 24 dime bags of marijuana, causing him to fall from the first to the third round DL: Darrell Russell DL: DE: LB: Bill Romanowski LB: Lawrence Taylor LB: Hollywood Henderson CB: Ty Law--Caught with X at the Canadian border FS: SS: CB: Daryl Henley--Former Ram convicted of cocaine trafficking. K: P: New Orleans Drunx QB1: Joe Namath--In fairness, I wanna kiss Suzy Kolber too QB2: Steve McNair RB1: Dominic Rhodes RB2: RB3: RB4: WR1: Koren Robinson WR2: WR3: WR4: TE1: TE2: O-line: LG Eric Steinbach (Drunken BOATING. Maybe the Bengals really were being profiled.) Need LT, C, RT, RG. DE: Jared Allen DT: DT: DE: LB: Odell Thurman LB: John Mobley LB: Steve Foley CB: SS: Darren Perry FS: CB: Jonathan Joseph K: Sebastian Janikowski P: Todd Sauerbrun Detroit Lemons QB1: Ryan Leaf--Possibly the biggest bust ever QB2: Akili Smith RB1: Curtis Enis RB2: John Avery RB3: Ki-Jana Carter--A bit unfair since the O-line got him killed and ruined his career RB4: Blair Thomas WR1: Peter Warrick WR2: Troy Edwards WR3: Mike Williams WR4: Charles Rogers TE1: TE2: O-line: LT Tony Mandarich, RT Kyle Turley (Need RG, C, LG) DE: Andre Wadsworth DT: Big Daddy Wilkinson DT: Eric Swann DE: Jonathan Sullivan LB: Brian Bozworth LB: Andy Katzenmoyer LB: CB: FS: SS: CB: K: P:
  14. Another cool thing would be online play and simulation-style fantasy leagues. You draft at the start of the year (with defenses and O-lines as a unit), and when the season is over you put together the ratings and play each other for the league title.
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