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  1. Group N Drake wins toss Drake calls Miami-Cincy I take Miami Drake receives and tears me apart down the field to score 7-0. After crossing midfield I take a shot at what I thought was an open Jensen with Fulcher charging marino. There was a defender back but Jensen JJ's for the TD. 7-7. Drake goes for it on 4th at midfield and I come up with a stop with a minute left in the 2nd. a weird desync occurs where both our screens go black but we here the clock countdown. We had to reset and we decided to punt until I have the ball at the 40 with a minute left. I score right before half with a CC on fulcher. 14-7. I received and scored with some nice hot routes. 21-7. we both would score one time. 2nd half not close. final was 28-14. (save state will show 21-7 because after desync we started at 0-0 instead of 7-7) TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
  2. Group N SammieSmith wins toss Bears-Chiefs Bears Inspired by Joeygats and a potential chiefs opponent throwing into coverage, I chose the bears. chiefs receive. bears get a quick 3rd and out and score quick. bears recover a fumble the next possession. I called a ton of plays this game that led to a shutout. FINAL 19-0 TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
  3. discord: disastamasta142 I can host MST After 8EST all days, earlier than that on somedays, weekends anytime
  4. Tournament results are the files attached. Thank you to Sean @DaydreamHero for running the tournament. Thanks to 8-bit Aleworks for hosting. We were able to donate 85$ to Operation Supply Drop. 1. Isaac W. @disastamasta142 $200 2. Andrew B. @adversity $100 3. Mike B. @BasementNemisis $30 4. Dan W. @dwebz84 This was a great tournament. There is a lot of improvements with a lot of the players. Realistically 8 or so players could have won it. A lot of interest in going to madison for the participants as well. Both Isaac W. and Mike B. were almost upset in the 1st round by two players that were in their first tournament ever! Drew M. @mcgoodness and Bill D. Isaac lost in the semifinals to Andrew, and then had to make it back through the loser's bracket. A lot of things had to fall into place to make that run. Dan W. vs Isaac W . -- , Dan had the ball up 3 in the fourth with 2 minutes left. I got a clutch pick in the endzone and went down to score a TD to win it all. Revenge game from beating my friday night. Isaac W. Mike B. --I was down 21-7, and came back to tie it up at 21 with 3 minutes left. Mike drove the ball and had a 60 yard FG lined up to win it and it was blocked. Overtime. I get the toss and drive to the three yard line. I decided to kick an FG on 3rd down instead of risk a fumble or pick or sack. I tap A really quick and the arrow is WAY Low. off the post and in. 24-21 OT. revenge game from beating me in the finals at last years tournament. Isaac W. vs Andrew B. - game 1: I called Dolphins-Chargers and figured he would take the dolphins. No one could get a stop the entire game until the fourth quarter. Andrew kicked a FG to go up 3 right before the half and received 2nd half. I ended up getting a stop in the fourth from guessing his plays a couple times on one drive, and was able to move the ball and score pretty easily with the Chargers. 28-24. revenge from beating me in the winners semifinals game 2: Andrew calls TB-PITT and i take TB. this was a tough defensive game. A lot of times when neither of us could move the ball. The difference here was Wayne Haddix coming down with 2 picks to seal the game. FINAL 14-3
  5. Yes, most of our participants are only on facebook. we will have around 25 players.
  6. R2 I chose KC-MIA Diaz takes MIAEvery throw marino threw into coverage was basically an interception. I definitely got the roll of the dice in that regard. Percy had 2 INTs I believe. I moved the ball pretty well on offense, but kept on fumbling. I lost two of them during the game. The connection was bad. I am going to play at my parents house from now on and I have years of experience playing there with no lag/choppiness. GG brother http://tecmoworld.com/twpc/?page_id=180&game=75776
  7. Group F Bo won Toss Bo called SD-DEN I took SD I win 21-14 No stops and no turnovers in this one. Bo had long drives completing many clutch 4th downs. I mananged the ball well and scored right as the 1st half expired. He received the ball in the fourth and made it to the 50 yard line with 3 minutes left. I slowed his offense down enough and he couldnt score before the end of the game. gg bo http://tecmoplayers.com/?page_id=180&game=75710
  8. We hope so, but doubt it. We had 10 confirm in the first 24 hours!
  9. SuperTecmoBowl7.pdf We have about 20 confirmed with 10 days until the Tournament. Everyone is guaranteed 3 games. Post below if interested.
  10. lol, its def harder now with you gone obviously, daboy and I cant win a game.
  11. I have been playing poorly with tolliver and losing a crazy amount of fumbles I have fumbled 11 times in 6 games, and LOST 10 OF THEM my opponent as only fumbled TWICE, and ive recovered ONE.
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