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  1. edisaurusrex

    Fargo, ND - 11/15/14 - Tecmo Ryder Cup

    Didn't help with your pal and MN team captain Bailey giving a few shots of his own everytime Sconnie did his usual ripping. I'm used to Sconnie's typical banter but Bailey rubbed me the wrong way as I consider him nothing more than an acquaintance. Other than that I had a great time, witnessed and recorded a few upsets on video, was great being able to watch the games, reminded me of early Tecmo Madison tourneys. North Dakota knocked it out of the park with the setup and the venue, was well worth the drive despite Betty Crocker riding shotgun for 8+ hours.
  2. edisaurusrex

    Madison, WI - 03/08/14 - Tecmo X: The Gannonball Run

    Quick recap: I had a great time once again. Made the final 64 which is all I really cared about and lost to a pretty good player who I never heard of. I chose a risky matchup (Bears vs Eagles) hoping he'd grab the Eagles. I was wrong and I paid the price for it. VikingMoe, I did indeed give you a head nod and at times I actually tried to have a conversation with you guys, I'm just not sure you heard me. EIther way I have no beef with you guys, and am hoping you can be part of team MN for the Ryder Cup in November, as we have already recruited a seasoned vet whom will be named later and we need the talent. Orenga's bunch was fucking LOUD. Annoyingly loud, especially since I was seated next to them with a killer hangover during my playoff game, head just a pounding. Did it help the atmosphere? Maybe, but I could have done without it. "Give him the D Tony" is a phrase I heard more than once. Was awesome meeting guys like Bruddog and Gats, and of course seeing all the usuals again. Glad to see a nice MN turnout with guys like 8bit and Segathon making the trip. I'd like to thank Dave for the killer live stream, maybe we can have multiple feeds in the future? I was able to watch a few games in the finals from my phone when we got a bite to eat, and they were top notch. Lastly, I have a conspiracy theory .... I'm thinking Grimlock, you know the guy who looked like Aaron Hernandez's younger brother, was really KidPro? A smart ass hispanic guy who lives near the coast who likes wrestling and plays Tecmo? Had a eerily similar playing style as well, even though he said he hadn't played in 15 years. Had to have been him, either way he was a blast hanging around with. Thanks again Madison crew and staff, another great year. Congrats to Regulator and Chet for another great tourney.
  3. edisaurusrex

    Madison, WI - 03/08/14 - Tecmo X: The Gannonball Run

    This is the best Madison group I've seen, should be a great tourney. I'd pay top dollar for a Vikingsmoe vs Sconnie matchup again!
  4. edisaurusrex

    Joey gats to madison fund

    You are correct sir, and you're welcome. I wonder if people would actually pay someone to play them in Tecmo online, guys like Mort, Chet, Sobhi, Regulator, Sconnie ... not sure anyone is a household name quite yet. Call it Legends of Tecmo lol. Sorry for totally derailing this thread, looks like Joey got enough to make the trip out. Mission accomplished.
  5. edisaurusrex

    Joey gats to madison fund

    I don't really view this as a donation (I gave $20), I view this as a fee to see a legend of Tecmo. Would do the same to see MonkeyButler, Bruddog, TSBGOD (yes the god), Larry Legend and quite possibly Fairfield. People who have added to Tecmo lore more or less. This could be a new business model.
  6. edisaurusrex

    Joey gats to madison fund

    Donation sent, looking forward to meeting you Joe. Long live Tecmo!
  7. the only reason why that sideshow is allowed is cause your play is absolute garbage
  8. My two cents again now that I know who Ryan is ... So I'm playing my game to get into the championship against Eric (he is P1 on the left and I'm seated to the right). His buddy Ryan (who is plastered) sits down to the left of Eric and I swear he cannot shut his mouth. He seemed like he was trying to annoy the shit out him, but he was really annoying the hell out of me (or both of us). I thought for sure Eric would sucker punch him or at least move him 50 feet back, but it never happened. It was a huge distraction to say the least. Did I complain? Did I say "dude let's replay this your buddy is a liability". No, I lost and went on my way. Just felt like venting a bit. Great tourney though, and I feel again like nobody was in the wrong or deserved to give someone a replay. The only thing I'd change is that the official ruling should have been a forfeit, but should have offered Sconnie the choice to replay if he wants, that is all.
  9. BIll can probably defend himself here, but as for running away with the money and not giving another replay, it's Tecmo, the best players fall victim to garbage. This isn't ping pong or playing HORSE in the backyard where you're in total control of your destiny, I barely knocked a player out after he blocked my field goal, recovered a fumble, and returned 2 punt returns from fumbles for TDs in one game. I'd take the money too.
  10. You can take preventative measures, but you can't prevent everything, we all know how touchy a console can be. What if you get mad and pull or throw a controller? If you kick something that hits the table that does a restart? Granted, you should never be that close to the console in the case you are slamming your fist down, but it's your responsibility to move farther away then. In Madison, I barked a few times at people who put their beer on the table next to the console. It's your ass if you do something out of anger to cause the game to stop, period and should expect nothing short of a forfeit if something goes wrong, regardless if its second quarter and you're behind, or if you have the lead with 2 mins left. Of course it's up to the other guy to agree to replay it from the point, but it's kinda dumb to expect a guy to say "I have a guaranteed 200 bucks and a title already in my hands, but sure I'll let you have another shot at me cause you can't control yourself"
  11. Head out to WI this year and prove yourself ... the hunting shack is a good time by all, but the pool is definitely deeper come every March in Madison.
  12. Great tourney Ben, it was funner than last year and I hope it keeps continuing. Eric, Bill was beating you with the worst team on the rom, and because of your actions (and not being aware of your surroundings) you reset the game. If it wasn't intentional, it was highly negligible. I honestly wouldn't even ask someone to replay it, let alone expect them to. I think that is asking for way too much given the situation.
  13. I've froze the game before after losing my temper, and I've paid my bets without replaying as Sconnie can attest to. You just can't lose it and expect someone to replay it to the point where you left off because you lost your temper, especially when 200 bucks is on the line. I don't blame the crowd for wanting to see a game, we were there all day. But heck man, don't blame the organizer and the opponent cause you lost it, and you sure shouldn't expect them to bend the rules cause you apparently would. If it were my tourney I would have done the same thing.
  14. edisaurusrex

    Minnesota Players- Saturday NOV 2

    Have you seen the movie 8mm? Quite possible MACHINE lives there
  15. edisaurusrex

    Apple Valley, MN - 03/16/13 - Millards Mayhem I

    Bgboud we talked at Madison, I may crawl back in if a spot opens just let me know. It's not how fast the roms are released that is the problem for me. When I was in TCS, I had problems with 1) finding time myself to play and 2) matching that time with my opponent to play our game. If the league had set times where guys would be obligated to meet up, perhaps a few time slots even to be flexible, I would be for that. Of course if you couldn't guarantee that time when you could play than I guess you just don't play at all, simple as that. If leagues work fine with their current system and the players involved than good for them, it just doesn't work for me.