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  1. KC Combo Maas / Coldplay singer / Porter
  2. DEN Combo Holmes / Brooks / Braxton
  3. PHI DL/LB/DB Simmons / Joyner / Smith
  4. Raiders are keeping their backups Jeff Jaeger and crew
  5. Raiders select Cleveland Gary + Henry Ellard!
  6. Sorry Dan. Lawrence Taylor is donning the silver & black, along with DB Everson Walls and the Hoss Sauce protectors.
  7. Zagreb Zig Zags (ZIG ZAGS) abbrv. ZAG.
  8. Everyone ahead of me has both RBs, and it's just easier to select a RB tonight than wait til tomorrow to choose a WR. The Pirate Ship brings aboard HEATH SHERMAN
  9. Eifer has QB1 Pirate Ship declares QB CONTROVERSY MARK RYPIEN
  10. lets try this league SD DEF GROSSMAN / ROLLING / BAYLESS
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