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  1. Group E: gripsmoke vs ACSlater I win toss, call TB/RAM. AC takes RAM TB wins 28-14 stream below
  2. Group E: Jbrooks vs gripsmoke Jbrooks calls ATL-TB, I take TB TB wins 28-7 Ptitteri did the stream below
  3. gripsmoke no preference and/or whatever division the PNW crew is in
  4. gripsmoke Sun/Mon all day - 7pm, T-Sat1pm-7pm (Pacific) Yes to commitment No to vacations other than watching March Madness
  5. I demand a do-over, the 49ers will be wearing white and the Chiefs will be wearing red.
  6. manyo, you fuqin coward/bastard. skipping the draft so you can optimize and strategize the optimum lineup, not having to worry about people swiping your next pick and messing up your strategy. My four headed hydra will blaze your pathetic two trick pony and then blaze all the joints you are so kindly sharing (probably) Behold a real sig, you sleeveless "All Star" cranking SMASHMOUTH fanboi
  7. This looks awesome! Sadly, I can't attend. Please add me to the Fuck Burning Mort list. Hail to the tecmo gods
  8. Plusses: The tournament format was cool as hell! Nice job and good organization. Minuses: no Mac and Jacks
  9. Discord: gripsmoke Nickname (if applicable): it's not applicable Email: gmail.com Availability: most of the time Can you host?: yeah i can make great appetizers List 4 Team Preferences: whatever division the PNW boys are in What's your location/timezone?: west coast best coast Why do you want to join HSTL?: the slumber is over and i am coming to return to all of my 8-8/9-7 glory. also, making sigs and shaming halftime skippers.
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