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  1. Plusses: The tournament format was cool as hell! Nice job and good organization. Minuses: no Mac and Jacks
  2. Discord: gripsmoke Nickname (if applicable): it's not applicable Email: gmail.com Availability: most of the time Can you host?: yeah i can make great appetizers List 4 Team Preferences: whatever division the PNW boys are in What's your location/timezone?: west coast best coast Why do you want to join HSTL?: the slumber is over and i am coming to return to all of my 8-8/9-7 glory. also, making sigs and shaming halftime skippers.
  3. This format sounds awesome. I can't wait for the condition gods to impose their will.
  4. I don't know about you guys but I'm so psyched for CFT that my subconscious is starting to think about it. Had a dream the other night that @~Tailback King~ owed me $100 and I was refusing to drive him to Tacoma until he paid me. Kind of a bitch move on my part, I know. But don't worry, the real life gripsmoke would never lend anybody any money.
  5. yeah man, stop internet stalking hot chick bands for 4 minutes and post some details!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Is this still a thing? I need to know because herring needs to be purchased at least a month in advance in order to have enough ripening time at room temperature to get a proper herring redolence.
  7. something came up and I'm out now. Drink an extra Mac & Jack's for gripsmoke
  8. Can't wait to go again to give TBK advice that he ignores, loses and misses out on the bracket, and then says afterwards that he should have listened to me. SHUT UP AND JAM.
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