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  1. This looks awesome! Sadly, I can't attend. Please add me to the Fuck Burning Mort list. Hail to the tecmo gods
  2. Plusses: The tournament format was cool as hell! Nice job and good organization. Minuses: no Mac and Jacks
  3. Discord: gripsmoke Nickname (if applicable): it's not applicable Email: gmail.com Availability: most of the time Can you host?: yeah i can make great appetizers List 4 Team Preferences: whatever division the PNW boys are in What's your location/timezone?: west coast best coast Why do you want to join HSTL?: the slumber is over and i am coming to return to all of my 8-8/9-7 glory. also, making sigs and shaming halftime skippers.
  4. This format sounds awesome. I can't wait for the condition gods to impose their will.
  5. I don't know about you guys but I'm so psyched for CFT that my subconscious is starting to think about it. Had a dream the other night that @~Tailback King~ owed me $100 and I was refusing to drive him to Tacoma until he paid me. Kind of a bitch move on my part, I know. But don't worry, the real life gripsmoke would never lend anybody any money.
  6. yeah man, stop internet stalking hot chick bands for 4 minutes and post some details!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Is this still a thing? I need to know because herring needs to be purchased at least a month in advance in order to have enough ripening time at room temperature to get a proper herring redolence.
  8. something came up and I'm out now. Drink an extra Mac & Jack's for gripsmoke
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