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  1. @Jonesy - I sent you a message today. If you can get me the ROM and save state file, I'll try troubleshooting.
  2. @Respectedgen1us Sorry for the delayed response - I haven't been on the message boards a ton lately. Yes, the tool still exists, and it should work with the 32-team ROMs. Let me know if you have any issues. - http://www.tecmobowltools.com/SaveStateExporter - The site was down for a couple days around the end of year and early January, but it's back up and running now.
  3. @macknbyner - The tool should work now and have the offensive lineman in the season stat extraction tool. http://www.tecmobowltools.com/SaveStateExporter
  4. Hey, I can update the tool. I don't expect to bring it down any time soon. I haven't checked the boards in a while, so I just saw your post. I should be able to take a look this weekend.
  5. Small World Power Grid Carcassonne
  6. Heh, if I did that, it was purely by accident. I went to the screen for the sole purpose of putting him at a WR position. I either put him in at WR and then accidentally swapped him back, or I got distracted by Miller's condition and forgot to swap, or snuck it by you
  7. For the 5th consecutive year, I successfully didn't pass out in the Plaza bathroom. I call the tournament a success.
  8. I think I have a Four Score if the Genesis version supports that. @Child_of_Destiny and I need to take on Rice 'n Rony (@sonofpatbeach and @Leonardite) again. #BurningMort
  9. 1.5 ppg after I beat @sonofpatbeach - I can't help it that I'm popular.
  10. Dude - Kyle would be thrilled to be in my group. He'd kill me right now. I've played maybe 3 games since Burning Mort.
  11. Closing the loop: I had added these guys to the list at some point.
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