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  1. This is soooo cool. Attached the set commands. random_plays_hack.txt
  2. With the latest release of TSBToolSupreme (, you can now edit the Team names, cities and team abbreviations. So the spreadsheet is no longer needed (for the latest version).
  3. When using the "TEAM_ABB=BUF.,TEAM_CITY=BUFFALO,TEAM_NAME=BILLS" lines, it sets up the pointers correctly when the string lengths change.
  4. New Version posted! [version ""] (uploaded in first post of this thread ) This new version finally allows you to change the team's abbreviation, city and name (checkbox under 'View' menu). There is a little more functionality that you can read about in the README file. I left in my 'Debug Dialog' under the 'Hacks' menu. A few people might find it useful , but I expect most people won't have a use for it. To set a team's abbreviation, city and name the following syntax is used: TEAM_ABB=BUF.,TEAM_CITY=BUFFALO,TEAM_NAME=BILLS Works on all the supported ROM types (original NES, 32 team NES, SNES version). Don't make the city or team names too long or they won't look right in the Team's info screen. Since it's a new version, it might have new bugs. Take precautions when editing and report bugs in this thread.
  5. Also, mono only works by using 'Terminal' on Macintosh. So after you've installed Mono, downloaded and extracted 'TSBToolSupreme.exe', Open a Terminal, navigate to the place you downloaded 'TSBToolSupreme.exe' to and type in: mono --arch=32 TSBToolSupreme.exe
  6. I did post a link for TSBToolSupreme for mono (.net framework for Linux & mac) some time back in the TSBToolSupreme thread. TSBToolSupreme_for_mono.zip
  7. Some SNES TSB1 ROMS play but are just a little different than the one that this program is expecting. Try the one found here: https://github.com/BAD-AL/tsbtools/blob/master/TSBProjects/TSBTool/bin/Debug/TSB1.smc Which is the ROM that I wrote the tool against.
  8. There are 3 ROM types that the program knows how to edit. 1. Original NES ROM 2. Original SNES ROM 3. The 32 Team ROM that the member 'CXROM' created about 10 years ago. There are some variations of the ROMS that will play, but that the program can't edit correctly due to data being at different locations. It should tell you when you load the ROM which one it thinks is loaded.
  9. Quarter length is not listed in the text data. But it is settable (through a 'SET' command). And should be available in the 'Hacks menu' # 15 minute quarters SET(0x2224B, 0x0F) The '0x0F' is the number '15' in hex format. You can change it to whatever number you want. But probably don't get too crazy and put a huge number in there.
  10. You should be able to upload files in this forum. There is a "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." area when you add a reply (at least there is for me). Package up that stuff in a zip file and add it as an attachment to your post.
  11. Love this project!!! Upload the ROM and rosters that are causing trouble (text format) that you're working on and I'll see if I can troubleshoot the issue.
  12. The source code for TSBToolSupreme is on GitHub at: https://github.com/BAD-AL/tsbtools/tree/master/TSBProjects/TSBTool You can look at that if you want. But basically it's gonna be FileStream s1 = new FileStream(filename, FileMode.Open); outputRom = new byte[(int)len]; s1.Read(outputRom,0,(int)len); s1.Close(); ret = true; Then doing byte manipulation on the 'outputRom' byte array.
  13. You're gonna need to get a computer. Perhaps visit a Pawn Shop?
  14. You can use just about any programming language that can read and write files. I would suggest that you use C# and Visual studio though. I think it would be easier from a development and debugging perspective. It also makes sense from a deployment perspective because Windows ships with the .NET run-time(s) and your users won't have to download another run-time to run your program. Also consider targeting an older run-time (even .NET 3.5 probably has all the functionality you want) so that your users don't have to update anything.
  15. This project was compiled for an old android version and it's likely to not work on newer android releases. If there is a lot of interest, I'll consider doing an update. If you don't want to wait for me to update it, you can now fork me on GitHub: https://github.com/BAD-AL/Android-TSBToolSupreme
  16. I don't think I ever tried with that many. Could you zip up your setup and upload for me to have a look at?
  17. Hey, here you go. I downloaded these team by team from the easports website (week 2). If you know javascript, you can even modify the web page to spit out the tecmo ratings into another table on the page (so that you can paste it into TSBTool). P.S. The 'downloadTeams()' function doesn't actually work, it was just an experiment. I actually used chrome developer tools to set breakpoints on the page, modify the query and save the returned json content. MaddenStuff.zip
  18. Getting a 404 on the Emuware stuff. It's still downloadable from here though.
  19. I loaded Metroid into the app, but it doesn't crash until I try to edit something. I'm not sure why it's crashing on your GS5. It works as well as I can expect on my GS3 w/ KitKat.
  20. It is possible to do it in the 'Advanced' section. You'll have to edit the text and apply it. Perhaps it should be added to the 'Team' section.
  21. It was meant to work with the snes version, but I just tested it and it's not handling it. I'll fix it in the next version.
  22. I think I'd like to write an app or an add-on to TSBTool that edits the faces. But I not sure how to render the tiles based on the ROM data. Looks like 64 bytes per Tile. 8-bits per pixel. How do I know what color to render a given pixel? Where to get the color table for a Tile in the ROM? Any other good Tile info?
  23. Tool updated again [new version =] (due to some extra time I had this holiday season) I've kept up version '0.91 Beta' because that is probably the best tested version. File is located in first post in this topic. http://tecmobowl.org/topic/11106-tsb-editor-tsbtool-supreme-season-generator/ 1. Added Schedule GUI 2. Added support for CXROM 1.11 (Except formations) 3. Added a few hacks from: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/58074-2013-hack-year-in-review/. 4. Added a Menu item under 'HACKS' that will check all the 'SET' commands looking for locations that were set more than once (so you can see if the hacks conflict with one another). ================================================================================ Double click on schedule to bring up scheduler gui. CXROM 1.11 Rom should not really be used, but I added support for it to make the program more compatible with it's java (android) counterpart. Added a menu item that will check every 'SET' command loaded into the editor to ensure that you're not setting the same location multiple times (it will however ignore warning you against identical lines because you're setting them to exactly the same value and hence there isn't a conflict). Also, for SET commands like: >>>> SET(0x2224B, {28TeamNES PromptUser:Msg="Enter desired quarter length":int(1-15)} ) The line will only apply to a 28 Team ROM, it will not be applied to a SNES or 32 team ROM.
  24. No, looks like I didn't have the sense to support that when I implemented it. You could store the rom specific hacks in files clearly named for the appropriate version. Like "SuperSlowQB_32team.txt".
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