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  1. malfreds, Try the MID function: lets say cell A1 = 0x45 MID(A1,2,1) would give '4'. You should have a look at Excel's 'TEXT' functions (Insert->Function: category = TEXT). All, In light of the discovery on the offensive Sim tendency, I'm going to include a new feature in TSBTool called 'SET'. Where 'SET( startLocation, values)' would simply set a variable number of bytes in the Rom starting at 'startLocation'. Like: SET( 0x556677, 0xff) SET( 0x334455, 0xaabbccdd) The first Set Line above would set the byte at 0x556677 to 0xff, and the second line would set the 4 bytes starting at location 0x334455 to aa bb cc dd. The values argument can be as long as you want (as long as it will fit in the ROM). This will allow the scriptig of any hex edit, hopefully making it a little easier for manual edits (bypass the manual hex editor step). I'm attaching this Beta version here, and removing the other beta I posted earlier. ==> Attachment removed. TSBTool 1.2 is posted on page 1 of the thread.
  2. jstout, Thanks for the bug report on the KR / PR and the info about the offensive preference. If you find any other defects, please let me know. Also if you have any feature suggestions (with info on implementation) just let me know. Right now I'm working on an improved scheduler where you could specify how many games are scheduled in a week (it's pretty buggy right now). I've also made several improvements to TSBSeasonGen and I will release them both when I'm confident TSBTool's new scheduler works well.
  3. I don't think this is related to TSBTool. TSBTool doesn't change team name, team city, team abbrev. The only Team data TSBTool changes is team sim data.
  4. Hey malfreds. I'm posting a beta version of TSBTool 1.2 for you to play with (since you have been such a good tester). The beta version contains the following: ================================== Defects Fixed: 1. Strong Safety Faces are all wrong. 2. falcons Punter name gets messed up (data shift error at end of name segment). 3. NT - SS Sim data locations incorrect. 4. Team Sim data getting over written by LB sim data. Features added: 1. TsbSeasonGen add-in to a menu for TSBTool (if it's in the same folder). 2. Team Sim OffensivePreference ================================== Play around with the Team offense sim thing and let me know your results. Beta version updated with the 'SET' command. Find it on page 4 of this thread. -- Removed..
  5. I could do that. I'd probably have it specified like this: TEAM=bills, SimData=0xab3 But this: TEAM=bills, SimData=0xab Would still set the team sim offense and defense as usual. So, in the original we have the following values: team = bills, off pref = 0 team = colts, off pref = 2 team = dolphins, off pref = 2 team = patriots, off pref = 2 team = jets, off pref = 0 team = bengals, off pref = 0 team = browns, off pref = 3 team = oilers, off pref = 3 team = steelers, off pref = 0 team = broncos, off pref = 0 team = chiefs, off pref = 1 team = raiders, off pref = 1 team = chargers, off pref = 0 team = seahawks, off pref = 0 team = redskins, off pref = 0 team = giants, off pref = 1 team = eagles, off pref = 0 team = cardinals, off pref = 0 team = cowboys, off pref = 0 team = bears, off pref = 0 team = lions, off pref = 2 team = packers, off pref = 3 team = vikings, off pref = 0 team = buccaneers, off pref = 0 team = 49ers, off pref = 2 team = rams, off pref = 2 team = saints, off pref = 0 team = falcons, off pref = 2 These seem to jive with my expectations on how those teams should operate. I'll put this into the next version of TSBTool.
  6. You could use TSBTool. http://www.tecmobowl.org/forum/viewtopic. ... 9de8ec39e1
  7. There is a better way to do it. You can use the 'CONCATENATE' operation. if cell a1 = f, and cell b1 = 5 CONCATENATE(a1,b1) would produce 'f5'. If you would like to see a list and descriptions of all the standard excel functions, you can go to Insert->Function. In the category box select 'all'. Then you can highlight a function in the list and it will show a description of what it does (I have excel 2003, but there should be something similar in the other versions also).
  8. Dude, do you mean that you are planning on making an spreadsheet that takes input like rushes, yards, pass att, pass yards, receptions, rec yards, tackels, interceptions of individule players and then generate TSB attributes based on those stats? If you pull that off, that would be sweet. Don't forget to take into account 'Games played', so that you could calculate the player attributes at any point of the season ( and different leagues).
  9. That's pretty neat. This is the sort of thing that I wanted to enable when I was writing TSBTool. Since the format was just plain text, people could create other programs or spreadsheets or web pages or something else that would generate the kind of input TSBTool understands. Another neat spreadsheet application would be something where you could paste in statistical data (season stats, player names, jersey numbers ) from football websites (like this page http://www.nfl.com/teams/stats/ATL/2004/regular or http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/teamstats?teamId=103 ) and then have the spread sheet calculate the eqivalent TSB attributes. Kind of like what TSBSeasonGen does, only you wouldn't be limited to only the stats that they kept in the 1970's. Excel usage Note: (right click) Paste special as Text.
  10. By 'mirror' I just mean that cells one place are updated with data from another. i don't think it's an Excel term. So the formula for that cell would be something like: =A1 Where A1 contained "Team= bils SimData=0x44" So in your spreadsheet on the Output Rom tab at the bottom, formulas like: =A2 =A34 =A66 ... Would do the trick.
  11. I'm not really sure what you mean. If you want to get around the team sim defect right now, you can just add all those lines "TEAM=bills SimData=0x59" at the end of your spread sheet (you seem like an Excel wizzard, so you probably know how to mirror the data). So Something like: TEAM=bills SimData=0x59 QB1, ... QB2, ... ... TEAM=colts SimData=0xaa QB1, ... QB2, ... ... ... TEAM=bills SimData=0x59 TEAM=colts SimData=0xaa ... As long as you run the team sim data through last, it will stick. Of course, this will be fixed in the next version.
  12. Actually, it looks like the sim data locations for NT - SS are off. This also will get fixed in the next release (1-2 weeks from now).
  13. Yep, something's messed up. Something seems to be overwriting the values. I just tried the following: ============================== TEAM = bills SimData=0x55 TEAM = colts SimData=0x55 TEAM = dolphins SimData=0x55 TEAM = patriots SimData=0x55 TEAM = jets SimData=0x55 TEAM = bengals SimData=0x55 TEAM = browns SimData=0x55 TEAM = oilers SimData=0x55 TEAM = steelers SimData=0x55 TEAM = broncos SimData=0x55 TEAM = chiefs SimData=0x55 TEAM = raiders SimData=0x55 TEAM = chargers SimData=0x55 TEAM = seahawks SimData=0x55 TEAM = redskins SimData=0x55 TEAM = giants SimData=0x55 TEAM = eagles SimData=0x55 TEAM = cardinals SimData=0x55 TEAM = cowboys SimData=0x55 TEAM = bears SimData=0x55 TEAM = lions SimData=0x55 TEAM = packers SimData=0x55 TEAM = vikings SimData=0x55 TEAM = buccaneers SimData=0x55 TEAM = 49ers SimData=0x55 TEAM = rams SimData=0x55 TEAM = saints SimData=0x55 TEAM = falcons SimData=0x55 ============================== it set all the team's sim data to 0x55 in the output rom. But when I also set player data and schedule data, the team sim data doesn't change. -wierd I'll get this fixed in the next version. Until then you should be able to set the team sim data if you only apply that data to the ROM (like above). If you have all your team sim data saved to a file (called 'data_file'), you can run the following command from the command line to quickly extract only that data: findstr TEAM data_file > TeamSimData.txt Then open up TeamSimData and apply it to your rom. -- Update Ok, I played with it a little more and it looks like the LOLB sim data is overwriting the team sim data. If you omit the sim data for the LOLB the team sim data sticks. Also if you mess with the LOLB sim data, the team sim data changes. Kinda funny. Thanks for fiding this defect malfreds.
  14. Big Ben, I'm glad you finally got were able to do what you wanted to. I'm sorry you wasted so much time. If you have any feedback on how to make it more useable please let me know. Also, remember that you do not have to use the text field in TSBTool to edit the data. Wordpad and Excell (csv format) can make you more productive. If you get error messages, please post the error message (you can copy text from the commandline if you right click on the terminal and select 'mark', then select the text you want to copy ). Also you mentioned that you couldn't copy and paste in TSBTool. This is incorrect. You can highlight the text and use Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste (this works in almost any application nowadays). TDO, TSBSeasonGen takes a year (in the simple case) as an argument (for example we'll use 1985). It then reads through the team data files for that year (in the folder NFL_DATA\1985). It will then assign attributes to the various players, and then it will write the output to the console (stdout). At first this may sound kinda stupid, but if you re-direct this output to a file (using the re-direction command '>' ) you can then open this file with TSBTool and then apply the data to a TSB ROM. So from the command line type the following (in the directory that TSBSeasonGen and the 'NFL_DATA' folder resides in): TSBSeasonGen 1985 > 1985Data.txt Now open up TSBTool, click on 'Load Data', select 1985Data.txt, now click 'Load TSB nes ROM' select a TSB nes rom to use as your base, click 'Apply to rom', Done. If you don't like using the command line, you can wait for the next version of TSBTool (I'm adding a menu item for TSBSeasonGen). SBlueman, The ROMS that TSBSeasonGen would produce are what I would call 'Good Starts'. They are not of the quality that you and Rod normally post (I felt that your and Rod's ROMs were of such good quality that I extracted most of the Face and jersey number data for TSBSeasonGen to use).
  15. You need to download the 1960-1967 NFL_DATA. It's in a seperate zip file. There is a 2MB limit on uploads and I had to break up the season data into multiple downloads.
  16. Ben, The TSBSeasonGen program is command line only, it needs command line arguments in order to do anything. You can read through the readme files and the WindowsCommandLine.txt file to find out more about how it works. For convience, I have included a couple batch files 'GenAll.bat' and 'GenSeason.bat'. You can double click on the 'GenAll.bat' to generate all the seasons 1960-2004 (make sure that TSPRBOWL.nes is in the same folder). I would suggest reading the README files that came with the programs. You can make TSBSeasonGen generate different output by editing the season data files (change the ranking of a player), or by adding to the AttributeMap.txt file. As for the lack of a UI for TSBSeasonGen, I'm working on a enhancement for TSBTool (a dynamic menu item) that would show up if it were in the same directory as TSBSeasonGen and the data directory. burddog, I took another look at how I assign attributes on defense. It turns out that I was only taking the defensive rank into account for LBs only. I'm fussing with it right now trying to find the right balance between defensive rank and individule ranking for the next update.
  17. What about Wes Hopkins? He's got a '75' in PI. Anyways, I suppose you have a valid argument about the lack of int ability. I should probably bump up the PI on the LBs and DLmen to at least 50 if they had an int that year.
  18. bruddog, I played around with the 1991 Eagles that TSBSeasonGen generated and I looked at the Eagles from the original nes TSB. I think that the Eagles on TSB were a pretty darn good defense and when I compare them to what TSBSeasonGen generated, they are not far off. In fact I think that the defense generated by TSBSeasonGen may be a little bit better. Have a look: 1991 Eagles Defense (Generated by TSBSeasonGen)=========== ------------------------------------------------RS, RP, MS, HP, PI, Q, [sim PR, Sim PC]. RE, clyde SIMMONS, Face=0x9b, #96, 31, 44, 50, 63, 44, 75 ,[102, 2 ] NT, jerome BROWN, Face=0x8d, #99, 38, 50, 63, 56, 19, 69 ,[16, 0 ] LE, reggie WHITE, Face=0x99, #92, 38, 50, 56, 69, 31, 75 ,[7, 3 ] ROLB, seth JOYNER, Face=0xb1, #59, 38, 50, 56, 63, 31, 69 ,[12, 12 ] RILB, britt HAGER, Face=0x8a, #0, 25, 31, 38, 44, 31, 44 ,[2, 202 ] LILB, byron EVANS, Face=0xc7, #56, 25, 31, 38, 38, 13, 75 ,[0, 120 ] LOLB, william THOMAS, Face=0xcb, #51, 25, 31, 38, 38, 31, 50 ,[0, 120 ] RCB, eric ALLEN, Face=0xc4, #21, 38, 44, 56, 56, 63, 81 ,[38, 130 ] LCB, otis SMITH, Face=0xc4, #45, 31, 38, 50, 44, 38, 44 ,[25, 86 ] FS, rich MIANO, Face=0x1b, #38, 31, 38, 50, 44, 38, 44 ,[25, 86 ] SS, wes HOPKINS, Face=0x46, #48, 38, 50, 63, 44, 75, 75 ,[3, 2 ] 1991 Eagles Defense (Original Tecmo Super Bowl)============ ------------------------------------------------RS, RP, MS, HP, PI, Q, [sim PR, Sim PC]. RE, clyde SIMMONS, Face=0x9b, #96, 31, 44, 50, 50, 19, 69 ,[48, 3 ] NT, mike GOLIC, Face=0x2e, #90, 25, 31, 38, 50, 31, 44 ,[97, 14 ] LE, reggie WHITE, Face=0x99, #92, 38, 50, 56, 69, 31, 75 ,[7, 3 ] ROLB, jessie SMALL, Face=0x8c, #52, 25, 31, 38, 44, 19, 44 ,[48, 12 ] RILB, jerome BROWN, Face=0x8d, #99, 38, 50, 56, 69, 19, 63 ,[5, 47 ] LILB, byron EVANS, Face=0xc7, #56, 25, 31, 38, 44, 31, 44 ,[7, 25 ] LOLB, seth JOYNER, Face=0xb1, #59, 31, 44, 50, 63, 31, 75 ,[13, 227 ] RCB, eric ALLEN, Face=0xc4, #21, 38, 50, 44, 50, 50, 69 ,[3, 0 ] LCB, ben SMITH, Face=0xc6, #26, 38, 50, 38, 31, 50, 63 ,[12, 2 ] FS, wes HOPKINS, Face=0x46, #48, 25, 31, 19, 50, 56, 31 ,[47, 98 ] SS, andre WATERS, Face=0x8b, #20, 25, 31, 19, 31, 25, 19 ,[76, 154 ] Do you mean that you think they should be rated based on a historic context (currently they are rated based on the current season only )? Where the program would analyze the yardage given up, points alowed, turnovers caused, against some of the best defenses in NFL history? If that was what you meant then I think it's a good idea. I'll think about it some more and try to come up with a method that will make the various 'Killer' defenses absolute maniacs. I'll probably give an option to turn that feature on and off.
  19. Do you have the Microsoft .NET Framework (1.1 or greater) installed? If not you can download it at http://www.dotnetgerman.com/links/dl_distri.asp . The MSCOREE.dll is the "Microsoft .NET Runtime Execution Engine". You probably don't have the .NET framework installed.
  20. The Mark Carrier thing is a Defect (thanks for catching it). For TSBSeasonGen I sorted each position (from the original TSB) based on what I felt were the 2 most important attributes of that position. For DBs, they were sorted first on max speed, then on Pass interceptions. In the case of Mark Carrier in 1990, I found him to be ranked the #3 DB. The #3 DB (based on my sort) from the original TSB had the following attributes: ============================================= "44,56,75,44,44,31,[12, 3 ]" ============================================= I should have caught the '44' in PI and bumped it up a bit. The 91 Eagles defense was #1. Here are the attributes of the Defense (according to TSBSeasonGen). ============================================== RE, clyde SIMMONS, Face=0x9b, #96, 31, 44, 50, 63, 44, 75 ,[102, 2 ] NT, jerome BROWN, Face=0x8d, #99, 38, 50, 63, 56, 19, 69 ,[16, 0 ] LE, reggie WHITE, Face=0x99, #92, 38, 50, 56, 69, 31, 75 ,[7, 3 ] ROLB, seth JOYNER, Face=0xb1, #59, 38, 50, 56, 63, 31, 69 ,[12, 12 ] RILB, britt HAGER, Face=0x8a, #0, 25, 31, 38, 44, 31, 44 ,[2, 202 ] LILB, byron EVANS, Face=0xc7, #56, 25, 31, 38, 38, 13, 75 ,[0, 120 ] LOLB, william THOMAS, Face=0xcb, #51, 25, 31, 38, 38, 31, 50 ,[0, 120 ] RCB, eric ALLEN, Face=0xc4, #21, 38, 44, 56, 56, 63, 81 ,[38, 130 ] LCB, otis SMITH, Face=0xc4, #45, 31, 38, 50, 44, 38, 44 ,[25, 86 ] FS, rich MIANO, Face=0x1b, #38, 31, 38, 50, 44, 38, 44 ,[25, 86 ] SS, wes HOPKINS, Face=0x46, #48, 38, 50, 63, 44, 75, 75 ,[3, 2 ] ============================================== Theese guys don't seem that bad to me. What do you think they should be? I do take defensive Ranking into account when I generate the teams. If you or anyone knows of a good method to rate the players for TSB, please let me know so that I can put it in the next version. I could also make this algorithm configurable by the user. If there are just a few special cases where you think the program goofed up a player, you can use the 'AttributeMap' in the 'TSB_Data' folder to correct some of these prblems. For instance in the case of the Mark Carrier Bug you mentioned above, you could add one of the following lines to the AttributeMap file as a work around. ======================================== FS, mark CARRIER, 38, 44, 56, 50, 81, 69 ,[53, 134 ] FS, mark CARRIER, ?, ?, ?, ?, 81, ? ,[? , ? ] ======================================== In the first line, every one of his attributes are specified. In the second line, only his Pass Interception attribute is specified. The other values will be filled in with what the program comes up with. Any suggestions for improvement are appreciated. Good suggestions WILL make it into the next version.
  21. OK. I fixed the QB attribute defect, and found another defect where the LILB Pass Interceptions and Quickness get overwritten with the Face data for the FS. I also added the ability to assign a KR/PR. You can assign QB1 - LG to return kicks/punts, but of course stats for returns are not kept for QBs and linemen . The new versions are in TSBTool_TSBSeasonGen_v1.01. If anyone finds anymore defects, please post a description in this thread or in the TSB NES forum.
  22. OK. I'll look into this issue and post a fix within the next couple days.
  23. Dude. From the spread sheet enclosed with the ROM I can tell you spent a lot of time on it. But you kinda half-assed it on some things. I poked around it a little, played 1 game and I noticed that there is a lot of room for improvement. 1. Chester McGlocton is not white. 2. Rich Gannon wears #42? 3. Cliff Branch was a WR. 4. Why do you insist on using full first names like 'Richard' instead of Rich, and most oddly Yelberton instead of Y.A.? 5. You made almost all backup QBs suck. If this is the all-time teams, shouldn't most of them be pretty good? 6. Ted Hendricks is white. 7. Fred Biletnikoff is White. 8. Paul Hornug was a RB/K. 9. Tom Brady couldn't unseat Babe Parilli? 10. Lots of #0s And this is after just 5 minutes of poking around. You should be able to find out the skin color and jersey numbers of the all-time greats by doing a Google image search [].
  24. Even teams TIP. I noticed yesterday that sthere is interest in 'EVEN' Teams ROMs. With the help of TSBTool, you can accomplish this editing task very fast (because the format for player attributes in TSBTool is 'comma-seperated'). This process should take less than 7 minutes. Requirements: 1. TSBTool 2. Excell ( or some other spread sheet program that can read .csv files) 3. WordPad (or any decent text editor) Step 1: Open up Tsbtool, and list the contents of a ROM. Copy the text. Step 2: Paste this text into WordPad. Close TSBTool. Step 3: Remove the schedule information (at the bottom of the file) and the 'Key' (at the top of the file). Save this file as a '.csv' file. Exit WordPad. Step 4: Open up your '.csv' file with Excell. Step 5: Choose which team you want all other teams to be like. Copy the 'Attribute' and sim data information from this team. (columns E - O, rows QB1 - P) Now go through the file and paste over each team's Attribute and sim data. Save the file, close excell. Step 6: Now open the file in WordPad. Notice that Excell inserted a bunch of commas at the end of many lines. Use the 'Replace' function to get rid of those trailing commas (be sure not to remove the commas in the middle of the lines. Save the file. Step 7: Open up TSBTool, select an input rom. Paste in the contents from WordPad into TSBTool. On TSBTool select 'Apply To Rom'. Done. 2005.zip 2006.zip
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