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  1. Hey, thanks for the info. Perhaps you can open up a issue on the GitHub (containing the necessary information) to track this request: https://github.com/BAD-AL/tsbtools/issues
  2. @Knobbe It requires the .NET framework. I think anything 2.0 and above should work. It is not compiled for .NET Core (the new cross-platform .NET framework) though. So if you're trying to run with .NET Core, I don't think that would work.
  3. It should be pretty easy to import rosters between supported roms. You just copy & paste the text. The newer versions (like 1.3) also have the ability to convert between the different formats for TSB1, TSB2 & TSB3 (although, this feature has been less used and tested little).
  4. TSBSupreme currently doesn't edit TSB2, TSB3 uniforms. And I don't remember looking into it. This can be done with TSBM3.exe, right?
  5. I can't use this app any longer on my devices. The Android APIs change so fast that the app is going to be too painful to maintain. I have been thinking about doing a web-based TSB editor though (using the existing C# code through WASM); just haven't gotten around to it yet.
  6. To reiterate what Knobee mentioned, this is a key design principal of the program (to edit with Excel).
  7. That error message above probably shouldn't be shown for an unknown content type. To get around that issue you could paste in a line like this: #QB1, qb BILLS, Face=0x0, #0, 25, 31, 38, 44, 50, 56, 63, 69 ,[1, 2, 3 ] I'll get a fix for that in the next version of the tool. The above line won't be applied (because it's a comment), but it should fool the content type check into thinking that it's tsb1.
  8. If a new ROM needs to be created for this, I can update TSBTool to support it.
  9. that's an older one. The TSB3 editing capability has been added into TSBToolSupreme. Here: https://github.com/BAD-AL/tsbtools/releases/tag/ If you're having trouble with a certain ROM, ones here should work: https://github.com/BAD-AL/tsbtools/tree/master/TSBProjects/TSBTool/bin/Debug
  10. Can you post a video or some pics to go along with this post?
  11. This should be fixed in the latest release of TSBToolSupreme (version https://github.com/BAD-AL/tsbtools/releases
  12. Yes, I have one posted Here. There is also a couple in the downloads section that you can use (Tecmo Super Bowl Manager 3; Tecmo Super Bowl Manager 2000).
  13. I recently wrote an editor for TSB2 & TSB3: https://github.com/BAD-AL/tsbtools/tree/master/TSBProjects/TSBTool2/bin/Debug Posted it in the Editors forum too.
  14. If you like this hack and you want the original rosters, you can use TSBToolSupreme to edit it. Extract the original roster and apply it to a copy of this rom.
  15. maybe you could upload the rom you were using.
  16. There is another one on this thread too:
  17. This one seems to crash on the Original Tecmo Bowl Rom that I have. Is there another editor that works for that one or do I just need to try different ROMS?
  18. Thanks for posting this. That package even includes the 32 team ROM for testing. The document describing the attributes is also great to have!
  19. Unlikely that the android app does that in the future. More likely that a web page would do it though. I found a C# to JavaScript compiler that would allow me to take the TSBTool logic and add it to a Web Page fairly easily. I would just need to implement the UI in HTML (which I'm not currently fast at).
  20. I'm currently working on text conversion functions between the different versions (TSBTool formats). I have the following text conversions: TSB1 --> TSB2 TSB2 -> TSB1 TSB3 -> TSB2 TSB2 -> TSB3 And I wanted to add a conversion to to Original TB. I'm sure someone around here has it and can re-upload it.
  21. I don't see a download link. Is it gone forever?
  22. This is for windows (probably works on Mac & Linux under Mono also). There is currently no uniform or endzone logo support.
  23. I'll have to update the labels in the next release. I'm also working on 'Auto Update Team Sim Data', but I haven't yet come up with formulas that produce results that I'm happy with.
  24. In case you're wondering where you can get a Copy of TSB2... https://tecmobowl.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=11920
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