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  1. In case you're wondering where you can get a Copy of TSB2... https://tecmobowl.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=11920
  2. Hi Guys, I'be been working on this one over the last few weeks. It is TSBTool for the SNES versions of TSBII & TSBIII. Features: Edit Player Names, attributes, sim values Edit Team strings (name, city, abb) Edit Team Playbooks Edit Schedules Edit Free Agents (TSBIII) Edit all time greats (TSBIII) Edit All 3 seasons of TSBII Convert data between TSBI, TSBII & TSBIII Auto Update Player Sim Values (formulas editable and defined in "Formulas\" directory) Go ahead and try it out. It does not yet mess with the player photos in TSBIII (anyone know how to change those?). TSBTool2_0_1_0.zip
  3. This is the Info I'm going with for Simulation for TSBII & TSBIII. Sim data Guide https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/2968-simulation-hex-values-for-tsb-iii-snes/ FYI: nibble = hex digit Free Agent Value (TSB3 only): Is used in simming. Higher is better. It is the second nibble of 'Face'. Example: Face=0x89 --> Free Agent value = 9 *********QBs********* QB byte 1 Sim Carries [00-1C]: Higher value => More rushes & less pass attempts QB Byte 2 Sim Rushing ability[00-08]: 00=> Marino, 08=> Steve Young QB byte 3, nibble 1 Passing ability (completion %)[1-F]: 1 => Scott Zolak, F => Steve Young QB byte 3, nibble 2 sim scramble[0-3]: 0 => Dan Marino, 3 => Randall Cunningham *********Skill Players********* Byte 1: Rushing Ability [00-AD] Byte 2: Sim Carries [00-0B] Byte 3: Sim Return ???? Byte 4 nibble 1: Sim yards per catch Byte 4 nibble 2: Sim catches *********Defense********* Byte 1: Sim Sacking Byte 2: Sim Interception Byte 3: Sim Tackling *********K/P********* Nibble 1: Kicking/punting ability Gonna work on formulas to 'Auto Update' the Sim Data. I'll incorporate it into the editor, with a possible chance to have it user configurable. Also gotta work on a converter for TSBII <--> TSBIII data.
  4. Update (0.5) Fixed the Sim Locations (I have previously made an error where I used the start of the sim pointers as the start of the sim data) Added support for TSB3. Added info on What the SimData does (using TSB3 as the guide).
  5. 😁 I found a post from long ago that looks promising:
  6. Has anyone figured out what the team/player sim data controls for TSB3? The TSB3 Bible lists locations, but doesn't seem to say what the different bytes do. The TSB2 sim values start at the exact same place (0x1EE000) and I'm assuming that the effects are also the same.
  7. It's amazing just how similar the ROM structure for TSBII and TSBIII (SNES) are. The differences I found so far: QB1 bills name pointer is 8 bytes higher there are 2 more teams Each player has a new 'agility' attribute qbs have 1 more byte of attributes assigned to them. The schedule has different indexes for the teams, but the schedule is in the same place. So do we know about how TSBIII assigns Sim data? I'm guessing that would be the same for TSBII
  8. Minor Update (0.4) Player Edit Form TSB1 <--> TSB2 Data converter
  9. Looks like there's 3 more schedules in there 16F610, 16F808, 16FA00. Shouldn't take much more time to get editing to work for those too.
  10. Minor update (0.0.3) with player sim data broken out by player team/playbook form functional Scheduler working
  11. Nice that we have the info on the defense. Did you confirm by simulating seasons and making edits and simulating again, code inspection, other?
  12. Cool! I'll get that into the editor pretty soon. Probably work on schedule too.
  13. For those working to figure out more about TSB2 you can use this editor to play around with stuff. As of now, we don't know what the Sim data does (although Burddog did find it). The program can currently do the following: Change player names Change player abilities Change Player Race Change Team abbreviation, city & name View and edit the SimData (although like I said, we haven't figured out what the different things do yet) Lists the schedules (and modify them). We don't yet know where/what the following are: Offensive preference The second nibble of a player's 'Face' (nibble = half a byte) Uniform colors If you'd like to contribute to finding stuff or follow the discovery of stuff, check out this thread. I'll move this editor to the proper forum once the program is mature enough: Minor update version 0.0.3 Sim data is broken out by player (using Knobbe's guesses ) Playbook (team) modification form is implemented Scheduler working Update version 0.0.4 Player Edit Form TSB1 <--> TSB2 Data converter Update Version 0.0.5 TSB3 Support Fixed Sim data location Added sim data description (On modify player form) Added functionality to Debug Dialog to list players by position List/modify Free Agents & All time team (TSB3) TSBTool2.zip Latest
  14. I just got into this game after Knobbe inquired about the possibility of writing an editor for it. At first I thought 'Why would we want one? Nobody plays this.' I played it for like 10 minutes once a long time ago and thought I'd stick to TSB1. But after playing it for a bit longer, I really, really like it and am working on an editor for it now. It's like $50 for a non-boxed US copy on eBay now. I never remember seeing it in stores back in the day. I just saw TSB3 one day and thought they skipped TSB2 for some weird reason. I think all TSB fans should try it for a few games.
  15. Well, that was fast. You wouldn't yet know how it's divided up among players would you?
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