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  1. Dude.... This game is awesome!!! The difficulty increases season by season. There is more nuance in the gameplay than i originally thought. Which you'll have to figure out if you're going to win all your games in the later seasons. Ruining the ball is easy I the first season or 2. But in later seasons, it's much harder. Throwing deep is also easy in the first few seasons also, but in later seasons you'll need to figure out where to put the ball so that your receivers can adjust to catch the ball because their route doesn't put them in an open position. There's also the question of 'how much difference does a good OL make?' And which defensive positron is most important? Strafing with the running back is also an art that i have not yet mastered, but hear that it can make a huge difference in gaining yards after the first few seasons. I can't stop playing this game...
  2. maybe you could upload the rom you were using.
  3. There is another one on this thread too:
  4. This one seems to crash on the Original Tecmo Bowl Rom that I have. Is there another editor that works for that one or do I just need to try different ROMS?
  5. Thanks for posting this. That package even includes the 32 team ROM for testing. The document describing the attributes is also great to have!
  6. Unlikely that the android app does that in the future. More likely that a web page would do it though. I found a C# to JavaScript compiler that would allow me to take the TSBTool logic and add it to a Web Page fairly easily. I would just need to implement the UI in HTML (which I'm not currently fast at).
  7. I'm currently working on text conversion functions between the different versions (TSBTool formats). I have the following text conversions: TSB1 --> TSB2 TSB2 -> TSB1 TSB3 -> TSB2 TSB2 -> TSB3 And I wanted to add a conversion to to Original TB. I'm sure someone around here has it and can re-upload it.
  8. I don't see a download link. Is it gone forever?
  9. This is for windows (probably works on Mac & Linux under Mono also). There is currently no uniform or endzone logo support.
  10. I'll have to update the labels in the next release. I'm also working on 'Auto Update Team Sim Data', but I haven't yet come up with formulas that produce results that I'm happy with.
  11. In case you're wondering where you can get a Copy of TSB2... https://tecmobowl.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=11920
  12. Hi Guys, I'be been working on this one over the last few weeks. It is TSBTool for the SNES versions of TSBII & TSBIII. Features: Edit Player Names, attributes, sim values Edit Team strings (name, city, abb) Edit Team Playbooks Edit Schedules Edit Free Agents (TSBIII) Edit all time greats (TSBIII) Edit All 3 seasons of TSBII Convert data between TSBI, TSBII & TSBIII Auto Update Player Sim Values (formulas editable and defined in "Formulas\" directory) Go ahead and try it out. It does not yet mess with the player photos in TSBIII (anyone know how to change those?). TSBTool2_0_1_0.zip
  13. This is the Info I'm going with for Simulation for TSBII & TSBIII. Sim data Guide https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/2968-simulation-hex-values-for-tsb-iii-snes/ FYI: nibble = hex digit Free Agent Value (TSB3 only): Is used in simming. Higher is better. It is the second nibble of 'Face'. Example: Face=0x89 --> Free Agent value = 9 *********QBs********* QB byte 1 Sim Carries [00-1C]: Higher value => More rushes & less pass attempts QB Byte 2 Sim Rushing ability[00-08]: 00=> Marino, 08=> Steve Young QB byte 3, nibble 1 Passing ability (completion %)[1-F]: 1 => Scott Zolak, F => Steve Young QB byte 3, nibble 2 sim scramble[0-3]: 0 => Dan Marino, 3 => Randall Cunningham *********Skill Players********* Byte 1: Rushing Ability [00-AD] Byte 2: Sim Carries [00-0B] Byte 3: Sim Return ???? Byte 4 nibble 1: Sim yards per catch Byte 4 nibble 2: Sim catches *********Defense********* Byte 1: Sim Sacking Byte 2: Sim Interception Byte 3: Sim Tackling *********K/P********* Nibble 1: Kicking/punting ability Gonna work on formulas to 'Auto Update' the Sim Data. I'll incorporate it into the editor, with a possible chance to have it user configurable. Also gotta work on a converter for TSBII <--> TSBIII data.
  14. Update (0.5) Fixed the Sim Locations (I have previously made an error where I used the start of the sim pointers as the start of the sim data) Added support for TSB3. Added info on What the SimData does (using TSB3 as the guide).
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