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  1. If it accepts roms, I don't see why not. Does it have a memory card that can be taken out?
  2. I found an article here: https://tcrf.net/Tecmo_Super_Bowl_(SNES) and decided to play around with it. If you change the value at computer hex location 00:816A to E0, and hit L and R at the same time on the menu screen you will get a big debugging menu. Pretty cool, not really functional, but pretty cool.
  3. Just the Genesis one is what I am seeing. It's possible if you cross reference this data in a hex editor it will work very similarly in SNES. https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/10973-off-topic-mlbpa-baseball-sega-genesis-hacking/&tab=comments
  4. As far as I know, you have to edit it with Hex
  5. Is it possible for the game to mistakenly do the cutscene, show a tipped ball, but treat it as a whiff and interception? While a player happens to be in the right place at the right time, therefore looking like a tipped INT?
  6. I can't remember if STUE edited sock and shoe color or not?
  7. I use Mr Click's tileed or something like that and you can export to BMP, it is a little finicky, but it works. I could never get used to TLP, but a lot of people use it, so I am sure there is a way to do it on that too.
  8. No worries, take your time and thanks for all you do and have done. Until then, we got this "sort of" tribute on MNF last night https://www.thebiglead.com/posts/monday-night-football-put-kyler-murray-in-tecmo-super-bowl-01fpwczjvg4d
  9. I looked at my watch this morning and thinking there was something special about this day, then I remembered when I checked here!
  10. Take a deep breath here... this thread is from 15 years ago. There are a lot of resources here I think would be worth checking out to at least get the rosters setup for a 1-aa rom.
  11. Yeah I had helped him with some stuff as I use Mac 95% of the time. The struggles he had I think in this paragraph were that a lot of the one off tools used to edit TSB and Hex etc are 32 bit apps, after Catalina Mac now requires 64bit only apps. Wine and Crossover are slowly catching up to all this, it's a normal cycle in the world of Mac.
  12. make sure the file is in the same folder as the manager. Secondly, test a standard rom to make sure you are doing it right first.
  13. That version is not for 2 and 3, the link below has it. Again, based on all the changes those guys made, I am not sure that it will work, but this has a better shot than the other version.
  14. That is not TSB 3 manager... In fact that looks like TSBTool
  15. with all the extras and changes in that game, are we sure that TSB3 Manager would work?
  16. I am impressed by the responsiveness as well. Sounded good, very well done.
  17. Pump the breaks captain, first thing is first. There is no file, you are dealing with the sfc or smc rom itself, edited with this program:
  18. Were you changing player and team names in hex?
  19. Tile Editor is the term you would search for. There is TileLayerPro, TileEd, and a host of others. It's a lot of manual work, but it's the only way I am aware of.
  20. The duplicate tiles are flipped depending on where they are needed. That's as far as I have gotten on that, I would assume there is some hex/assembly that would need to be changed to make that work.
  21. Seemed like a decent summary, kind of made me want to try the throwback version again
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