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  1. As far as I know, you have to edit it with Hex
  2. I use Mr Click's tileed or something like that and you can export to BMP, it is a little finicky, but it works. I could never get used to TLP, but a lot of people use it, so I am sure there is a way to do it on that too.
  3. Take a deep breath here... this thread is from 15 years ago. There are a lot of resources here I think would be worth checking out to at least get the rosters setup for a 1-aa rom.
  4. Yeah I had helped him with some stuff as I use Mac 95% of the time. The struggles he had I think in this paragraph were that a lot of the one off tools used to edit TSB and Hex etc are 32 bit apps, after Catalina Mac now requires 64bit only apps. Wine and Crossover are slowly catching up to all this, it's a normal cycle in the world of Mac.
  5. As the Godfather mentioned. No, MAME/RetroArch is your best option. Never played Capcom Baseball, but super pumped for this to be publicly released at the end of the month for Mame: https://gamehistory.org/powerupbaseball/
  6. Not sure if this is anywhere else here. Been poking around for a little while in the game: $13:D7F6 (8B64) Buffalo Helmet Sprite Location, changing this to any other combination of pointers (Bengals: 8D44) will change it to that helmet. If I place it in the 0000 before it, it will move it farther towards the side! $13:D7F6 (8B64) Buffalo $13:D7FC (8D44) Bengals $13:D802 (8F84) Broncos $13:D80A (8C44) Colts $13:D80E (9144) Dolphins $13:D810 (8E44) Browns $13:D814 (9244) Oilers $13:D81A (9064) Chiefs $13:D81F (9444) Raiders $13:D822 (EB60) Patriots $13:D826 (96A4) Jets $13:D828 (9384) Steelers $13:D832 (9584) Chargers $13:D836 (9744) Seahawks $13:D83E (9C84) Falcons $13:D842 (9D84) Rams $13:D846 (A2A4) Saints $13:D84A (A4A2) 49ers $13:D7E8 (A444) Buccaneers $13:D7E2 (A364) Redskins $13:D7D4 (A1A4) Vikings $13:D7D0 (A064) Packers $13:D7CE (9F44) Cardinals $13:D7CA (9EA4) Eagles $13:D7BC (9B44) Lions $13:D7B8 (9A84) Bears $13:D7B6 (9984) Giants $13:D7B2 (9884) Cowboys Matchup Screens $13:D7E8 (A444) Buccaneers $13:D7DE (A4A2) 49ers $13:D7D4 (A1A4) Vikings $13:D7D0 (A064) Packers $13:D7CE (9F44) Cardinals $13:D7CA (9EA4) Eagles $13:D7C6 (9D84) Rams $13:D7C2 (9C84) Falcons $13:D7BC (9B44) Lions $13:D7B8 (9A84) Bears $13:D7B6 (9984) Giants $13:D7B2 (9884) Cowboys $13:D7AA (9744) Seahawks $13:D7A2 (96A4) Jets $13:D79E (9584) Chargers $13:D79A (9444) Raiders $13:D794 (9384) Steelers $13:D790 (9244) Oilers $13:D78E (EB60) Patriots $13:D78A (9144) Dolphins $13:D786 (9064) Chiefs $13:D782 (8F84) Broncos $13:D77C (8E44) Browns $13:D778 (8D44) Bengals $13:D776 (8C44) Colts $13:D772 (8B64) Bills $13:D7E2 (A364) Redskins $13:D7DA (A2A4) Saints
  7. They had all the opportunity in the world to be the Washington Pigskins and chose Football Team.
  8. I think it was actually @johnz1 who was really into it, I just helped him with a few smaller things.
  9. It's a really interesting fork in the road right now for Mac Catalina users. Translhextion would work in Mojave and lower with WINE, but Catalina axed all 32 bit programs. They are currently in beta phase to restore the functionality (WINE is, not Mac). Everything to do with Rom Hacking is very old typically, so here's hoping that the WINE guys figure it out.
  10. OK, so I tried it, and it's a really old version. All I had was my Catalina mac, so it was a no go. I will try with my Mojave one tonight.
  11. This is tremendously helpful, all the MacOS versions suck, will try this tonight.
  12. These programs made by Emuware were designed when Windows was the only game in town. Unless you can emulate windows on an android no
  13. short of getting it to work with WINE, or something of that nature I don't think so.
  14. I've been lurking, and been doing great, just coming out of a winters coma here, every once and a while I think about kicking the tires here.
  15. Unfortunately FA editing doesn't work well in TSB3 Manager. It is something you would need to do in HEX, I checked my notes, and not sure of the location of the values, IIRC they would be the first value after the attributes... But it's been a while.
  16. http://tecmobowl.org/forum/topic/2991-changing-player-faces-in-tecmo-superbowl-iii/#comment-71474 http://tecmobowl.org/forum/topic/2991-changing-player-faces-in-tecmo-superbowl-iii/#comment-71356 I think I just linked to the same page, but I am not sure, and don't have time to double check but my search turned this up
  17. Awesome, and welcome back, long time no see!
  18. File Name: Tecmo Super Bowl 3 Manager Upgrade File Submitter: File Submitted: File Category: Click here to download this file
  19. File Name: Tecmo Super Bowl Manager 2000 Upgrade File Submitter: File Submitted: File Category: Click here to download this file
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