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  1. slim_jimmy7


    If you need some help setting it up, I can help you out. It's been a while, but I think I still remember how to use ZSNES. Don't do it with the servers or hamachi or whatever, it's best to connect directly.
  2. search for Drunken Honkey on these boards
  3. Does Larry Hutcherson mean anything to anyone, is he an employee or a relative?
  4. Plus SNES Programming is different/more complicated from NES programming. It would honestly probably be easier to do it on Genesis.
  5. It's a really interesting fork in the road right now for Mac Catalina users. Translhextion would work in Mojave and lower with WINE, but Catalina axed all 32 bit programs. They are currently in beta phase to restore the functionality (WINE is, not Mac). Everything to do with Rom Hacking is very old typically, so here's hoping that the WINE guys figure it out.
  6. OK, so I tried it, and it's a really old version. All I had was my Catalina mac, so it was a no go. I will try with my Mojave one tonight.
  7. This is tremendously helpful, all the MacOS versions suck, will try this tonight.
  8. I would recommend taking it one step at a time, editing these games is hard, especially the later ones. The added complexity of SNES coupled with the less popular nature of the SNES Tecmo Super Bowls adds challenges. There are a few roms out there from the older days that had graphical hacks you could piggy back off of
  9. Need to do it in hex, it's a fairly complicated process, as you have home and away uniforms, and each weather uniform colors change. TSB 3 Manager and TSB 2000 Manager do not perform this function. This is the closest thing I could find with a quick search, the document that Drunken put in there has the locations:
  10. Yet New Orleans (WTF) and Houston (I guess understandably) always at least in the divisional round of the playoffs when I played, this game was the best.
  11. I'm actually shocked I found it. Deep in the recesses of this site is JG Games stuff: https://tecmobowl.org/site/jggames/stue.html
  12. perfect, if I get some spare time I will have to check it out.
  13. very cool, does this do the 3 years mode rosters? I would be interested to see how that is loaded.
  14. Very true if you had a talented group of DB's OR LB's you can audible back and forth to get better personnel on the field in situations. I can't remember the breakdown of who goes where when you audible anymore, may have to test it out.
  15. These programs made by Emuware were designed when Windows was the only game in town. Unless you can emulate windows on an android no
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