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  1. Nothing stirs up the feels quite like seeing a Tecmo Super Bowl 1 for SNES stats screen
  2. short of getting it to work with WINE, or something of that nature I don't think so.
  3. Loved being the Jets in this version, Rob Moore, could catch anything above his head, if it is right at him forget it, if he has to dive it's 50/50, if he has to run from anyone, lord help us all.
  4. my discord is the same as my username here if you need help with getting connected.
  5. That's fantastic, if you ever need help in working with save states and emulators/ online play, let me know!
  6. I just did a quick search of even the web archive and I am not seeing a step by step process. It's probably been 5 years since I have last touched that particular program. Just give it a go and if you have questions ask here and I will try and take you through it.
  7. TSB3 Manager is probably your best bet at updating rosters, once you get a grasp on that, there is other documentation on deeper graphical and gameplay hacks you can use. The legends might be the guys who you unlock when winning three straight super bowls.
  8. Moving XP's back feels needlessly annoying, but it's not as irritating as the farther up kickoffs, might as well not even have them. To fit in with the conspiracy theories. Owners saw Kickers were getting too much money, in an effort to give QB's and other star players more money they moved the XPs back and completely destroyed the kicker position like they did the RB position.
  9. Sort of unbroken now, at least the CSS and Javascript half loads, will need to fix a few more things to make it fully operational again.
  10. Apple "knew about it" and cut ties with the company for other reasons. Do these guys hear themselves speak? Either way, that is insane, and since almost all the manufacturing is done there, we're basically cooked.
  11. If I am not still in Football Playoffs I will try and get the band back together and head to this one!
  12. hmmm, it looks broken, Ill have to take a look
  13. It is not, with only 4-5 guys going with all those teams, the commitment got pretty daunting. I still host the site, and it still works if anyone wants to jump in.
  14. That Browns team was sneaky good on TSB3. So much of the New England success has been intertwined with the Jets, the Bill Belichick swap, Mo Lewis knocked out Drew Bledsoe. Eric Mangini and Darrelle Revis to a lesser extent.
  15. Retro had probably the best involvement at the time IIRC. Regular WTF was catching up to current day and ratings were skewed. Classic never really had a chance to blossom. The thought behind the invite only one was premium players/players who got games in in a timely manner. Usually those were two TOTALLY different types of guys, so it was challenging. I still die on the inside about TCS, it was different and fun...
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