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  1. phattboy29

    (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2018

    did some fiddling around with your ROM, so i wanted to be sure you saw it first... my version of a "Color Rush Edition"... I've only played with my Steelers, no one else, so this may not be perfect and rosters are definitely not updated (colors ONLY modified, so trades for Peterson, and injuries like Watt, OBJ and Marshall as of 10-10-17 are NOT reflected) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 - Color Rush Edition.nes
  2. phattboy29

    (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2018

    thank you sir... i appreciate the effort you continue to put in every year 👍👏
  3. phattboy29

    (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    its all good, and totally understand about the controls, which is why half of us still play this instead of Madden... still look forward to your updates... thanks!
  4. phattboy29

    (NES) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    sorry just realized i posted the wrong place Hey Tecmonster... wondering if you heard about the "spin button" hack that was on Facebook a few months ago? plz say yes, if not here is the link... any possibility you can add this to your ROM this year, if not, next? I. AM. DROOLING. at the possibilities😳 this was posted July 7th this year BTW, on the Tecmo Super Bowl page
  5. phattboy29

    (NES) Tecmonster's TSB 2016 rom

    Tecmonster, you have SLAYED this rom... GREAT job sir, thank you for all your work... and as a Steelers fan, a personal thank you for giving the offense the respect they deserve.
  6. phattboy29

    Tecmonster's TSB 2015 ready for download

    thank you in advance for the new ROM... i STILL play last years version every single day, no joke
  7. phattboy29

    Tecmonster's TSB 2015 ready for download

    it is weird that i did not get a black screen as well, but obviously happy i can still play the modified rom... i make sure i go read the instructions and see if there's something in the editor that's baking this happen
  8. phattboy29

    Tecmonster's TSB 2015 ready for download

    i must say again, after playing many modified roms over the years, this by far is my absolute #1 despite the annoying glitch i mentioned awhile back... the graphics appear choppy with the lone exception of the menu screens and the actual gameplay... i attached a screenshot of an error message i got after tweaking the rom using TSBTool Supreme... i think it may have something to do with the glitch, and if you have any suggestions for a solution, please let me know... I'd appreciate it... great job again, Tecmonster
  9. phattboy29

    Tecmonster's TSB 2015 ready for download

    okay so i attempted the rom on my ipad (NES.emu) and pc (NESten)... still that glitch... eventually i'll try to use TSBToolSupreme to hopefully correct whatever is going on... driving me up the damn wall becuz i'm really feeling the gameplay, hacks and new plays
  10. phattboy29

    Tecmonster's TSB 2015 ready for download

    thanks for the response, Tecmonster... no i haven't tried to edit it, yet... maybe i'll try to edit and make a copy... i'm using NES.emu on my android devices... i'll try as well on my IOS devices this week and try on my PC and PSP soon too and see if those fly... frustrating becuz this is so well done, like EVERYthing is well done... appreciate the hours of good work, man
  11. phattboy29

    Tecmonster's TSB 2015 ready for download

    i've looked everywhere on here.... am i the only getting a glitch with the graphics? for instance on the team selection screen, all i see is blocks where the helmets should be... this rom seems pretty awesome but frustrated that i can't fully enjoy it... any advice, anyone?
  12. phattboy29

    Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K14 Special Edition!

    hey drummer... as usual great job on the rom, and as usual my Steelers ratings weren't up to snuff so i fixed them myself... lol! very nice to see you're still using the rom i swapped several plays on and created new passing plays on as well... for example, i swapped out pro t screen l in passing slot 4, with shotgun xy bomb which was originally in passing slot 1 (you'll see if you compare it to the original tsb rom)... i removed some of the outdated flea flickers etc and created new plays (ex: t play action d in passing slot 1, and playaction z in passing slot 3, were not in the original rom) ANYways, i have plans on adding more plays out of the bunch formation (shotgun 3-wing located in slot 3 of the passing plays), but when it's going to happen i don't know... unlike the passing plays, i have yet to learn how to create running plays and the running patterns based associated with them... when i do make the changes should i post the modified rom here, or send it to you in a private message?
  13. phattboy29

    Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K13

    wow... wishing a speedy recovery to you and your wife, Drummer... try to keep in good spirits
  14. phattboy29

    Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K10

    cant wait... just as long as you give the defending Super Bowl Champs their just due (since i know you hate them)! LOL
  15. awww man... he hacked the rom with the "original" plays... i will wait for someone to work on the rom that i flip-flopped and modified the plays on... SHUCKS!