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  1. NFL Tecmo Super Bowl 2K13

    Drummer's Tecmo Super Bowl 2K13


    From Drummer:

    "This ROM is intented for MAN vs CPU / MAN vs MAN / and COA mode
    Thanks to the following people in no particular order:
    Bad_Al - TSB Tool Supreme Editor
    CX_ROM - 32-team ROM
    Jstout - various error fixes in the ROM, gameplay hacks, helmet graphics, Goodyear logo, NFLPA logo, Super Bowl Trophy on leaders screen, stats logo
    Elway - graphics (NFL Network logo, start screen, and NFL shield logo)
    Knobbe - for this wonderful Website so the Tecmo players, and Tecmo people have somewhere to keep this game alive!
    Xplozv - stats screen after each quarter
    Bruddog - for quickness for intercept hack
    To my many fans known and unknown, thanks for playing the ROM!"


    Cinema screen changed to Kapernick, Peterson, and Ray Lewis
    Menu screen is blue, text is white, and season schedule screen is grey to commemorate the world champion Giants
    Official 2012 NFL schedule

    Rookies are on teams if they are a projected starters (if player is a rookie you will see word "ROOKIE" on a shadowed face)
    2013 year implemented into menu screens
    Football has laces
    Multiple changes to in-game text ("BOUNTY!" injury screen among others)
    NFLPA Logo
    Background menu text changed from red to white
    KISS now plays Super Bowl halftime show
    Scrolling cinema text now reads "DRUMMER'S NFL 2K13"
    New ESPN logo
    New STATS INC logo
    Screen between quarters where txt was "TECMO SPORTS NEWS" now reads "NFL GAME STATS"
    Goodyear logo on blimp at halftime
    KR/PR position moved back to fix safeties in endzone on returns
    Team SIM ratings have been tweaked

    Player SIM ratings tweaked

    Team playbooks/formations tweaked

    Team jearsey colors tweaked



    Dedicated punt and kickoff returner (players use their max speed for the return)
    Adjustable Quarter Length
    More accurate FGs
    Ability to change playbook in-game
    Ability to change quarter length
    Punt coverage boost decreased
    Dedicated fumble and interception returner (players use their max speed for the return)
    Stats screen after each quarter
    4-3/3-4 defense hack
    PC/PA hack
    HP hack (tweaked)
    Ultra Logic hack (cpu plays better defense)
    Quickness for interceptions (self explainatory)
    Kickoff length hack for deeper kickoffs
    Also tweaked interceptions by man controlled players. (you should get more now with a good defender)

    New opening cinema, tweaked player and team SIM code
    Buffalo Bills helmet now is white, fixed Ravens to Super Bowl Offensive Line


  2. Don't look like this is going to happen, I've recieved 3 donations total ($140 total). So if i don't recieve anymore donations im going to pawn what i can and try my damnest to make this happen. I've had over 600 downloads, cmon guys if you like my rom make a donation! My paypal is [email protected], My paypal link is in my signature below, so if you can make a donation, i got  roughly till new years eve to make this happen. Happy Holidays to all! And love those close to you,because one day they won't be there!

  3. http://cbssports.com/images/blogs/gilberry-money-manziel.jpg


    Not a good start for Johnny Football ... maybe he will have better luck against the Carolina defense.

    Great rom as always drummer. 

    Thanks Damon. Johnny will be ok i think,it takes time to get used to pro speed of the game. And the oline played like crap. On another note i've had over 400 downloads,and not a single donation has come in. I really want to take my wife to see the christmas lights,and i've got a week left till christmas. Cmon guys make it happen! If each person who has downloaded my rom had donated a single dollar each i would be able to take her. Roms are time consuming,and take alot of work to do. There is only me and jstout who work on my yearly roms. So if u want to help by donating my paypal is [email protected]  If u cant donate you are still free to download and play my rom,but if you like the rom and appreciate all the hard work put into it...make a donation. And make someone's last christmas one they will remember! Thanks to all in advance........drummer a.k.a. rick

  4. Drummer4God_TSB15_Cover_zps92f396b2.jpg


    Ok guys i've uploaded the 2015 roms (Nes and Snes) :razz:

    I want to thank all my fans thru the years,thanks for playing my roms,and pushing me to make better roms! And a SPECIAL THANK YOU to JSTOUT for all his help thru the years,without jstout my roms would never see the light of day! You rock j!

    This years rom almost didn't see light of day. Cause you see i had a nervous breakdown in 2013,and i haven't been the same since. Making roms takes alot of time (months) and takes alot of mind power. And the nervous breakdown made it to where my mind is too many places at one time,and put depression on top of it,plus my wife's health and you can see why it's took me so long to finish the rom. For those who don't know my wife had triple bypass open heart surgery last november 22,2013. After the surgery the graft on the right came loose and my wife bled out in recovery. They rushed her back in and gave her 37 units of blood,and 6 units of plasma. She died 3 times during this, clinically dead for 10 minutes each time. Doctors didn't have a good outlook for her. She had been having trouble breathing,and her heart doctor ordered a arteriorgram. The arteriorgram showed 2 blockages that were 100% ,and her valve in bottom of her heart was damaged. Diabetes has narrowed her veins and arteries so small that doctor couldn't even put stint's in,and the valve was only opening some. So when the valve opens it releases partial blood to her body,and the rest is pushed back into her lungs causing fludid to be forced into her lungs. In september 2014 they drained 2 and a half litre's of fludid off her lungs, it's a painful procedure! So the doctors can do nothing else for her,so she is living on borrowed time guys. She LOVES christmas,and i would really like to take her to Pigeon Forge,Tn to see the Christmas Lights,and go to the Christmas Shop they have up there. Cause i don't think she will see 2015 christmas,sad but it is what it is. It would be uplifting for her to go see the christmas lights n get out. So im asking you guys if you can, to make a donation to make this happen! Every dollar counts cause it adds up! My Paypal is [email protected] Or if you wanna send get well cards or donations thru mail my mailing address is p.o. box 202 evensville,tn 37332. I'll update the rom as the season unfolds and upload a end of season, and a Super Bowl edition. But after that i'm done rom wise. I wished i could continue but the way my mind is now,and all these other factors make it impossible to continue to make roms. I hope everyone understands. Depression is a horrible thing, and effects everything that's you as a human. I hope in time to get better,and get my hands operated on for carpral tunnel. I can't feel my left hand anymore it's numb all the time,and right hand is getting that way. So i don't get to play tecmo or games much period anymore. ENJOY LIFE WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG! Your body will popcorn your ass so bad when u get older. Im 47 and have had 5 back surgeries,right knee quad surgery,and neck surgery. So don't take things for granted, cause they can be taken from you. What you do to your body when you are young will catch up with you when you get older!  ENJOY THE ROM ! Post errors please! And as always GO BROWNS!

  5. Sorry guys but a couple things have came up and delayed the release. My laptop has a virus it n. Rom is on it! Working now to fix laptop. J has been sick n I've. Just been depressed as hell. My wife went for arteriorgram because of breathing problems. And 2 of 3 grafts are 100% blocked. So not best news. I'm hoping to release this soon thanks for being patient it will be well worth it.

  6. Is there a way, or a link to a page that tells me how, to change the Divisions around in the game?

    As I understand it there isn't enough space or something in the NFC west so the rosters always glitch out when I change them. 

    Thanks in advance and Great Rom. Love the hard work you guys put into this!

    Here's the fix coach if you are using tsb tool supreme.....open the rom up in translhextion (of course)

    on the menu, Offset / Jump to... / x3C010 / Ok


    on the menu, Selection / Select Block... / x4000F (Select up to and including offset:) / Ok

         on the menu, Selection / Copy / Ok

        click on the hex area so it unhighlights

         on the menu, Offset / Jump to... / x7C010 / Ok


        on the menu, Selection / Paste / Overwrite and Paste Data how many times: 1 / Ok

         on the menu, File / Save or Save As...


    Hope this helps coach!
  7. http://Drummer4God_TSB15_Cover_zps92f396b2.jpg



    This rom is intented for man vs cpu/man vs man/and coach mode also!
     Also thx to the following people in no particular order...

    Special thanks to Tecmonster for letting me add his playbook to my rom

     Keith is good for the badass Browns cover!
     Bad Al-supreme editor!
     Cxrom-32 team rom!
     JStoudt - various error fixes in the rom, gameplay hacks,helmet graphics, goodyear logo, NFLPA Logo, Johnny Manziellogo (j you are the man!)
     Elway-Graphics (nfl network logo,and nfl shield logo!)
     knobbe-for this wonderful site so the tecmo players,and tecmo people have somewhere to keep this game alive!
     xplosive-stats screen after each qtr!
     bruddog for quickness for intercept hack/jstout for applying it!
     To my many fans known and unknown, thanks for playing the rom!
     And anyone else i forgot.
     Plz post any wrong players names,jersey numbers,etc...
    Cinema screen changed to Hoyer, Murray, and J.J. Watt
     Menu screen is blue, letters white, and season schedule screen is grey.
     official 2014 nfl schedule!Rookies are on the team if they are a projected starter. If Player is a rookie you will see word ROOKIE across Shadow Face!
     2015 year implemented into menu screens.
     Ball has laces!
     Multiple changes to in game text (ACL!!!-injury screen) (interception!) (p.a.t.) (i am back!....injury return screen) (Let's Go!..start screen) (POST QTR STATS instead of tecmo sports news) between quarters (BEASTMODE) instead of excellent for player condition
     NFLPA Logo
     Background menu letters changed from red to white
    KISS now plays superbowl halftime show!
     ROLLING TEXT at end of cinema screens now reads DRUMMER'S NFL 2K15 (THX J!)
    New ESPN logo i drew it myself!
    New STATS INC logo (thx J!)
     Screen between quarters where txt was "Tecmo Sports news" now reads NFL GAME STATS (THX J!)
     Goodyear logo on blimp at halftime!!!!
     KR/PR position moved back to fix safety's in endzone on returns.
     Team Sim ratings have been tweaked, player sim ratings tweaked,team playbooks/formations tweaked, team uni colors tweaked. Quite alot of changes from last rom,plz post any problems, corrections needed.
     Lots of graphic tweaks/changes


     NEW PLAYBOOKS!!!! (Special thanks to Tecmonster for letting me add his playbook to my rom)
     Dedicated punt,and kickoff returner (players use their max speed for the return)
     Adjustable Quarter Length
     More accurate fg's
     Ability to change playbook in game anytime
     Ability to change quarter length
     Punt coverage boost cut ( to allow better returns)
     Dedicated fumble and interception returner (players use their max speed for the return)
     Stats screen after each quarter!
     4-3/3-4 defense hack
     PC/PA hack
     HP hack (tweaked)
     Ultra Logic hack(cpu plays better defense!)
     Quickness for interceptions (self explainatory)
     Kick-off depth hack for more deeper kickoff's
     Also tweaked ints by man controlled players! You should get more now with a good defender!(thx to jstout for fixing!)


    DRUMMERS NFL 2K15.zip

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