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  1. Drummer4GOD Presents: Tecmo 2K15

    A highly modified version of tecmo Super Bowl for the Nintendo Entertainment System. All 32 teams,ability to change playbooks in game! Numerous gameplay and graphic changes. Numerous hacks also included in rom.



  2. NFL Tecmo Super Bowl 2K13

    Drummer's Tecmo Super Bowl 2K13
    From Drummer:
    "This ROM is intented for MAN vs CPU / MAN vs MAN / and COA mode
    Thanks to the following people in no particular order:
    Bad_Al - TSB Tool Supreme Editor
    CX_ROM - 32-team ROM
    Jstout - various error fixes in the ROM, gameplay hacks, helmet graphics, Goodyear logo, NFLPA logo, Super Bowl Trophy on leaders screen, stats logo
    Elway - graphics (NFL Network logo, start screen, and NFL shield logo)
    Knobbe - for this wonderful Website so the Tecmo players, and Tecmo people have somewhere to keep this game alive!
    Xplozv - stats screen after each quarter
    Bruddog - for quickness for intercept hack
    To my many fans known and unknown, thanks for playing the ROM!"
    Cinema screen changed to Kapernick, Peterson, and Ray Lewis
    Menu screen is blue, text is white, and season schedule screen is grey to commemorate the world champion Giants
    Official 2012 NFL schedule
    Rookies are on teams if they are a projected starters (if player is a rookie you will see word "ROOKIE" on a shadowed face)
    2013 year implemented into menu screens
    Football has laces
    Multiple changes to in-game text ("BOUNTY!" injury screen among others)
    NFLPA Logo
    Background menu text changed from red to white
    KISS now plays Super Bowl halftime show
    Scrolling cinema text now reads "DRUMMER'S NFL 2K13"
    New ESPN logo
    New STATS INC logo
    Screen between quarters where txt was "TECMO SPORTS NEWS" now reads "NFL GAME STATS"
    Goodyear logo on blimp at halftime
    KR/PR position moved back to fix safeties in endzone on returns
    Team SIM ratings have been tweaked
    Player SIM ratings tweaked
    Team playbooks/formations tweaked
    Team jearsey colors tweaked
    Dedicated punt and kickoff returner (players use their max speed for the return)
    Adjustable Quarter Length
    More accurate FGs
    Ability to change playbook in-game
    Ability to change quarter length
    Punt coverage boost decreased
    Dedicated fumble and interception returner (players use their max speed for the return)
    Stats screen after each quarter
    4-3/3-4 defense hack
    PC/PA hack
    HP hack (tweaked)
    Ultra Logic hack (cpu plays better defense)
    Quickness for interceptions (self explainatory)
    Kickoff length hack for deeper kickoffs
    Also tweaked interceptions by man controlled players. (you should get more now with a good defender)
    New opening cinema, tweaked player and team SIM code
    Buffalo Bills helmet now is white, fixed Ravens to Super Bowl Offensive Line



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