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  1. I'm still alive. Fixing to have major surgery on my neck to try and relieve pressure on the nerves going to my left and right hand. I have totally lost feeling in my left hand. It's depressing as hell. Sorry i haven't checked in for awhile but medical problems and dealing with family over my mom's estate has been horrible. Hope everyone has a good christmas,mine will be pretty depressing. This will be 1st christmas without mom. Everyone always went to moms for christmas. If you still have your parents,you are blessed....Rick a.k.a. drummer

  2. Drummer's Tecmo Super 2015 is live!

  3. Drummer's Tecmo Super 2015 is live!

  4. The TB.org members rom is out! RU9 rom also live!

  5. Rom update RU7 is live!

  6. 20+ staples in my knee!

    1. DFM


      Whoa! Hope recovery is going well!

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