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  1. Yes! And I finally got it to work.... Question....are the stats presented in the same order as the rosters. In some situations the players don't match up with the positions in the text report. But it does appear to be in order as the rosters. Thanks to all..... Rick TECMO GREY CUP 2019 (1.0) 202006280813420.bmp
  2. Hey Guys, Thanks for the input. I've been reading and playing around on my own to try and figure some things out. I'm using several editors to change return men (kickoff/punt) for my CFL NES rom. However, the changes are registered, but the players are not being used. It appears to default to WR1 for returns. Any ideas?? Thanks Rick
  3. Playing Tecmo Super Bowl - NES and working with the CFL rom. Please help me with some easy (I think) questions..... 1) In a 1-RB, 4-WR formation, are the teams four wide receivers on the field or do they use 3 wide receivers and 1 tight end? 2) Why on kickoff returns does my return man go back five yards before starting his return down field?? 3) Does position on the defensive line have any impact in regards to quarterback sacks?? Perhaps the RE should be your sack leader?? 4) How to get intercepted passes returned for some yardage?? 5) Breakdown of the player positional ratings and suggested ranges....anything on the forums?? I think I've got this figured out anyway....but any input is great! 6) Using the editor it has enough spaces for extra players. Can I have six wide receivers on the roster?? Three quarterbacks?? Will the system (game) crash?? I'm using editors to hopefully create accurate player ratings. I've learned and updated the MS ratings for the right tackle and strong safety to improve kick/punt return yardage. I'm not a graphics guy (too bad) but can do accurate rosters and ratings (I think) and perhaps someone else can step in and fix some of the graphic issues. I used JG Games End Zone editor to at least place a red end zone field with C F L written in white letters!! Thanks for your comments and help Rick
  4. Outstanding!! Looking forward to it...... Rick
  5. Well that's outstanding news and I look forward to it's release. I'm very comfortable with excel and have been playing/designing sports board games for about 25 years. I should have no problems understanding your methods or formulas. Thanks for the reply and for sharing this with everyone! Rick ohcanada
  6. Yes...in a perfect world.....but I'll settle for anything.... Rick
  7. Nice rom...very well done... Thanks for sharing! Rick ohcanada
  8. Wonder if you could help me. I want to rate my own players/teams for TSB but need a bit more information on the ratings. How do you relate team/player stats into game ratings. Is there a how to guide available anywhere?? Any help would be appreciated. Have a great day! Rick ohcanada
  9. Hey Denny, Well how about that....it works!! One small step towards a CFL game.....thanks for the tip... Rick ohcanada
  10. Hi Matt, My first post and I must say I've very excited about the prospects of a CFL version of Tecmo..... You could even play just preseason games and keep stats manually in excel, for a true, nine team league..... I'm working on some of that right now.... How are you progressing and would you be interested in sharing what you have with another CFL fan?? Thanks for the ear.... Rick ohcanada
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