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  1. hopefully when this rom gets worked on more to make it more playable that we can get the 96 season rom also with the ravens.
  2. would be nice to see a 30 team rom. i would like to make an accurate 1995 and 1996 season of the nes version by copying the players and stats from the 16 bit and psx games.
  3. for some reason the tsb 2 editor dont work when it comes to loading tsb 3 as i go to view the team details and players i get that handling exception error that ask you to ignore,quit or continue. also i dont remember if it was you bad al or cxrom that made the 32 team rom but have u ever thought about making a 30 team rom for the 1995-98 seasons. i am working on making roms from the 1992-96 seasons on nes copying the data from the 16 bit tsb games and the psx version.
  4. nevermind i got it working. it was just something that popped up even when i had the file. but now its working, though i still wish we had a tsb 3 manager on genesis other than the tsb 2k manager as that one screws up kicker stats when u edit and export everything.
  5. too bad there isnt a standalone one for the genesis version and yes i know about tsb2k unfortunately that dont work on my pcs because of said comdlg32 file issue
  6. very interesting on your 1978-1993 tsb. have u ever considered doing it for 1994-2007 with the use of the 32 team rom for 1995-2007? i know 1995-2001 had only 30 and 31 teams which i was thinking that a team in the afc and nfc could be used for free agency or something instead of being played in the season.

  7. would be awesome if someday some of the folks that work on these roms can built an in game trade system not just by the tsb managers we had over the years. i know that would be some heavy programming to try and do. also would be great to get 32 team rom editions for the 1995-2006 seasons(95-2001 i can see making 30 teams and having a free agent team roster for the remaining)and upgrade managers for the genesis versions of tsb 1-3 with a simulation editor. nonetheless nice work on this rom
  8. hope all goes well and a quick recovery with u and your lady drummer.
  9. to carther and yes this is off topic. are you going to continue making further tecmo super bowl roms of the past like the first four? are you going to continue making tsb 1970-2012? as well as making them from 1995-1999 to add in only 30 teams and maybe add 2 teams with free agents on them if it isn't possible to have the rom only with 30 teams?
  10. impressive but i think as stats go. the qb should have yds and tds or comp% with the passer rating. wr's and tight ends should have receptions with yds. and defensive backs should have the int with yds to make it feel better to view. but thats just my opinion and we are each entitled to our own.
  11. i prefer the genesis version over snes myself but to each their own.
  12. that would be great and i agree with john saying the genesis version is better than the snes version. there is just something about the genesis version that i like much better than the snes in the way the game plays. plus i like the genesis tsb music more than the snes. same can be said with tsb 2 and tsb 3 for genesis. if i had hacking experience i would gladly help with trying to find a genesis hacker mainly for simulation data and team colors and cinema colors. even one for the genesis/snes tecmo super nba games.
  13. how did u edit the simulation on this rom and what program did you use?
  14. any luck for snes and genesis tsnba.
  15. good rom but im hoping that one day they can hack the rom to add a trade system into the rom. that would be very interesting i mean adding the weather,playbook during the game was very brilliant. being able to trade players tpo different teams and maybe a free agent pool would make the game that much more interesting.
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