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  1. for some weird reason the rb are simmed to get lots of receptions even if u dont maxed the runningback stats on the snes version. if maxed at the start of creating a player the simming will feed the top position players with the most stats it can hold. same with defense,kicking. i just say skip creating a running back as even making an average rb they will still likely get over 50 catches simming even if u just kept their receptions a 19 or so. but the more the stats are built up when u first create them the more their sim data will gain. this doesnt happen on the genesis version and that version also increases the sim data on your players as they continue to increase. snes version if you created a weak-average stated player even if they continue to gain ability pts they will still have subpar stats as when they were first created by the average or less.
  2. the genesis version u dont have to play with a team just to win 3 straight super bowls to unlock the greats. the likely hood is the a.i. mustve swapped the all timers when u started your season over. as the genesis version the a.i will swoop up the greats quickly. snes version there is a cheat code to get 999 fa points to acquire any free agent without limit. now if only the genesis version can also get that and the snes version could finally have a cheat code to get any trade without fail. both versions would be perfectly editable.
  3. tsb3 manager doesnt respond to sim values. the sim values will remain defaulted to the assign players to the team that it started out with, in this case emmitt smith running values will be treated the same as marion butts since he was the default rusher for the pats and vice versa.
  4. its an annoyance for the snes version but i would love it if someone dug deep in this and tsb2 on snes one day and find either a cheat code or a hack to make trading for any player easy to acquire without worrying about the custom player strat.
  5. hopefully when this rom gets worked on more to make it more playable that we can get the 96 season rom also with the ravens.
  6. would be nice to see a 30 team rom. i would like to make an accurate 1995 and 1996 season of the nes version by copying the players and stats from the 16 bit and psx games.
  7. really wish that we could get some genesis version love in here.
  8. I see that this is from the snes version. As both 16 bit games have slight differences in their stats. For an example as Dave Casper has a 75 in receptions on the snes and a 69 on the genesis version. Randy White has 38 ms on the snes and a 50 ms in the genesis version. In these situations as I want to make my 1995 nes rom version I would combined the highest stat between both games going in much like my 1993 rom with the 16 bit tsb and tsb 2 1993 season.
  9. for some reason the tsb 2 editor dont work when it comes to loading tsb 3 as i go to view the team details and players i get that handling exception error that ask you to ignore,quit or continue. also i dont remember if it was you bad al or cxrom that made the 32 team rom but have u ever thought about making a 30 team rom for the 1995-98 seasons. i am working on making roms from the 1992-96 seasons on nes copying the data from the 16 bit tsb games and the psx version.
  10. doesn't help much when its still 8 divisions using the 32 team rom or the 28 team rom with 5-5-4 divisions for each conference.
  11. i really hope we can get this for the genesis versions someday. also i wish we had a 30 team tsb nes rom. it would definitely be handy for those 1995-98 seasons.
  12. its great to see this site revived again. but i do wish we had a 30 team rom version also. for the past few months i have been working on remaking tsb on the nes for the 92-96 seasons and have copied the attribute data and the players from other tsb games such as tsb 2(which im still working on the 1992-93 season) and plan to do the same with tsb 3 and the tsb psx version when i get done the 1992-94 seasons from both the snes and genesis versions.
  13. nevermind i got it working. it was just something that popped up even when i had the file. but now its working, though i still wish we had a tsb 3 manager on genesis other than the tsb 2k manager as that one screws up kicker stats when u edit and export everything.
  14. too bad there isnt a standalone one for the genesis version and yes i know about tsb2k unfortunately that dont work on my pcs because of said comdlg32 file issue
  15. it would be even greater if someone can hack and patch easy methods to get any player thru the trade(if its possible). but i still prefer the genesis version a bit more.
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