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  1. nevermind i got it working. it was just something that popped up even when i had the file. but now its working, though i still wish we had a tsb 3 manager on genesis other than the tsb 2k manager as that one screws up kicker stats when u edit and export everything.
  2. too bad there isnt a standalone one for the genesis version and yes i know about tsb2k unfortunately that dont work on my pcs because of said comdlg32 file issue
  3. it would be even greater if someone can hack and patch easy methods to get any player thru the trade(if its possible). but i still prefer the genesis version a bit more.
  4. yes this is old and others might of figured this out already. i did this back in the mid 90s. tsb 2 and 3 on genesis it is quite easy to get players in trade mode. just select the teams of the players that you want and put them on man and add them to your team. 9 out of 10 u will get the player almost always that u want. another reason why i enjoy the genesis version more. plus tsb 2 ost is better on genesis even the theme when u get 100 yards rushing and stuff. plus it feels faster. and after playing a season on trade mode there is a glitch that u can change any player on defense to another position. like if u wanna move ronnie lott or rod woodson to lb or dl. tsb 3 on genesis after the 3 week trade and u go into free agency just hit reset and u will be back on week 1 of the trade week.
  5. Ronnie Lott did play for the jets in 1993-94
  6. thanks guys. been soooo behind on the tecmo stuff lately.
  7. anyone thought abput making an all time greats and dynasties version with the 32 team roms?
  8. yeah learned about that since the mid-late 90s. it would be tougher for teams like the bills which u would have to get the player next season. would be nice to see a code for easy trading or somethin on the snes version. genesis is easier to get trades due to the all man control thing plus re doing trades by resetting the game when u go into free agency.
  9. its true i remember first doing that around 1996-97 but it also helps to keep a big value player on the team u want to make into an all star team so u can have the lesser valued created players that u made over the top valued players u want so u can add a free agent player like deion to your team. this would make it easier on your free agent value points. but i also enjoyed the genesis tsb 1,2 and 3 more as that one is easier to get trades with(not saying the snes version is bad because it too is a good game).
  10. tsb 2 on genesis was very enjoyable to me only the nes tsb is better to me. i didnt like it on snes and i enjoyed the genesis tsb games more than the snes versions(i still like tsb and tsb 3 on snes). but something about the genesis version i enjoyed a lot more. i wish they still made tsb games with the nfl rosters(unlike the lame two that came out in late 2000s thanks to crap like madden selfishly taking control of the nfl license). i also feel this game needs more love in terms of hacks and managers to hack but im sure its probably because of its program codes. my only complants of the game is the simming of season the stats can be very underwhelming on offense outside of running stats. same with ints on defense. and i wish 3 year mode had a trade feature to for those seasons.
  11. very interesting on your 1978-1993 tsb. have u ever considered doing it for 1994-2007 with the use of the 32 team rom for 1995-2007? i know 1995-2001 had only 30 and 31 teams which i was thinking that a team in the afc and nfc could be used for free agency or something instead of being played in the season.

  12. to each their own but the genesis version is the better version of all three tecmo super bowls.
  13. would be awesome if someday some of the folks that work on these roms can built an in game trade system not just by the tsb managers we had over the years. i know that would be some heavy programming to try and do. also would be great to get 32 team rom editions for the 1995-2006 seasons(95-2001 i can see making 30 teams and having a free agent team roster for the remaining)and upgrade managers for the genesis versions of tsb 1-3 with a simulation editor. nonetheless nice work on this rom
  14. for 1995-1998 i would just say make it mainly with the 30 teams with 1 team in each conference as a free agent roster team. 1999-2001 with 31 teams and 1 free agent team roster. and 2002-06 the 32 team rom to catch up with 2007 since that is likely the earliest of the 32 team rom created.
  15. very possible to hit 5,000 in a season if you are pass happy. i even hit over 10,000 yds in season a couple times and i play no more than 5 minute qtrs.
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