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  1. malferds

    Applying SIM data

    ya, its not even close to being acceptable to publish so i cant release the full thing yet.
  2. malferds

    Applying SIM data

    I wanted a quick and easy way to edit some teams to play on the fly. I use it quite often when i wanna play a custom game with someone we can make a team is less than a couple minutes and be playing a few seconds later. plus i like how it does the sim stats for team and player immediately. Tecmo 2018 chromosone bowl v5.2 SHARED.xlsx
  3. malferds

    GUIDE: Playing TSB Online For Dummies (PC)

    well i found what i waslooking for and felt obligated to pust an image to help anyone else who might be searching for the same thing. https://photos.app.goo.gl/tYEQnVieiqeMCnsC3 well i guess i dont know how to put the image here so a link it will ahve to be
  4. malferds

    The 2nd TSB Book of Armaments

    you ranked PIT having better offense than PHI? im on the hunt to try to find the value of running quarterbacks in relation to team total offense. i know its huge but i need to learn more of other peoples opinions. i dont want to just throw in my own personal bias.
  5. malferds

    GUIDE: Playing TSB Online For Dummies (PC)

    Tpc is all I know of anything similar now? Also I want the tpc handicap list or something similar. Please
  6. malferds

    Applying SIM data

    ummmm, well as brud pointed out i got some fixing to do first....
  7. malferds

    Applying SIM data

    i just made a nice excel doc that works all of it out... and gives you team offense and defense ratings as well. I was hoping to use one that was already created but couldnt find one. it rates every player between 25-75. taking into account that HP can be exponential at different points. its a much more complex system than just rating one or 2 attributes as discussed above in this thread. then rates that players sim stats based off his attributes (sometimes combined with other players around him) then rates the players importance to the team and ultimately rates the team offense and defense taking into account how multi dimentional the offense is, best player on defense, etc. it allows you to paste in data from TSBToolSupreme and also will spit out data to be uploaded into TSBToolSupreme. it allows to edit and upload to TSBTS multiple teams at one time with a quick CNTRL+C and CNTRL+P. takes a couple seconds. im just tinkering and dunno if anyone could use it, but i play with a friend and we like making our own teams and it gets tedious to keep editing and pasting into the TSBTS since we like to do an edit each time we play. And every time we edit our team even a little bit the sim stats are now automatically formulated which is cool so we can play seasons and stuff also.
  8. malferds

    Applying SIM data

    anyone got a spreadsheet or auto sim rating generator thats pretty accurate? i dont feel like making my own
  9. Actually its worse. the average UFC fighter gets about 5-9k per fight (3-4 times per year if they are lucky). I myself was supposed to get $250 but they never paid me.
  10. Hi guys, well whoever still remembers me. I went to one of the tecmo tourney in madison, and one in minnesota. Damn you sois for taking down the stats page, but you did me a favor really. got me offline for a while and i picked up the love for Mixed martial arts. Here is a link to my one and only fight. I went into the fight with a torn acl and plenty of other bumps and bruises(reckless youth, jumping of houses on a bike, etc). I came out even worse, breaking my foot throwing what was my first leg kick ever. I was self taught for the 2 months i had to prepare for the fight. Everything I learned was from watching DVD's and whatnot. I had a ritual of getting on my elliptical bike and holding a 25lb weight just over my eyesight for 25 minutes while watching the Couture vs Vera fight every day for a month straight. well heres the video, and for the record i have never taken a drug in my life (inside crack joke in tecmoland about me). I actually have never drank a beer or smoked a cigarette either, but most people dont believe that. Just dont tell me i cant do something, cause i will try. heres the video. NRzH39HG_JM
  11. malferds


    i hear a poll coming... im with tupa on this one. and ive dont plenty of grappling.
  12. malferds

    Dick Dick

    actually that would be called a sausage fest with 4 dicks.
  13. http://www.ugo.com/gamingwiththestars/
  14. malferds

    Why Sam Graddy's fast but can't catch

    Hey, how exactly is a rainbow made? How exactly does the sun set? How exactly does the posi-trac rear end on a Plymouth work?
  15. malferds

    Vote for Marcules to be kicked out of TPC?

    hitting power to the people. the people want marcules head.