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  1. it's not getting better - just replace me before the season drags on any further. HSTL deserves better and I am not it. plus manyo isnt even n the hstl :-/
  2. Coming out of retirement to take over the Bengals, new defensive coordinator, Twister, had this to say "First order of bidnesss is to get on a finger mashing regimen, well actually first order is to eat this grilled cheese samwhich then get on a finger mashing regimen, I mean if i feel like it tomorrow morning, I might sleep in." There you have, i think.
  3. What do I need to do to be on a waiting list n details of how league runs now
  4. Appreciate the response - Fairfield imploding would have been fun to watch
  5. Can anyone direct me to Mort's tips to stop the pass, I ran pretty good vs the cpu but moon but moon
  6. Can anyone help me find a link to an original super tecmobowl rom, i need practice.
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