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  1. TecmoBunny

    Madison, WI - 03/02/13 - TecmoIX: Marino Royale

    That is not lurching. No way. Although it does appear it violates the rule based on its wording. I've seen it done many times at lincoln tournaments.
  2. TecmoBunny

    Madison, WI - 03/02/13 - TecmoIX: Marino Royale

    Allow me to confirm the statement that Luke C from NE can play. The mother fucker can play some tecmo
  3. Other 5 to make 18 are... Greg Bell, mike gann, Thayer, Eric dorsey, Robert banks
  4. Greg Bell, mike gann, Thayer, Eric dorsey, Robert banks I think this makes 18
  5. Quite possibly the best story ever written
  6. http://boston.barstoolsports.com/m/random-thoughts/this-nfl-films-tecmo-bowl-documentary-is-straight-fire/
  7. Montana, Buerelein, Bavaro, Mark Green, Holohan, Carney, Tim Brown, M Golic, B Golic, Stams, Pinkett, Waymer, A.Johnson I can't think of the others off hand
  8. I can can tell you Notre Dame has 18.
  9. Could it have to do with them having a CB (Blaylock) as a one of their LB's? I am pretty sure the browns have 5 cb's
  10. Overall the tourney was very well run and organized. I would just suggest getting a few more tv's/nes set up to speed things a long a little bit. I had to Travis/moulds33 above in the finals and beat him twice. Overall we played each other 3 times then. First game I had the bears and he best him by 4 I think as I couldn't overcome 2 turnovers and I never completed a pass. I think he was bengals. Then I made it back to the finals and had to best him twice, in the 2nd game for all the marbles I was the packers and he the browns. As noted above it was a double OT thriller that produced very little offense for either team. A 17-14 game in just under 6 quarters of action. In the end I was lucky to get a long strike to Sterling down to the 6 yard line to kick the winning fg on 1st down. All in all the tourney was great, cheap booze, free food from the organizers, etc etc They did mention another upcoming Iowa tourney which hopefully Nebraska tecmo can bring home again.
  11. Myself and Tick will be making the trip from lincoln NE
  12. here it is boys: http://www.facebook.com/s.php?init=q&q= ... f5081537c3
  13. TecmoBunny

    Never ever knew this about punting

    trust me I did it multiple times and only in 1st qtrs. Try it yourselves and see.
  14. Was messing around with punting last night and figured this out. When you punt from say your own 20 and punt it as short as possible it will go about 34-35 yards or so. Now do the same thing but from say the opponents 40 yard line or so and the short punt will go appx. 42 yards. So there is about a 7 yard difference. Can anyone shed any light on this???
  15. TecmoBunny

    Does INTs effect chance to pass block ?

    is ArtVandellay Luke? I think that sounds right...we should e-mail Knobbe and get something going