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  1. You do know that you guys are awesome, right? Thank you so much.
  2. It looks to be pretty good, although touchbacks should be at the 5, not the 20, and nearly all kickoffs should be to the other teams' 5 at the shortest. And I would also like to see a 200 yard field.
  3. JerryArr

    A Request.

    so if anyone would be so kind to give me the name of the high school you went to, Truman High mascot/team name Tigers the state it was in PA and the team colors Black and gold
  4. I can help test if you want.
  5. Looks more like Kenny Smith
  6. I actually had the 8-8 Saints win the Super Bowl in OT with John Fourcade starting.
  7. Add John Cena to the list. Link At the end, he mentions playing Tecmo Bowl and imitates the QB.
  8. Aikman, Irvin, Madden, Monk, Moon, D Thomas, T Thomas, White
  9. A couple questions... 1) Does it work well? 2) How does it work?
  10. It would also be cool if there were, say, standings for each team on the Even Teams ROM. Like, say, if some guy beat the Raiders with the Bucs, the Bucs would get 1 win and the Raiders would get 1 loss. There could also be a standings page to see how each team is doing. Maybe there can even be a Super Bowl tournament between the most successful teams...
  11. Sean Landeta, Punter, Philadelphia Eagles. Whoa, deja vu...
  12. Plus screen refresh doesn't seem to be a problem.
  13. I am unable to play TPC games right now, I'm working on something.
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