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  1. Warren Moon, QB Good numbers, but with the line he rolled, they probably should have been even more impressive. Short career doesn't help. NO Andre Tippett, LB Big sack and tackle numbers, and the higher int rating pumped up the picks also. Beast. YES Roland James, DB 2 rings and a great first 9 year run? Definitely worthy of first DB induction, even if neglected his last several seasons. YES Ottis Anderson, RB Not much to say here, it's a shoe in. YES Darrin Nelson, RB´╗┐ Outstanding numbers but one rb this class is enough. Bring him back for another vote. NO
  2. We haven't done any for many seasons....but this is the 50th season! This might be the only one, but enjoy.
  3. It's been a long damn time, but I'm bringing the Baker home once more...time to make the muffins motherfuckers! Rosie and the Giants
  4. 1. 14 game vs 16 game schedule - indifferent 2. Pace (too fast, too slow, just right) - just right 3. Tiered Divisions? you like, dont like - like tiers, just need a bit of tweaking per above 4. Ratings... Season 1 was fast, and 2-3 are closer to OG. You like the season 1 feel or prefer S2/S3? - Indifferent 5. Playoffs- call outs or prefer standard seeding? - Call outs, simply for something different 6. More playoff teams? 8 out of 20... Add one more spot? - no 7. Extended break... like the idea or prefer keep it going? - A break to give you time to rerate and recalibrate is def necessary, though how long is debatable. 8. Expansion. have 10 on wait list.... Would like to try for full 32? No, that will be too hard to maintain long term...quality over quantity 9. Hacks- 2point, XP distance opinions/improvements or any other hack ideas. - int return hack
  5. HOU DB Pack, Andre Tippett and popcorn
  6. BUF DL sucks but no 38hps at least, so...yah
  7. A somewhat premature retirement drops Elway's potential totals some obviously, but I certainly can't hold it against him. Season 2 with the injuries and low production hurt the average some, but overall the quality is very high. Everyone in Stall's division was very glad to see him go. Elway gets a yes from me. Gajan definitely impresses with only 4 seasons at 56ms. Aging, then injuries in his final season, leading to lower numbers, foreshadowed his retirement, but it's hard to top this bang for your buck in a RB. Yes for Hokie. Both Freddie and Drew fell off at the end of their careers in production (Drew largely because he fell into my hands ) - but Solomon's numbers dwarf Hill's (edit: TD wise). Only room for one WR this season from me - Solomon yes, Hill no. Gaudy numbers for a TE in Winslow, definitely worthy of the first TE induction. Yes.
  8. I'll take last 56 int guy, Tru Johnson and fucknuts
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