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  1. RB2 James White - gotta have at least one patriot
  2. Eif says Tre Boston via discord I say PIT DB Haden and LB Dupree
  3. 69ms late rd 2? Yes please, give me that freak Tyreek.
  4. Reich Beebe and cunts
  5. Dbs Dennis Smith and fuckface
  6. Eh give me NYJ OL.....booooring
  7. Really wasn't planning on QB this round, but can't pass up that value... I'll take Prime's boy toy KenO (rico already has QB)
  8. For 3 straight seasons, he came to coach Drake willingly... actually moreso... but then... a jealous competitor stole him away... before we could be together again... and so we drifted apart... sometimes awkwardly waving hello from the other side of the field... but today, we reunite... oh yes... welcome home Willie... you beautiful son of a bitch
  9. Eh I guess I'll take Keith Byars
  10. Need moar 49ers... give me Brent Jones
  11. per swamp : LOEllards partner in crime Willie
  12. SF Backups - 49ers for days...offense is done
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