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  1. drake

    1992 OL Gain tourney

    In a thrilling 7 int shitshow Cards defeat the Bucs 24-14 also a fumble returned for a TD in there...was a beaut
  2. drake

    HSTL S48 Draft

    OMG Impact player David Grayson still on the board? Oh baby, sign me up.
  3. drake

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Can't deal with 6ms and really don't want a super noodle 31ps... Marc Wilson for the Rams...hoping to reunite with his pal Steve down the line.
  4. drake

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Guess my hand is forced. Boo CLE OL
  5. drake

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Biscuit and Nate
  6. drake

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Cofer and Willie White
  7. drake

    HSTL S48 Draft

    F it, do something different, Dexter and Jerry
  8. drake

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

    I know I'm not up yet but I think im safe, give me qb2 lamar jackson
  9. drake

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

    Pats take Ebron and the mediocre IND OL
  10. drake

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

    Tyrann "Lonnie Young Jr" Mathieu and numbnuts
  11. drake

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

  12. drake

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

    DB Trevor Williams and shitface
  13. drake

    Tecmo 2K S1 Draft Room

    The Pats select the Gurley Mon
  14. Can host give me them pats
  15. drake

    HSTL S47 Draft

    Highsmith and Lockhart back to LA