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  1. This rom is the SNES version of TSB with the original NES rosters with NES player models and turf, no more grassy feild. Below are the regular and juice version. Thanks to elway7 for help on this. He did the turf and I did the rest. The only thing that isn't fixed to match this season, that I know of is the patriot's small and big helmet. Also I did my best with there endzone, and there uni's are good. Other than that everything else is cool. Any problems let me know. Enjoy. SNES TSB(nes rosters, players, turf).zip SNES TSBJUICE(nes rosters players turf).zip
  2. BigBen7

    BAD_AL's Supreme Editor - Question

    Hey bad_al, is there a way to edit all three schedules for the SNES version besides using hex? There's only one schedule up when using TSBtool.
  3. Here is the SNES original TSB with NES player models. Thank elway7 for this one, he's the one that did it. Just thought that I would post it in case anyone wanted it. Enjoy. SNESTSB(original).zip
  4. How do you change all 3 schedules in the SNES version? With TSBtool you could only change one.
  5. Try this. You can edit TSB for the NES and TSB for the SNES with this. Hope this helps. viewtopic.php?f=34&t=6941&start=141
  6. Hey elway, could we get player indicators and arrows in the HD version, that would be awesome, thanks. EDIT: Got the indicators back in myself, just don't know how to do the kick meter, is it located in tyle layer pro? If so where, thanks. GO STEELERS!!!!!!
  7. BigBen7

    Changing QTR length SNES

    Went to A0EE and it has 8F????
  8. Yes, all that flickering makes it much easier for you to see the NES players. Yeah
  9. BigBen7

    Changing QTR length SNES

    That's for preseason, what about season mode?
  10. Looked all over the forums can't seem to find the hex address for it, anyone know? thanks
  11. That would be a great add, I'd rather the NES play graphics over the SNES, they are easier to see and understand. I just used TSBtool and pasted the rosters from the NES version into elways version. The only thing bad about it is that it has the 1978 logos for the 1991 season . Oh well doesn't bother me. Anyways great job again.
  12. Great job on this, I might actually play snes version now. I would rather these player models on the snes than those others. Could you add one with the player indicators for the HD version instead of just the coach mode, thanks.
  13. BigBen7

    Dedicated Returners using Code

    Seems like I have that same problem too?? EDIT : Nevermind found it above, change the 87 to 82.
  14. BigBen7

    Recording Tackles

    me too, I rarely look at the punt leaders.