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  1. I'm so out of the loop on some things. I only now just read about Alex Smith's injury in 2018. He got the same injury as Joe Theismann, literally broke his leg, and then had complications that Theismann didn't have and almost died. They also considered cutting his leg off to save his life. They managed to save him without doing that, and now he wants to play this season! That's crazy.
  2. Ah, here's the original 2007 32-team rom. There's probably still bugs that were fixed in later roms, but this is the rom that essentially made TSB relevant again. It's as much of a blank slate as you can get:
  3. Alright they're coming up kind of ass-backwards. I have no idea of the quality of this one, but here's a 2009 edit someone made. I'll find the original 2007 in a minute.
  4. I'm giving you mine first, I made this 2002 rom. But there should be a glut of 2006-2010 roms. That was when the 32-team rom was created so everybody started making roms with it. I'll dig up a few more.
  5. So Brady leaves, I'm thinking the Pats will do a rebuild, maybe draft a QB and start developing him. But they said nah, fuck it, let's get Cam Newton and try to win another Super Bowl.
  6. lol I didn't even watch the end of that because the Interception safety is so common. Crazy finish.
  7. Tom Brady hasn't missed the postseason since 2002, when Chad Pennington and the Jets knocked him out at the end of the regular season. I'm looking forward to that streak coming to a crashing end.
  8. The first one is a given as original console, though I've never seen it before. That fake incomplete pass followed by an insta-tackle in the next two looks like trouble with a hack, I've never heard of that happening on the original rom before. The safety off a pick is also a common occurrence on the original rom on console. I wanted to stop and write that much, I'll look at the rest of the videos later. Oh, there's not much else. Regular long Tecmo FG, and that last one is new to me, also. I've never seen anything like that and can't really hazard a guess as to the cause, since it looks like the original rom.
  9. If you are looking at the "NFL by Year" section, you would have had to put the roms there yourself, otherwise they won't be there. All of your roms are still in the download section. If you look at your profile and click "See my activity" all of your 1960s roms are on page 4. You can still add them to the "NFL by Year" section now. More people might see them if you do.
  10. Yeah R&S in Pass slot 2, it's the best play for the OIlers. I like to leave the default playbook because the Oilers have a decent one, but if I was going for a passing record I would also put in Shotgun X Drive.
  11. Onside kick after every score and don't play defense, i'm guessing. I actually lost a playoff game to the raiders using the oilers. Very embarrassing. My best is probably only in the 7000 range.
  12. The worst team in the game imo are the starters for the pats. Grogan is the worst qb by far, and john stephens has the same ratings as his backups. If you can win with grogan i don't see the point in playing with another team's backups.
  13. It's interesting how much fullbacks carried the ball in 1976 compared to just 14 years later in 1990. I decided to give all fullbacks between 81 and 94 hp and just vary rs/ms like this: 63/50 56/50 50/44 44/38 44/31 44/25 Halfbacks range mostly between 19 and 38 hp, with a couple of outliers up to 63 hp. Their ms is 31 to 63. Kick and punt returners in a rb spot have 56 hp, and i'm thinking of giving them 63 rs. On to the QBs.
  14. Umm, he had less than 400 yards rushing in 1976. All of these ratings definitely need to be redone.
  15. They WERE projecting the 1991 season, though, so I would say good prediction with the Colts. They got a lot of other teams wrong lol.
  16. I just like that it shows even back then there were guys who were great at the game without being dirty.
  17. This is going to be a fun year to research:
  18. In case you are not aware, Jack Lambert of Pittsburgh was one of the greatest middle linebackers to ever play the game. In 1976, he had this to say about an opposing defensive end who made a late hit and injured Steeler QB Terry Bradshaw: "I told Jones that I thought what he did was the cheapest thing I've ever seen in football. It's not football anymore, it's a street fight. Jones hurt Bradshaw intentionally. I hope he gets his neck broken."
  19. Okay, fuck this game. I keep missing XPs, I can't tell where the fucking dots are supposed to be going on a pass, the running game is retarded. I try to throw to one receiver, it goes to another one clear across the field. I suck at this game, and the game sucks.
  20. I just started this. I'm 3-1 so far in my first full season. I had a loss when my QB got injured. The passing takes some getting used to, but I'm learning. I really wish you could pick the plays, though. I drafted a star TE who is better than my WR, but half the time I would like to throw to him, he's blocking. Sometimes when running, it slows me up when I try to shift to the side. I wish you had more control over the RB. It's fun, though, I'll play the rest of the season and see what happens. I like that you can play for free, I only play free games.
  21. I'm planning to re-rate the 1976 rom. Everything's a little too high for my taste. I'll probably also change the playbooks. I've moved towards making all playbooks similar and playable rather than historically accurate. I'm excited that all the teams are in the correct divisions, though, and everything else looks good so far. This is the year I was born and the Raiders won the Super Bowl for the first time, so I always wanted to have a rom for this year. If you want to give any suggestions for ratings, I will consider all opinions.
  22. How do you stop the Toss Sweep R play in run slot 1? I know, kind of a noob question, but I either never figured it out because I don't see it that much, or I forgot. It seems like no matter which defender I use I get blocked. I put this play in a few of the teams on my 2002 rom, and I've taken to just calling it every time.
  23. Correct. From what I've read from Bruddog, simmed games are done play by play. It doesn't just spit out scores and stats, it actually runs the games.
  24. In the code, yes, all teams have 2 uniform slots. But in the original game they put the same colors in both slots for some teams. See my post above for those teams.
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