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  1. Any chance that you could post the hex locations for the section of code which controls the pass priority reactions? If the playbook swapper doesn't cover that, I don't think I'd have a problem opening it up with a hex editor and copying it out onto a man rom.
  2. Would using playmaker to copy out the playbooks still retain the changes like QB selection process? It's been awhile since I've put in work and I can't quite remember if that section of code went along with the typical playbook swap section of code or not.
  3. I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but the Tecmo lettering on the top of the main menu page is white, and I can't seem to change it to any other color. Offset: x1A147 (should change that color, doesn't appear to be doing anything)
  4. Yeah I did look at his rom, and there will still be players open because he is using the pre-set reactions which allow for it. He has gotten rid of the reactions where they cover 0 players, which is probably the way to go. I do like what he has done though, but you will need cpu juice on to make it challenging. I don't think a rom just based on increased reactions, keeping in mind those help your defense too, will be very challenging.
  5. What do you mean by defensive reactions at max? You can make it so any play you select will result in 'max coverage' but that still results in wide open players much of the time. I recently looked at the reaction bytes (testing them one by one) and on most plays, the defense only covers with 4 defenders. If you watch the LBs, you will see that 99% of the time the olbs pass rush, while the ilbs sit there and do nothing. On only two defensive bytes do at least one of the ilbs drop back in coverage, so that five defenders are covering. Matching these five man defensive pass coverages up with plays other than which they are already assigned to brings mixed results. I came to the conclusion that in order to make the pass defense reactions actually worth a damn, you'd probably have to go in and change the individual assignments -- which would obviously be a huge task. First off, I don't know where those are located though I'm sure Jstout does. Secondly, if you actually did succeed in creating hard to pass on defensive reactions, the computer would probably be way too easy to shut down on offense, unless you wanted to turn it into a CC and JJ fest. Suffice it to say, I recently contemplated putting together a rom like you suggested before giving up.
  6. I think it's based on how many wins you have; so there shouldn't be a separate playoff juice mode. The ones in red are definitely Preseason, Pro-Bowl, and Week 1. The ones in green are 1 win and the ones in blue 2 wins. If you change all the values to 03 04 06 09 09 the computer will play like you are 16-0 every time that you play.
  7. I really like the Gun t form plays -- it reminds me of the Air Raid offense. Great idea for a formation. I've been thinking about messing around with the original trips set from the game and adding maybe a series of runs and another passing play. Oh, and nice screen pass btw. I've made one of those too, and while I had the blocking down, I like your pass progression much more.
  8. Are many of the hex addresses for hacking changed under the 32 Team Rom format? If so, is there an easy way to find the new addresses and/or apply those hacks? I should be able to find the playbooks and just copy those over, but I'm thinking of the INT/Fumble return hack, QB fumbling hack, and probably others which I can't remember.
  9. If you find a way to implement them into season play, you could always replace the punting stats leader board with a tackles leader board. I'm pretty sure I've never done much more than glance at punting while playing a season.
  10. R and S Screen Def reaction 1DD88 – C2 C2 C2 C2 D6 DA D6 D6 old one back flare A slot formation : 0C, pointers: 4D 4D 4D 4D 4D 4D 4D 4D (no back pointers) Play info: 4AAE c1b3 15bd 5fa6 9bb8 77bc d8af bbbe acbe 48be 99be 67b0 Play graphics: 27CFC 01A0 A191 b1cc 018F 0193 0101 0198 9296 0101 0193 019C 0101 0101 0191 0101 0101 0193 0101 0101 0194 b1c3 An olineman actually pulls out and blocks down field for the screen The defensive reaction should work pretty well at stopping it at times. One issue is the cpu doesn't use it all that effectively against you.
  11. Jstout, I'm curious about the playbook you're making. I'm hoping that some of the common playbook hacks might be included, namely; the FB blocking the gap on the T formation sweep and adjusting the FB T formation sweep to the top so that the HB carries it. A couple plays that I put on my rom might be of interest to you as well. The R&S dive play, which is a simple formation hack stemmed from the singleback dive, and the R&S screen pass. Of all the plays I made, those two were probably my favorite ones. If you're interested, I still have their hex data saved and I could post it here.
  12. Since it's a running play, you don't have to worry about pass coverage. But like the passing plays, the defense has different reactions based on which play is selected. Usually the higher numbers tend to make the defense react better, but I would test those out on the game just to see. Sometimes on a toss or sweep play, if the defense selects a certain play, only one blocker will pull, making it easier to get to the running back.
  13. Yeah it's way different. I don't know if you watched enough of the video but wait until the bottom of the first when Sheffield hits a HR out to left field. Also check out the arches in centerfield.
  14. Found this over at the dee-nee boards and thought it was pretty cool. I want to crush a HR out of this stadium: BTW, if anyone has this rom, upload to the site. I couldn't find a dld link to it.
  15. Does anyone still play this game online? It would be cool if this game had anywhere close to the online following that TSB does. I find it to be the definitive baseball game as far as my tastes go. Specifically I love the feel of the fielding in this game and how it relies on so much user interaction. The newer games seem to make the fielding way too mundane and boring. It must be the fast pace action of baseball stars but when I make a diving save and turn a double play by timing the throws perfectly it really feels like I just made a big play. I'm not sure how the newer games can be corrected but they almost always focus primarily on the pitcher vs hitter interaction, leaving the rest of the game boring and sometimes overly complicated like baserunning. The simplicity of the NES just really works well for a reaction type game like baseball. I may have to try out some of the newer arcadey baseball offerings like the upcoming BIGS but I have a feeling with powerups and all that it won't be near realistic enough.
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