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  1. I’m still knocking the cobwebs loose, so I’m just going to post pictures for now. I’ll throw a more thoughtful post out there later. I think at the moment it suffices to say that there is NOTHING else like Burning Mort - in the Tecmo world or otherwise - and that’s completely because of the people that take part. You are all my heroes. BC3650AE-32D1-4B85-8CFD-22F98D1A05CE.MOV 51168C53-4476-4E6B-A5A3-23E381518C71.MOV D16BBB83-20F8-4613-82A3-85E4470F2925.MOV 044C2002-4879-46B9-BCE9-6CBB05489F3F.MOV
  2. Burning Mort is not moving to NYC, but due to a very selfish fetus, it is moving to June 8. We have confirmed it fits with the Conjurer’s busy schedule of drinking to blackout and gambling too much.
  3. I officially, and regretfully, declare that I am allowing someone else the opportunity to take home the Peter Tom chalice this year.
  4. I'd be honored to be an ambassador to the NW, accepting all brews and loud mouths that are available.
  5. This was an awesome time guys. Thanks for the fun and well-run tournament. The Mort/Gats/Flo showdowns were great to watch. They were almost as good as the Peter Tom Willis final. Happy to have finally made it to a Tomczak Bowl, and you easily made it worth the drive! Definitely hoping to get back there next year. The bar was super cool, the mini pitchers were cheap and delicious, and the post-game shenanigans at Paul's Tavern and the karaoke bar were the usual awesomeness. Thanks again - Looking forward to seeing everyone in Madison!
  6. A few more, with some 2016 "making of" gems tossed in for good measure.
  7. Rare, behind the scenes "making of Burning Mort" footage.
  8. ...and we have a winner. I don't have many pictures or videos from the event. The ones I do have have already surfaced. I do want to throw out some very well-deserved thank you's in hosting the second iteration of Burning Mort...which is two more iterations than the world really needed to see. Thanks to all of the North Dakota Tecmo group for taking time away from real life over the course of the last few months to put together ideas, props, idiocy for something that is most decidedly not real life. Special thanks to Dr. Frolf - the amount of work he puts into this thing is just insane. He takes it from shirtless camping trip to techno dance remixes and Disneyland maps. Your work on Burning Mort cannot be understated or undersold. Thanks to to the Conjurer and his assistant. What was once a simple afterthought piece of Burning Mort quickly became the centerpiece and it's awesome. We are all in their debt, for Tecmo and for life. Thanks to Dave Murray and Brude for all the work they put in. The custom ROMs were a huge hit, and Dave's constant work on the multimedia is fantastic. I am still laughing at the Conjurer vs. Orenga scene on eatshitorenga.com right now. Both coasts collaborating to hit a homerun in the Great Plains. The Tecmo community is pretty rad. Thank you to all of the competitors. It is simply ridiculous that you would travel as far as you do for something so ridiculous, but we are glad you do. There were 16 competitors, and 11 of which traveled. It was a blast having each and every one of you there, and I had an uproariously good time with all of you. My face hurt from laughing dozens of times that day, and the night before. That was a righteous group of idiots that we put together. At the end of the night, the Conjurer handed out awards. These were entirely his picks: Champions - Tribe Chet MVP - Mort Rookie of the Year - Segathon Conjurer's Pet - sonofpatbeach Finally, I figured I would throw in one inside joke memory about each participant that stands out to me: Chet - Passing out around 1:30, and being threatened the next day to be added to the Burning Mort graveyard Josh - Stocking my fridge with Bud Light and buffalo chicken burritos Orenga - Getting pissed that we didn't throw BUF/NE in the beer helmet round to set the proper tone. We blew that one. Durch - Shedding his Gannonball Run shirt for the belly Badgers model. Paperboy savant. Segathon - Having Burning Mort written all over everything - car, flesh, shorts Beef Juice - Ordered a Colt 45 40 to start the weekend and put that SOB on Twitter arncoem- Made up a story to his wife, burned a thousand darts while he was free, and slept most of Sunday away with me (in a mostly non-gay way) Dot Don - The chief of the coolest tribe there. Must have ninja'd out way early before we could properly pay homage. Mort - Put up with the drunken mess; declared Burning Mort to be the best time other than his sexual conquests Lou - Slept in a van instead of the bare ground. Sacrificed his Tupa Bowl shirt to the fire. Murray - Tetris vs. Mort. Ruthless domination. Dr. Frolf - Somehow got a band with a giant mixing board, lights, and talent to perform in the woods Barry - Asking the band, "So is the first time you've played a Burning Mort?" Tucker - Pounded Chet in mirror Tecmo Bryce - Contributed "Good Ass Beer" - three words that will live in Burning Mort infamy Enjoy those gold pants, gentlemen.
  9. That's my impression as well. Thank you to everyone for coming and helping out. Awesome time yet again. I'll post a better message when I'm on a computer instead of a phone. Looking forward to seeing everyone's pics and videos.
  10. I have nothing to add on I-35, as I haven't been on the MSP to IA corridor since an FCS team won the Floyd last September (sorry, Dot Don.) The heat forecast has scaled back from 95 to 88, but it's still looking like a toasty Experience. We've had virtually no rain in a long time, so expect a sweltering Dreamland. Pack your Speedos...the Conjurer will make sure you're kept cool.
  11. Most of the guys stayed at the Radisson downtown last year. Easiest walking distance from the bars, although Ubers are plentiful and usually cheap if you're looking for something less expensive.
  12. 1. Your standard sized sabre should do. (NHL '95 pun intended) 2. Syphilis. I don't know if you can vaccinate for that, but I'd highly recommend you try. 3. The Conjurer's ways are mysterious, judging by the fact I saw him drinking Palm Breeze not long ago. 4. No.
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