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  1. Thats cool. Just holler when ready.
  2. Hey Eric Beef here. If you are interested in coaches mode I am looking for guys. Very different league as you use brainpower more then brawn and thumb mashing. http://www.tecmo.us/arena/viewtopic.php?f=309&t=29155
  3. Guys we will be using this rom for season 3 of CIA. I am looking for 2 more Afc and 1 more Nfc coach if you are interested. http://www.tecmo.us/arena/viewtopic.php?f=309&t=29155 There's the link for where to signup.
  4. One thing that could is having guys hit the NFL forums and yes drop an ad. I did this for many yrs and got a huge amount of owners that way. If you found a few guys do this in forums they akready belong and post I would bet you would get some new blood. Find some guys who have the time and do it on Fridays and weekends. Then link to TPC and someone else can help them get setup.
  5. This is a sweet rom and we are bringinbg the CIA back for it's 3rd season. Anyone interested plz post in this thread. Post AIM,email and team choice. http://www.tecmo.us/arena/viewforum.php?f=309
  6. You've helped me so much figure I can help also. MrBeef1964 [email protected]
  7. I believe thats Toads team.
  8. what is your screen name at GLB or the players name. I am helping a brand new team or drop myself (drcaudill) a pm or the owner (UCLABUCSFAN) a pm.
  9. hey Rod I tried using the d/l link on the main page and it says there are no d/ls there. You got an alternate link or somewhere else to direct me to get it.
  10. MRTSB, I love your hardcore attitude these days! The only time he is hardcore is when he is watching his gay midget porn !!
  11. maybe change your name like Rod Smart you could be. You ALL hate me
  12. MrBeef

    Goal line blitz

    hehehe i dont know why he is doing that. but its not my guy. he can do whatever the hell he wants i traded my #9 TE for a #5 CB so i am good now. Nice!
  13. MrBeef

    Goal line blitz

    and anxiously waiting Flo! We're going for our 6th straight win tonight.
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