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  1. Someone should just add it as an attachment in a reply, that way nobody has to request the rom be sent e-mail. Just a thought.
  2. That is possible, but not all roms are labeled by Pre-Season, Post-Season and so on, unless the author made a different edit for each part of the season and labeled it so. It's not a bad idea, but most edits made prior to the 1999 season roughly are all post-season edits. EDIT: Okay, page updated with the latest edits. I will update whenever any new one's come out in the future.
  3. I created that page, i'm glad to see someone made a topic pointing to that page. Which reminds me, i need to update that soon because a couple new roms were just released.
  4. How much did you test this? Because I swear even in COA mode, the CPU boosts at the end of the season as well.
  5. Yeah i would also like to see an IPS patch. Also, has any more testing been done for COA vs. COM play? I'd like to know if editing these values has an impact on those types of games as well.
  6. I'm all covered Power wise, i got a 550watt PSU and splitters and such. I would love to go PCI express, and i will eventually, but then i'd have to buy a whole new motherboard and possibly a new CPU. I mean yeah my PC is a bit dated, but not that much so i just need something to get me by for the time being.
  7. Hello all, i need help selecting a new video card for my PC, so i was wondering if any of you video card buff's could help me make the right buy. Now currently i have a Geforce FX 5700 Ultra, now while it runs older and semi-old games well, it has alot of trouble running newer games. I don't intend on running at highest settings, medium for most part (and some lighting effects) is fine with me, i'm not looking for the best graphics possible. I need something under $200 (around $150 or less is great) and it has to be an AGP card. At present, i've found the following two that have caught my eye. Radeon X850 Pro XFX Nvidia Geforce 6800XT I was wondering if someone knew which is best (or has an alternative recommendation) I'd appreciate any and all help.
  8. Thanks Soby, i'll put them in the upload section and update the Wiki to list you're roms as well. Let me know when you get that review site up.
  9. Here is the rest. 2005 NFL By Kingsoby1.zip TSB Updated By Kingsoby1.zip NFL Balanced Teams By Kingsoby1.zip
  10. Hello all, this post contains almost every rom that Kingsoby1 has released here on the boards. He has given me permission to re-upload them for you all. Please, no negative comments on the quality of his roms, either download or don't. 2004 NFL (OldSchool) By Kingsoby1.zip 2004 NFL (1st16) By Kingsoby1.zip 2004 NFL (1st10) By Kingsoby1.zip
  11. Okay, i've finished both the roms & emulators section and all i need to do is add more for TSBTool on the Programs available section under the Altering Tecmo Super Bowl category and that will be finished. After that i believe i'm gonna start on the documentation section next. I also added a section for Tecmo Super Bowl Ultra on the main page of the wiki if that's okay. I feel a section for that would be cool.
  12. Here's 3 more missing roms i've cultivated off my hard drive. The 2002 TSB edit was made by Sois which i got off his site awhile back. One of the 2004 edits was made by GRG which he use to have on his site but his site isn't available anymore. The other 2004 edit was made by Scribe99 and i forgot where i got this from, i could have sworn it was here on the boards but i can't find it so i'll put it here. Again, i hope this okay to put these here, if any of the author's want these removed feel free to say so. 2004 NFL By Scribe99.zip 2004 NFL (PostSeason) By GRG.zip 2002 NFL By Sois.zip
  13. The 1986 TSB was made by Ihoagied and the 2004 Rose Bowl was made by Tecmorox81. They were both used for league play but i was able to snag copies of these edits before they we're altered for their specific online season. I hope this okay to upload them here, if either author want's them removed, just say so. I'm only putting them up to share them with the public. Rose Bowl 2004 By Tecmorox81.zip 1986 NFL by Ihoagied.zip
  14. Okay, i'll do that later tonight when i finish the list. By all does that include Soby's edits, i don't wanna make him mad or anything. TBH, i don't really know why he removed all of them in the first place, i mean sure some didn't find them appealing but that's just how it goes, different people have different playing preferences. In any case, thanks for all the feedback and it should be finished in the next couple of days. Edit: Okay, all finished with the section for now, feel free to check it out and comment. http://www.tecmobowl.org/wiki/index.php ... _available I've added all the roms that i had that couldn't be found in the Upload forum for everyone to download. I'm sure there is more i'm forgetting so feel free to update the list as needed. I'll also update the list if Soby let's us re-upload his roms. I may work on the other two editing related sections of the wiki next.
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