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  1. Join us the night before the tourney for an assortment of NES/SNES games while we set up from 5-9 PM. Mainly sports and competition games with NHL 94, NBA Jam, Ice Hockey, Tecmo Super Bowl, Street Fighter 2, Mike Tyson's Punchout, etc, etc. Triple A and Collegiate baseball games in Omaha the night before as well. For anyone not attending the RBI tourney, the Omaha Beef indoor football team plays that night at 6:30. Omaha has 2 arcade bars. Beercade in the Benson neighborhood and Beercade 2 just south of downtown Omaha. We're getting close to having confirmed players attending from 10 states this year. The pic below illustrates the states and years that were represented.
  2. Currently Postponed. New date to be determined. WHAT: 5th annual tourney. Original 1989 Tecmo Bowl & 1988 R.B.I. Baseball WHEN: Saturday, May 2nd, 2020. Tecmo Bowl @ 12PM. R.B.I. Baseball @ 6 PM. WHERE: Omaha, Nebraksa @ DJs Dugout (Miracle Hills location) 777 N 114th St, Omaha, NE 68154 Buy-In: $20 per tourney or $30 for both Rules: https://www.tecmobowlnes.com/format--rules.html Format: 3 games of group play followed by seeding tourney. Tecmo is single elimination, RBI is best of 3 in semi-final & championship rounds. Prizes: Cash prizes to top 5 finishers. Trophies for 1st place. Small cash prize to winner of 7th, 9th & 11th place games. Website: https://www.tecmobowlnes.com/ Facebook event page: For reminders/updates go here > https://www.facebook.com/events/369272577276369/
  3. Yes I do. However there was 2 separate versions. Which one do you need? The first version was the cartridge released in 1989 in the usa. The 2nd version was released in 1990 in Japan for the famicom. The difference is that the famicom had roster updates and that version is used on the newer platforms such as the switch, nes mini, etc.
  4. Tom was my opponent in the 1 game where I got absolutely annihilated.
  5. I faced a couple nose tackle dives in an early game and successfully avoided those for big plays, but Tom S. hit me on a 4th down inside the 5 with one. Ha. That was back breaker.
  6. Great time in Green Bay at this tourney. Troy got us involved with an original Tecmo Bowl tourney friday night. Took part in the 6 game swiss format of Tecmo Super Bowl on Saturday. Great weekend of TB & TSB. A guy in our crew won a SNES clone system, and I won a large Mcfarland Aaron Rogers figure as well. Lots of prizes given out. Definitely worth the 10 hour drive from Omaha with the crew. We packed in a trip to Lambeau for a 30 minute tour of the stadium. Excellent weekend.
  7. Interesting topic. I really enjoy watching the streams to see the best players face off. However talking to some of the top players out there, I get the impression that its just splitting hairs as to who are the best of the best. In terms of accomplishments it might be easier to rank players based on their finishes. I believe there is some massive player data base compiled from a bunch of the tournaments from around the US.
  8. Botton DB and top run play combo is a ploy we can Bunk Bed defense. Either position actually, and call the opposite run. Highly effective scheme from that position.
  9. 49ers for sure as the absolute best in the 1990 Japan version. Juggernaut team all around. Vikings certainly rank fairly high up with a beefed up defense, and faster Anthony Carter. They are so strong that they can still overcome the WR run play and beat most teams. Minnesota however has an Achilles heel with the worst punter in either version. 49 yards max really screws them with field position. I'd still go with NY & LT and Chicago as 2nd/3rd teams...really in either order. As for the original 1989 USA version you can make a legit case for New York, Chicago, and San Fran as the best team. However in the Japan version its clearly SF.
  10. The 2018 event had players from 5 different states. CO, NE, KS, IA, IL. Appears we'll be adding competitors from MO & AR this year, and retaining most of the previous out of state players. Good chance we have a couple returning players from the Toronto area again this year. In my experiences, those making a long trip here tend to routinely be some of the best players at the tournaments. I've been to many different parts of the US competing in Tecmo & RBI tourneys over the years. I can say with certainty that the top players at our tournaments are as skilled as you will find anywhere else in the country. See video clips from 2018 event below.
  11. Heres a link. http://tecmosuperbowl.org/TBplayers90.htm
  12. Any chance you can post the team rosters from the Japan Tecmo Bowl game? Thanks!

  13. The initial and acceleration ratings really are key. My buddy will look at players top speed and ask why I rarely use "player X", because hes got good speed? Its often because a bad initial or bad accel rating really negates his top speed in key situations.
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