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  1. Tecmo-Mad-Brad

    TSB 2019

    Is anyone putting a version of TSB 2019 onto a cartridge this year? The guy from Canada who has put roms onto carts in the past apparently is not doing it anymore. Does anyone else do that?
  2. The NES version of Tecmo Bowl turns 30 in 2019. To celebrate we're hosting a tourney in Omaha, Nebraska march 30th. $65 entry fee, and all funds go to player payouts. 1st place wins a trophy. Looking at 16 player field, but will open to 20 or 24 if need be. 2 game opening round is used to provide seed lines for the tourney. Once tourney is seeded, it becomes double elimination. Prior to each game, a coin toss occurs. The winner has 2 options. 1: They choose their team and player 2 controller. Opponent then chooses their team and Player 1. 2: Coin toss winner chooses the 2 teams in the match-up. The opposing player has choice of team & player 2 controller, or can defer the team pick, and choose Player 1 controller. Observing standard tourney rules. No gaining yards when defense chooses same play. LB position used to try and block FG attempts. Any position player can be used on extra points. Currently have 6 players registered, and 2 more on reserve/unpaid list. See TecmoBowlNES.com for all the details.
  3. The 3rd annual Tecmo & RBI tourney is Saturday march 24th @ Bigway Burger (5413 S 72nd St, Omaha, NE) (Original 4 play/12 team) Tecmo Bowl @ noon. RBI Baseball @ 6PM 3 games of group play followed by seeding the tourney. Tourney capped at top 24 players if turnout is high. Entry Fee: $15 for either game, or $25 for both. Military ID receives $5 off either price. Cash prizes go to top 5 players. 1st place wins a trophy. Mort is confirmed as coming to this tourney. He's been playing a little OG Tecmo recently and he's going to test the waters and play some RBI as well. Facebook event page is here > https://www.facebook.com/events/274448089754995/ Getting a solid response so far. Promo video with footage of previous events can be seen below Game play rules: TecmoBowl. No gaining yards when defense picks same play as offense LB position only for attempting to block FGs Any position available for attempting to block extra point RBI Baseball: Observe the infield fly rule. If score gets into double digits, the leader at the end of that inning is deemed the winner. Bar Flyer Copy of football soccer event flyer template (1) by TECMOBOWLvsRBI, on Flickr
  4. Tecmo-Mad-Brad

    Tecmo Bowl game footage with commentary

    CHI pounds the 9ers. San Fran is one of the hardest offense to master, when you have to play vs really skilled guy (ie: not random joe's off the street). To Ben's credit in these last couple videos, this is his first time facing me with Miami and San Fran. These are teams we've gotten really good at shutting down. He'd played random guys and had a lot of success with MIA/SF, but he got an education here on why they are tough to win with.
  5. Tecmo-Mad-Brad

    Tecmo Bowl game footage with commentary

    Indy vs Miami. Sometimes this match-up is a deal where neither defense is equipped to stop the other team. Played some text book D with Indy, and the guy controlling Miami was nearlyu sharp enough to hang in there. Eventually Eric Dickerson wrecks the Miami D, and that's that!
  6. Tecmo-Mad-Brad

    Tecmo Bowl game footage with commentary

    This is a beat-down put on LA who was controlled by a pretty good player.
  7. Tecmo-Mad-Brad

    Tecmo Bowl game footage with commentary

    Cleveland vs Dallas Some late Gerald McNeil kick return antics make the finish to this game a bit more interesting that it should have been.
  8. Tecmo-Mad-Brad

    Tecmo Bowl game footage with commentary

    With a lot of tournaments going on, we've been focused on just 89 USA Tecmo. I'm itching to conclude our 7th season though which is a USA/Japan mix.
  9. Tecmo-Mad-Brad

    Tecmo Bowl game footage with commentary

    3 part Denver vs San Fran game. Phone stopped recording a couple times, so we eventually went to facebook live for the finish.
  10. Tecmo-Mad-Brad

    Tecmo Bowl game footage with commentary

    Had a great 2-player game LA vs Seattle(Me) recently. Played my buddy who got a 3rd place finish at 2016 Omaha tourney. Game goes down to the wire with a late field goal attempt for the win. In the comments section I break down a lot of team and player stats. LA is not generally a team I think is very good. They have a lot of flaws. Field position was key for LA to keep the pressure on. See the DEN/LA game a few posts below. LA gets exposed pretty easily in that game.
  11. Tecmo-Mad-Brad

    Tecmo Bowl podcast

    Yeah I can submit the podcast there. I'll have to create an account there.
  12. Tecmo-Mad-Brad

    Tecmo Bowl podcast

    It's OK. It links to Itunes easy enough, and for like $10 bucks a month I have a lot of storage and bandwidth. For the small audience I have its perfect.
  13. Tecmo-Mad-Brad

    Tecmo Bowl podcast

    Covering a variety of topics on the original NES Tecmo Bowl. I'm joined by Ben, who placed 3rd at the 2016 Omaha Tournament. https://tecmobowlversusrbi.podbean.com/e/talkin-tecmo-bowl-w-ben-s-pt-1/ Part 2 here... https://tecmobowlversusrbi.podbean.com/e/talkin-tecmo-bowl-w-ben-s-pt-2/
  14. Tecmo-Mad-Brad

    Does Madden Have a Monopoly on NFL License?

    There's already a 2017 version of TSB. Not sure if anyone has made a 2017 release for the original Tecmo though. See the home page. http://tecmobowl.org/
  15. Tecmo-Mad-Brad

    Tournament Abundance

    Agree with this statement. Facebook and twitter are littered with posts after Tecmo Cle/Tecmo Madison/etc with people who had no idea these events occur.