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  1. Chris Hansen will be #1 costume this year.
  2. Brian Russell is a douchebag and you can clearly see that MJ juked him and the push was done with little force.
  3. yes, I've had people thinking your name was just me undercover.
  4. The signature pic is hilarious. Did you make that? edit: Nevermind, you didn't.
  5. Wow, that was really guy. This is teenaged girls humor.
  6. bruddog looks like mactonight.
  7. How did they get the rights to those names? they must of contacted each player individually.
  8. Yes, the more meaningful regular season games are the better.
  9. This thread is retarded. Of course sweeps are boring, but this one wasn't as boring as when the Lakers swept the Nets. The point that should of been made was the comparison of Lebron to MJ was way off. Lebron doesn't score like michael, he doesnt have his personality, leadership (gay), or look. So what now, Stern? I liked how he saw his prodical son start to fade and sprinkled some jew dust on the refs and try to fix the game at the end. But even that couldn't stop Lebron from becoming a failure.
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