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  1. A perfect time to crash after partying in the lounge car with Tecmo and Mennonites for 13 hours.
  2. Get to Chicago and take the train to Fargo with me. It'll be a 13 hour pregame.
  3. I'll announce my attendance in September then I guess.
  4. Any ladies at dmen tap are also likely to end the night on their back.
  5. @SammieSmith33 at midnight rocking out to Low Speed Chase.
  6. I will not be posting any photos from Burning Mort. I threw my phone in the trash the second I left. You have to start fresh after a weekend like that.
  7. Really, just being able to reset it. EDIT: I didn't see that you could re-roll with player 2 by pressing B before choosing their team.
  8. The only other thing I could ask for is to make it reset if a player is selected that was already selected. Other than that, this is fantastic.
  9. Discord Handle: ImFlo Can you host?: yes Your time zone: central Best time for you to play: daytime, or late night, my schedule is erratic
  10. You mean I could have had the chance to pay $30 to play for $100? I mean, I still like those odds, but that doesn't seem right.
  11. It sounds like you gentlemen have this down to a science. How many kegs of beer for a tournament of 5 or less?
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