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  1. Really, just being able to reset it. EDIT: I didn't see that you could re-roll with player 2 by pressing B before choosing their team.
  2. The only other thing I could ask for is to make it reset if a player is selected that was already selected. Other than that, this is fantastic.
  3. Discord Handle: ImFlo Can you host?: yes Your time zone: central Best time for you to play: daytime, or late night, my schedule is erratic
  4. You mean I could have had the chance to pay $30 to play for $100? I mean, I still like those odds, but that doesn't seem right.
  5. It sounds like you gentlemen have this down to a science. How many kegs of beer for a tournament of 5 or less?
  6. Haha, I'm happy to make the honorable mentions.
  7. Please remove Burning Mort from your list of tournaments. It is a Tecmo Experience, not a Tecmo tournament.
  8. For team selection and best of three, is the same teams used for all three games? Or coin flip for each game?
  9. Me and Chris were 2-1 in 2v2 against Matty and Nate. I had to step down after our loss. Things were getting good and rowdy, and I wanted to stop drinking so the car ride home wouldn't be miserable. If I had a sponsor, he would have been proud.
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