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  1. QB Timm Rosenbach PIT RB2/WR2 Warren Williams/Derek Hill
  2. LB1/DB1 Wilcher/Humphery LB2/DB2 Smith/Dishman
  3. RAI backups Blair Thomas / Al Toon
  4. Joey Browner and buddy followed by Clifton and McMillan
  5. Let's make kreig feel welcomed and take SEA THE REST
  6. Chicago takes PHI defenders Hopkins / Evans / Golic
  7. CLE D Pike / Blaylock / Wright
  8. RB1/WR1 Blair Thomas / Al Toon
  9. Ok, I'm crashing for the night, so I'll make it official. Dave Krieg, QB1.
  10. The Shield takes WAS THE REST
  11. Wayne Haddix, Winson Moss, Reuben Davis
  12. Thunder and lightning. Rathman / Rice
  13. I will play in this league in any format you want to make.
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