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  1. CHI takes CLE defenders Baker / Grayson / Gash
  2. CHI takes PHX defenders Saddler / Bell / Taylor
  3. Chi takes BUF defenders Seals / Bentley / Jackson
  4. With the thirty-fourth pick the Chicago Bears select OL/LB/DB, CHI/Rivera/Stinson.
  5. With the twenty third pick the Chicago Bears select running back, Thurman Thomas.
  6. ImFlo Bears, not the packers, in a fun or difficult division.
  7. Stop it with this retirement nonsense. Tecmo isn't scratching that itch like it did in the past. There are other things in the world that can take up someone's time. You'll be back.
  8. A perfect time to crash after partying in the lounge car with Tecmo and Mennonites for 13 hours.
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