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  1. core_dump ended Tecmo Super Bowl Ultra so we we're gonna revive a Tecmo Super Bowl game (no it's not commercial), it's free so what i'm gonna see was 1. Have 96 Semi-Pro teams in the game to make a Minor League System (1 Major Team, 2 Minor Teams, NFL Mode Only) 2. Cheerleaders will be using as Kick/Punt Returners (NFL Mode only) 3. Have a Showstopper: American Dance Championships License to go along with the NCAA License (College Mode only) 4. Have Bowls that will play Showstopper will take on NCAA (College Mode Only) 5. Create-a-Team (NFL) and Create-a-School (College Mode) 6. Race for the Heisman is Here (College Mode Only) 7. Make your playlist for In-Game Music 8. download mp3's for your in-game playlist in Online Mode 9. run the opening to every football game by using the following [COLLEGE MODE] ABC = ABC 1992 College Football Theme CBS College Football = use the 1985 Theme College Gameday on ESPN = Theme from the mid 1990s Saturday Night Showstopper on ESPN 2 = Use the Showstopper Theme Song! plus stock music used for Regional College Football Broadcasts only [NFL MODE] ABC (ESPN in Year 2 Dynasty Mode Only) Monday Night Football = Use Are You Ready for Some Football first followed by Heavy Action NFL on CBS = Use this theme which was used NOW! NFL on FOX = Use the theme which was used since 1994! Sunday Night Football on NBC (Year 2 Dynasty Mode Only) = Use the theme that was used from 1995 to 1/1998 plus stock music used for local preseason football broadcasts only 10. Owner Mode (Just like Madden) 11. Online Mode! 12. Fight Songs (College Mode Only) 13. NFL Draft (NFL Mode only in Dynasty) 14. High School recruiting database from 2006-2008 is avalible in the Offseason, only for College Teams, and for Showstopper Dance Schools: Auditions so you could dance your way to the Regionals then to the Nationals and go home with the title (College Mode only) 15. Expansion Draft (NFL Mode) 16. All of the NFL and NCAA Classic Teams since 1979 are in the game. Wanna add more?, reply here.

    RBI Baseball 94 Rom Hacking Help

    I Need help on Rom Hacking for RBI Baseball 94, On a Hex Editor, Post Here, and talk about it.

    TSB Ultra Update

    how about a Sega Genesis and a Super Nintendo mode For Tecmo super Bowls 1 and 2?

    Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball (KGB Editor) and Trading

    would like a 2004 MLB MOD?