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  1. Saturday September 22, 2018 Start time 10 am Where: Dmen tap 2849 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 Entry fee 150 (100% of prize money goes to prize pool. 1st place 1700. Plus pimp outfit as an official Tecmo Super Player Champion. 2nd place 800 3rd place 500 Pool play winners 300 each. https://paypal.me/mort1237/150 You can also pay me in person. I will be at the Midwest tsb tournament and possibly New Orleans tecmo. Max participants 36. Goal 24. All prizes based on 24. 12 minimum needed. Stream channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_b9V5HP0eJZyLuhuEmDf_g Please add Tom's channel's if you have not added it. He will be doing the main stream including the championship series. www.twitch.tv/retrosportsgamertom/ Format Group Play. With 24 we will form two groups of 12. The 12 best players in attendance will form group 1. The next 12 will form group 2. Each attendee will be asked to rank the players coming 1-23. this will determine group placement. You will play each person in your group once. The winners of each group will get there entry fee back. With 36 we will form 3 groups. 4 to 6 hours. (Also group play will add up to 11 games no matter the amount of participants) 24 to 36 single elimination tournament. All rounds a best of 3 series. Byes will be based upon performance in group play. 4 to 6 hours. Standard Madison rules except one tweak to the one matchup once rule. A player can only play in a matchup once during the tournament. It doesn't matter if he calls it or his opponent. Now I am looking for the best 24 to 36 players I can find. Right now I am trying to gauge interest. If demand is high I will have to put together a selection committee to narrow the field. Otherwise I will start officially signing people up once the date is set. If interested in playing please Email me at [email protected] And pay with this link. https://paypal.me/mort1237/150 Official entrants (15) max 36 ..Mort ..Louis B ..RSG Tom .Flo ..DPS ..Joseph Moore ..TecmoPsycho (D. Rubble) .Retro nate ..Nos ..Hank .Gats ..Troy gblan .Kevin Carbello ..Matt O'Toole .TecmoBo Interested list. Flo Gats Louis Buennagel Mort Rsg Tom Joseph Moore DPS Sonofpatbeach Tecmobo (chi) Hank the tank Nos Excellent?? tsb player (orenga) Tecmo psycho Jimsocks Darth Rockman James Kuhn
  2. https://challonge.com/users/mort1237 14 man, 15 man and 16 man schedule are on my challonge page. This is subject to change if more people join. Still time for more than one last minute entry. Spots open till 9:45 am. Prizes With 14 1100 1st 550 2nd 300 3rd 150 4th With 15 1250 1st 550 2nd 300 3rd 150 4th With 16 1350 1st 600 2nd 300 3rd 150 4th
  3. Just confirmed with Phil. Setup, warm-up 9-10 Group play 11 games 10-4 Bracket play 4-8 group play schedule will be posted shortly. Please do not be late. There are a lot of games to be played in this format. I will be contacting all of you individually over the next couple days.
  4. Update on equipment. I just finished going over my equipment. I have 8 systems, 8 carts about 20 good controllers. Plus 2 more systems and carts at the bar. Good news is with a surplus of nes original equipment all remake systems are now banned from this tournament. Feel free to bring your own controllers if you so desire. Also if you want to bring a Nintendo as a backup I would appreciate it. We are good on televisions as well. We will probably need 8 stations at the most and 4 televisions are already at the bar.
  5. I'm in. I will sign up in a couple weeks.
  6. We will need a lot of Viking horns
  7. I better go buy a toilet seat and shit on it
  8. He told me no one else in Madison wanted to go. I should have offered to be his DD
  9. https://m.facebook.com/groups/431038934084750?view=info&ref=m_notif&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic https://challonge.com/DTTL2018/standings Just posting this on the off chance someone in the Chicago area frequents the board. Also if any of you in other cities wants to follow along and try it in the future. Great way to increase the tecmo in your area. Format: Every week starting NFL week 1 in the NFL we will play the man vs man games for that week. All games will be in regular season mode. For each game we will skip ahead to the game. For now all we are saving is a picture of the blue game end screen and the final score. This way games do not have to be played if someone can't make. Some of our players only havr a once a month availability. Others might join as the season is going. Only in January are we going to play the man vs man games and move on to the playoffs. Teams are chosen inverse to skill. I've claimed the colts already. Going to the super bowl too. We have 11 so far and looking to fill in some of the high end teams with new players. Anyways I could see something like this in say Green Bay or another city with a lot of tecmo players with free time. Keep in mind you don't have to do it every week. Once a month or even every other month would work. Lastly I also have figured out a way to manipulate challonge to keeping track of the league standings. Also, I don't think this is possible but if anyone knows how to rip the equivalent of an sta file off a cart. Hmu.
  10. In. Can't wait to play in the big apple again.
  11. So far it looks like a 3rd place prize is more important. The group play prize win is a novel ideal that has some good arguments against it. What about 4th place in the following structure. Based on recent conversations i have had i doubt we will have less than 14. If we get 14 or more third and fourth can be payable. Prize structure for 12 players 1000 1st 500 2nd 300 3rd With 14 1100 1st 550 2nd 300 3rd 150 4th With 16 1350 1st 600 2nd 300 3rd 150 4th With 18 1500 1st 750 2nd 300 3rd 150 4th  With 20  1600 1st 800 2nd 400 3rd 200 4th With 22 1750 1st 900 2nd 450 3rd 200 4th  With 24  1900 1st 1000 2nd  500 3rd 200 4th
  12. Also is a third place prize important to you or would you rather see more go to the group winner. Would like to get some opinions on this. I would prefer not to do a third place prize and do a larger prize for winning group. I don't like doing a 3rd place prize without a 4th place prize. Also I think putting a larger amount on group play winner will make things more interesting.
  13. Welcome aboard bro. Glad to have you on board. Also right now we have 8 official entrants with 4 more making sure this date is available. In no time we will be at 12. Prize structure for 12 players 1000 1st 500 2nd 150 3rd 150 winner of group play With 14 1200 1st 600 2nd 150 3rd 150 winner of group play With 16 1400 1st 700 2nd 150 3rd 150 winner of group play. With 18 1500 1st 750 2nd 150 3rd 150 winner of group 1 150 winner of group 2 With 20 1600 1st 800 2nd 300 3rd 150 winner of group 1 150 winner of group 2 With 22 1750 1st 900 2nd 350 3rd 150 winner of group 1 150 winner of group 2 With 24 1900 1st 1000 2nd 400 3rd 150 winner of group 1 150 winner of group 2 Please note that is subject to change based on your opinion. Feel free to post, email or text me. Also I forgot with 18 or more we will have two groups and two prizes for group winner. Also if we get 18 or more the top 9 players will be in group 1 and group 2 the rest of the field.
  14. mort1237

    Tecmo Tournament List/Schedule

    I think that is part of what makes burning Mort; burning Mort. Rules not making sense, surprises, last minute changes and then not using ice hockey in year 2 as a tie breaker.
  15. mort1237

    Tecmo Tournament List/Schedule

    Lol. TV that didn't work. bullshit prizes to places you don't want to go to or can't go to when your back is out for 6 months. Also it's tecmo players championship. Not to be confused with tecmo players circuit. Which is tpc online. Also nice research. I think a list of these things is a good ideal. I think you should add the expected times of the tourney's to your post. For example Madison is now in April, Midwest always end of July, tundra the week before super bowl. This way people know the schedule of established events better when planning travel and there own tournaments.
  16. Good question Toolie. My basic answer is more games and more challenging games. Luck plays a roll in tecmo. I feel the low and high end teams luck can mean as much if not more than ability. I feel this happens more often with these matchups than in the rest of matchups. Also I'm hoping that by the semifinals or finals competitors will be out of there individual comfort zone as far as matchups goes. Banning several matchups helps along with the restriction of once you play in a matchup you can't play in it again. The cool thing is in the satellite I realized that this restriction can be used to save matchups. Everyone advances. So if you call a chi vs buf, phi vs hou, sea vs GB and so on. You preserve matchups for the elimination rounds. Since odds are the matchups against restricted teams will be less likely in elimination games.
  17. Just had the trophy's come in. Also the pimp outfit for the winner. A little extra bling with a champion ring as well.
  18. The qualifier for a free entry to the players championship is set. When: August 18 11 am to 5 pm Where: Dmen tap 2849 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 Stream : Retro sports gamer channel Rules: standard Madison Format: Group play with player's championship rules. The top two will meet in a three game final for free entry to the players championship. (If I play I will not be eligible for the finals or any prize) Please read my main post for hardcore tourney format. Entry fee: $5 2nd place prize pool 1st place free entry to player's championship 2nd place. Entry fee total. 50 to 120 Prize has no cash value. If you win and can't make it I will reassign the prize. You will have the option to take the 2nd place prize if you prefer 50 to 60 dollars. Please do not prepay. Cash at the door. Sign up: contact me or post here. Sign up list. 9 players needed. 24 max. TecmoBo rsgTom DPS Green Majik (Joseph Moore) Shallabey Joel Stevie
  19. Best deals I found on nearby hotels. Most of these are in the same area off Cumberland about a mile from O'Hare and 4-7 miles from the tourney. I know of a cheaper motel 6's around 60 to 80 that would be a 30 min drive around Lombard, Naperville area.
  20. On Sunday dmen tap is having a smash tourney the day after the qualifier. Not a bad weekend if your into both games.
  21. Tom. Just to clarify. You can't do Sf vs bug or bug or hou or any combination with those 4 teams. However sf vs rai or hou vs phi or bug KC or nyg vs Chicago and so on all work Same rules with NE, IND, Sea. You cannot match them together. But like NE vs GB, sea vs cle and Ind vs no would be ok. Nos I will do an area hotel search and post some of the results. I got room for a couple guys to overnight at my apartment as well.
  22. Flo. In the best of 3 each game is a new matchup. Joey no matter the people playing the same matchup rules I posted at the start apply. Thoughtout the entire tournament you can only play in a match up one time. Also the ban on matching the 4 top teams together and the bottom 3 teams together applies. Thanks for your questions guys. The reason I posted the 8 man format was just in case of an emergency. I'm confident we will get 12 to 16 players. But at the same time I want to reassure those that have signed up that this tournament will happen no matter what.
  23. I need one more official sign up to make this tourney set in stone. I've decided on an eight man format that would work if needed. 8*150 is 1200 in prizes. 1st 900 2nd 300 After group play of 8 games. 3 rounds best of 5. That would make group play about 3-4 hrs. Each round 1.5 and ideally 9 to 10 hours max. Hoping not to use this format but I want a contingency established so people paying in no the tournament is set in stone.
  24. With 8 people this is officially happen on the 18th. If we have less than 10 we might have everyone play a few extra games to make sure each person gets 11 total games in the qualifier.