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  1. That would be rather pointless as long as there is a tecmo Madison. There really is only demand for one really big event yearly. At the moment I prefer smaller events. There is more demand for smaller events. But at the end of the day that demand for the one big event is still strong. Also most people want that event to be tecmo Madison due to its history.
  2. After Tecmo 12 I was approached by several prominent members of the community about running what we will call the "replacement" tournament in Chicago. Basically a large as possible tecmo event on the date Madison used to be held on. It was all hypothetical. I also won't name any names as I fear reprisals against them. In all but name and location it would have been Madison 13. Then Dave stepped in and any hypothetical plans stopped. And these where mostly half baked thoughts with very little action behind it. Now say Dave decides Madison is dead and done. That is his right as you said. Just as when Tony ended TCS. But at the same time a new college football league could have been started by the members of TCS out of no disrespect to Tony. It's the same situation here. In that situation if there is demand someone will try and step in. Maybe another current event will become the prominent event. I don't think tecmo is so dead that there will be no demand for a new large tournament. So yes. If Dave wants to end it then Tecmo Madison will end. However tecmo tournaments are going to keep going on at least for a few more years. I don't like that scenario because of the loose ends it will cause. There will be regret and remorse. Perhaps other negative emotions that could be avoided.
  3. For example in the early days of the green bay packers they had to save the franchise and the only way to do that was public support. Hence going public and the sale of stock that is used to invest the franchise. I don't suggest the going public part. But posting a list of your yearly losses and doing a fund raiser is another possibility. With a detailed report of yearly losses i would be willing to make a significant contribution to the effort of running Madison. Similar to how the packers stock it would just be money donated. You would still be in full control.
  4. Dave. This isn't about trying to gain money. Most of us understand the expense of running the tournament. Most of us understand you are willing to lose money. Most people that run a tecmo tourney plan to lose money. What this is about is a statement that other people are willing to lose money. Other people are willing to take on a burden. It's not just me. Yet at the same time I wonder if a friend is losing too much money. Perhaps each year this event is another straw on the back of the camel.
  5. I never felt for one second that Madison did anything but cost more money than it brought in. I wouldn't offer to buy the rights if I thought it was a profit making business. I wouldn't even participate.
  6. That's all I needed to know. At the same time tecmo Madison is something I and a lot of people in this community Care about. We want to keep it alive. So I don't see how a good faith offer to purchase the rights of the tourney by me and other members of the community is anything other than a security net from a group of friends to another. This is the catch 22 you entered when you made the purchase of the rights and also when the business began to lose money and consumer confidence. The fact you could lose it all for nothing. Down the drain. I'm saying that won't happen.
  7. I'm sure many of you have noticed the so long messages on tecmo Madison. It's ridiculous and very bad. There are many fans of the tournament who never go on this board or the tecmo super bowl discord. It will make us seem like a joke. Recently I have lost a lot of faith and respect for the various people that run the key aspects of this community. It has led to the point where it looks like these are mere attempts at community manipulation. This needs to end. So do the whispers behind other people's backs. It's time to come forward with any accusations the leaders of this community have against other members of the community. No more talking behind the backs of other people. Finally if tecmo Madison is really "so long" I would like to thank Dave Murray for a wonderful job of keeping it alive the last two years. It was a trying time and I am sure he wished for greater success. Last and not least I would like to mention this publicly. I will make a good face effort to purchase the rights of tecmo Madison if or when the current organizers feel they cannot continue running it. Now or further down the road. As long as there is a strong interest in the event I want to keep it alive. I also want to keep it as part of the tecmo community. I've done a lot of brain storming and I feel tecmo Madison is a vital part of this community. I would also appreciate if this post was not moved, edited or deleted in any fashion.
  8. Driving in Chicago is a pain in the a$$. In another city 5 miles away is like 10 mins. Here it's a stressful 30 minute drive. It would be like me asking my friends in cheektowaga bars that have a bare minimal interest in tecmo to hang out in a tourney in Niagara falls NY. Also if anyone wants to travel out I got space for 3 people at my apartment. If some guys come Friday we can check out galloping ghost arcade which is near my apartment and the venue.
  9. Here is the sheets everyone filled out. Had a few people request them. New Doc 2018-09-26 12.14.29.pdf
  10. It went so amazing that I am still in awe of how efficient you guys where at getting games in. I plan to bring this back next year. Most likely sat Sept 14th As I announced as long as things are going well I will put in 1000 to the prize pool. Entries will be 100 unless you won the players championship or madison 5-15. For those few people entry will be 150. A max of 24 so I can have it a dmen cause Phil was just so awesome hosting us. I will make an official announcement this winter.
  11. Anyone reading the challonge keep in mind it's 11 rounds. Round 12 and 13 we don't have time for and have been declared ties. The below schedule will give you an ideal of when a certain game will be on give or take 20 mins. If your playing it is important we keep to this schedule so we are not finishing around 10 pm. Rough schedule of games. Round 1 10am-10:25 Round 2 10:25 to 10:50 Round 3 10:50 to 11:15 Round 4 11:15 to 11:40 Round 5 11:40 to 12:05 Break 12:05 to 12:40 Round 6 12:40 to 1:05 Round 7 1:05 to 1:30 Round 8 1:30 to 1:55 Round 9: 1:55 to 2:20 Round 10 2:20 to 2:45 Round 11 2:45 to 3:10 Sweet 16 3:30 to 4:30 Elite 8 4:30 to 5:30 Final 4 5:30 to 6:30 3rd place game 6:30 to 7:00 Finals 7 to 8
  12. https://challonge.com/Tecmoplayerschamp2018/ Official schedule for tomorrow
  13. https://challonge.com/users/mort1237 14 man, 15 man and 16 man schedule are on my challonge page. This is subject to change if more people join. Still time for more than one last minute entry. Spots open till 9:45 am. Prizes With 14 1100 1st 550 2nd 300 3rd 150 4th With 15 1250 1st 550 2nd 300 3rd 150 4th With 16 1350 1st 600 2nd 300 3rd 150 4th
  14. Just confirmed with Phil. Setup, warm-up 9-10 Group play 11 games 10-4 Bracket play 4-8 group play schedule will be posted shortly. Please do not be late. There are a lot of games to be played in this format. I will be contacting all of you individually over the next couple days.
  15. Update on equipment. I just finished going over my equipment. I have 8 systems, 8 carts about 20 good controllers. Plus 2 more systems and carts at the bar. Good news is with a surplus of nes original equipment all remake systems are now banned from this tournament. Feel free to bring your own controllers if you so desire. Also if you want to bring a Nintendo as a backup I would appreciate it. We are good on televisions as well. We will probably need 8 stations at the most and 4 televisions are already at the bar.
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