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  1. Its been a long time but I believe everything was sent directly over email.
  2. Best bet would be to see if TecmoTurd still has the assembly code that I sent him. I'm 99.9% sure I lost it when my computer died a few years ago. The amount of code compared to Tecmo Super Bowl is extremely small.
  3. It would be a ton faster and cleaner just to swap the full rosters and change the names and logos to match. All that is really simple.
  4. Holy cow Bruddog. You are still working on those files I created like a decade ago. I'll be really interested in seeing what you created in all this time.
  5. Nice work on the graphics. Its been almost 15 years since I messed with the game but I helped slim_jimmy7 with graphics in the past. I have no notes any longer but I can tell you the logo graphics are compressed in the game. Back then, I wrote a program that decompressed the logos and was able to learn many of the commands through a text output which allowed me to write the new logos by hand into the game with a hex editor. You'd have to ask slim_jimmy7 but possibly he still has a copy of my decompressor (if the code is still with it than it shouldn't be to hard to figure out from that).
  6. I appreciate the kind words from everyone. I actually stopped by to find out what happened to Gridiron Heroes and ran into this thread. I feel a bit bad about disappearing from here. A few years back, I had a hard drive crash where I lost countless notes. Then I basically ran out of ideas for fun hacks and slowly stopped popping by. I spent most of last year with a computer that would blue screen randomly a few times a day so doing anything became a massive headache. But I do stop by now and then but usually not signed in.
  7. What data are you looking for? I use to play Tecmo NBA Basketball as a kid but it was too easy vs the CPU and later moved on to playing NBA Live 95.
  8. Yeah, I'm doing fine. Bruddog is correct that its Games Played. The "Adjuster" part is if you had some scrub that say played 1 game and had a star performance then you could set this value higher to cut down the final value to a more logical score.
  9. You guys might be way over complicating the mini helmets. Detroit already uses the grey color so just remove the special byte that places the black facemask and instead use the standard grey facemask. Cleveland has Black for the dark brown so if you recolor the tiles it should be good. No need for changing pointers and such. I got the following in just minutes. base-2017-update.nes
  10. That is highly impressive Bruddog. The time it took for me to get the original disassembly was a huge pain by itself.
  11. I don't remember all the changes but finding them should be extremely simple. Set breakpoints for offense of reads to: Special Teams/Formation Pointers (11 Pointers): $A000-$A1E3 Play Pointers (11 Pointers): $A400-$ABE7 Extra Pointers (12 Pointers): $AE00-$AF7F Set breakpoints for defense of reads to: Play Pointers (11 Pointers): $A000-$B5E9 Extra Pointers (12 Pointers): $B600-$B77F After a fast check: (remember your extra pointers need 8 pointers for the 7 players like my CIFL rom had) The pointers needs the X index changed from x0B to x07 at x2573B and at x25810. Could be it or even a few more spots but you should be able to figure it out with breakpoints.
  12. Attached is a rom stripped down to only display the TSB Game Field with the source code. I'm only posting this since it might make it easier for someone to edit the game field. Controller: Pressing left and right will make the field scroll and pressing up and down will change the crowd animations. Animations are 0 = cheerleaders and no crowd movement, 1 = cheerleader celebration and crowd movement, 2 and 3 = cheerleaders and crowd movement then the next animation cycles back to 0. The game field data is located at x2010-x2B38 and needs to be pasted to x2C419-x2CF41 in an actual TSB rom. The graphics would need to be copied over as well. **Note the rom does absolutely nothing but display the game field using code from the actual game. GameField.zip
  13. I had an issue with the latest FCEUX 2.2.2 where when you loaded a rom that already had a .deb file then the emulator would crash. To fix the problem, I had to go into the debugger and deselect the .DEB files and then save the config. This may or not be your problem but if not then I'd try checking the emulator settings.
  14. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some new stuff up soon. Primis, for your questions. Yes, you can put a trap onto any specific object. Though it might be quite a hindrance to try and tackle a ballcarrier you can't see because you are watching a receiver downfield. For the NTSC/PAL, this is less a NES issue than a TV standards issue. NTSC, PAL, and SECAM are the Analog TV Standards where NTSC and PAL have different size standards. So the TVs produced in the PAL countries simply have a different display size to support the standard. The PAL standard however also has a slower refresh causing some flickering that doesn't exist on a NTSC display.
  15. I stumbled across a hidden debug option. During the Intro Screens, any screen before the Game Start Screen, if you press down exactly 7 times it activates a slow motion debug option. For those using a debugger, RAM $06F6 will need to be #$07. Once activated, to use you have to hold the Select+B buttons for slow motion and hold the Select+A buttons for a full stop. The game will still use the button presses on screens they are used. I'm not sure how useful this can be but I was entertained for a while playing around with this.
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