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  1. Bob Sacamano Best avail weekday morn/afternoons and late night est. I'm around so just HMU. Yes No on travel
  2. BREAKING TECMO KUMITE NEWS: After weighing our options on what will be a very busy weekend in downtown Detroit, we have decided that a shift of venue best fits our interests. The tournament will now be held at the same venue it had been the past two years: Detroit Beer Company 1529 Broadway Detroit, MI 48226 Tel: 313-962-1529 https://www.detroitbeerco.com/Directions The tournament will no longer be held at The Old Shillelagh. Detroit Beer Co. is located about 5 blocks northwest of The Old Shillelagh. It would be appreciated if everyone could please help spread the word, and tell anyone you know that is coming, or those who have not signed up yet, who were considering attending! In terms of parking the same applies with meter parking, and full day price on lots throughout the city, as there are a number of each on Broadway. The Opera House parking structure may be your best bet, which is essentially right across the street from the venue, at the intersection of Broadway and John R. If parking at the Greektown Casino structure, the venue is about 7 block walk northwest, or you can take the People Mover to the Broadway stop for only $ 0.75 I believe. The unknown is whether Greektown will be charging for parking or not. For those who will be in town Friday night, there should be a group gathering there, to get a jump on some early set up, and get some games in, late Friday night. I unfortunately will not be able to join until the early morning hours Friday night/Saturday morning, and Joe Moskwa, aka, Joe Mosqua, aka The Shark Watksi, aka Joe Pasta will be your Friday night contact. Hit him up on the Facebook page to discuss Friday night! https://www.facebook.com/groups/tecmokumitedetroit/ We do apologize for any inconvenience, and feel as if this move is in the best interest of the tournament as a whole. Thanks guys! Any questions at all, you know how to get a hold of me. See you guys this weekend! -- Eric O'Dell Detroit Tecmo Tournament Director [email protected] Twitter: @tecmodell42
  3. It is Tecmo Kumite week! We are officially just 4 days away from Detroit's Tecmo Kumite VII! Detroit Beer Company 1529 Broadway Detroit, MI 48226 Tel: 313-962-1529 https://www.detroitbeerco.com/Directions Saturday, March 9 Doors: 10am; Kickoff: 11am RULES/FORMAT: Similar to years past, but there is a subtle adjustment to cointoss/matchup calling. I will send out a separate email containing the rules page, in text, and via word document following this email. Please be sure to read through it, and take it all in, as there just simply is not enough time to go over it in much detail day-of. EQUIPMENT: If you are helping out the tournament cause with any equipment, please arrive as early as you can to help set up. For lending a complete playing station, there will be extra raffle tickets coming your way! Please be sure to label every piece of equipment you have! I will bring a label maker for everyone to use, but who knows if the battery will run out, or it runs out of paper, etc, so it's best just to do it before you leave. Also know that your equipment is expected to remain in play for, in the very least, the duration of the swiss rounds, and most likely beyond that. To take in the full essence of the Kumite, is to stay the through the finale, and root on your fellow Tecmo warriors anyway! Thank you so much for helping out the tourney cause! We cannot do this thing without you guys! RAFFLE: With your paid entry into Kumite VII, you will be given 5 complementary raffle tickets. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased for $1 each, plus an extra ticket for each $5 spent. We've added a few items to the raffle prize pool, with possibly more to come! We will be giving away all of these prizes in some capacity whether during the raffle or contests of some kind. These prizes include, and are not limited to: DON MAJKOWSKI AUTO'd JERSEY WARREN MOON OILERS JERSEY ATARI RETRO SYSTEM NES CART: WRESTLEMANIA TECMO BO INFANT TEE (2) TOMEE NES USB ADAPTER RAMS TODD GURLEY LONG SLEEVE TECMO TEE BARRY SANDERS STARTING LINEUP HYPERKIN RETRON1 RAIDERS KNIT HAT BRONCOS SCRIPT HAT We are currently up to 39 players officially signed up for Kumite VII. If anyone you know is not on this list, and would like to be, please be sure to have them sign up today! Payment is not required at the time of filling out the registration, but it will save you $5 by not having to pay upon entry. Get signed up now! https://bit.ly/2RSIBwe Save $5 before 3/8! PayPal: [email protected] KUMITE VII COMPETITOR LIST ( X = Entry $ still owed ) BLACK BELT DIVISION $40 / $45 doors 1 MATTHEW O'TOOLE 2 ERIC O'DELL 3 KEVIN MOLNAR 4 MATT TARRILLION 5 RYAN McKAY 6 JOE MOSKWA 7 LEVI LaCROSSE 8 FRANCIS BUENNAGEL 9 D-MEN TAP SATELLITE 10 DAN SLATTERY 11 LOUIS BUENNAGEL 12 TIM UBICK 13 ERIC KUHLMAN 14 CHRIS HENDERSHOT 15 JUSTIN CHANEY 16 DARIUS FOWLER 17 HANK DeWILD 18 JOSHUA ALLISON 19 JAIMEN ALLISON BROWN BELT DIVISION $20 / $25 doors 1 JEREMY McCARTY 2 BASILIOS BATSOS 3 RANDALL CASTRO 4 EDWARD PEVOS 5 JONATHON COE 6 JOE PHILLIPS 7 MARK NUTTER 8 SAM FRITZ 9 BRYAN ADAMS 10 JASON ADAMS 11 JEREMIAH ALLISON 12 MAX BIELAS WHITE BELT DIVISION $10 / $15 doors 1 JORDAN TASICH 2 WILL KINNEY 3 NICK GODFREY 4 NOEL GARCIA 5 JUSTIN BRADLEY 6 CHAS CLAUS 7 ERIC PETERSON 8 JOHN RYAN PARKING: The Greektown Casino parking structure is about 2 blocks east of The Old Shillelagh at the intersection of Monroe St. and the Chrysler Service Dr. The best exit to get to this is the Lafayette exit off of I-375 south. If dropping off equipment first, you then proceed down Monroe St. and it will be on your left as you approach the service drive. It SHOULD be free to park on Saturday morning, as I believe they only charge for special events. Parking meters are another option. They charge, I believe $1.15/hr, and can best be managed via the ParkDetroit app, rather than feeding the meter in my opinion. Lastly, the pay lots are all over the place, and not hard to find, but usually start at $20 for the day. Lastly, the MGM Casino parking structure is always FREE, however it's a bit over a mile away - so you'd have to take an Uber or Lyft, or take one of the scooters, which are fun, and affordable. Bird and Lime are two of the scooters (apps) I've used. I am sure I've missed some things, or if you have any questions at all, you know how to get a hold of me. I cannot wait! See you guys Saturday morning for #KUMITEVII!
  4. It's Tecmo Kumite week! Giving away all kinds of prizes, 3 separate levels of competition for all skill levels of gamer. https://www.mlive.com/sports/2019/03/michigans-tecmo-super-bowl-champ-to-be-crowned-at-annual-tournament-how-you-can-play.html?fbclid=IwAR3RMy3DKzNiWp0A-vb_ZX3jECAptJDxGo2NmkZ2FxOJrsr-lB6_1pZCZug
  5. Group L ODell v Tundrayeti Game 1 ODell wins toss calls Bucs and Rams. Tundra takes the Rams. Bucs will receive. Get a goalline stand to take a 10-0 lead into the locker room. Rams Everett to a streaking LWR for their first score. Rams force a punt, and grab their first lead with about 3 min left. An Exc Vinny takes the Bucs down the field, finding Carrier for the game winner at the horn. Great game Yeti!
  6. Bob Sacamano Yes, I can host Best weekday AM, afternoons, but anytime throughout a week is possible. Generally unavailable 6-9pm est however.
  7. Kumite VII UPDATE! We are up to 14 participants officially signed up for Kumite VII on March 9 at The Old Shillelagh, in Downtown Detroit! We are offering up 3 levels of competition this year, for gamers of all skill levels. Celebrating our 7th annual Tecmo Kumite, we will be giving away a signed #7 Don Majkowksi jersey, among many other raffle prizes! Get signed up now https://bit.ly/2RSIBwe and save $5 before 2/28! PayPal: [email protected] BLACK BELT DIVISION... TROPHY/TOP CASH PRIZES/RAFFLE TICKETS $45 ENTRY / $40 EARLY ENTRY TOOLIE... GRAND BLANC, MI BOB SACAMANO... WATERFORD, MI KEVIN M... PARMA, OH MATT T... PERRYVILLE, MO ULTIMATE WEAPON... NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH SHARK WATSKI... CHESTERFIELD, MI NELSON79... SEYMOUR, WI MORT1237... RIVERSIDE, IL DMEN TAP... CHICAGO, IL BROWN BELT DIVISION... CASH PRIZES/RAFFLE TICKETS $25 ENTRY / $20 EARLY ENTRY JEREMY M... ADRIAN, MI BLADE... FLINT, MI DEEZY83... CHESTERFIELD, MI NICK C... NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH WHITE BELT DIVISION... PRIZES/RAFFLE TICKETS $15 ENTRY / $10 EARLY ENTRY JORDAN T... ROCHESTER HILLS, MI
  8. Save the date.... TECMO KUMITE VII Saturday, March 9, 2019 | Detroit, MI Details starting to take shape Winter 2019. Stay tuned! In the meantime, give us a follow on social media: facebook.com/groups/tecmokumitedetroit
  9. Gamehigh has RB3/LB..... HOU RB3/LB Jones/Grimsley
  10. Bears select: RB4 LB Thompson Bell PHX
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