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  1. and by DT from the PNW you meant DSTheBest aka shinybehiny
  2. Someone sounded the "Shiny signal". I'm still alive fellas

  3. Tomorrow at around 6pm est and should be good to go anytime after that till about 3 am. Friday I should be around all night. If I can play tonight I'll hit you up if I see you on.
  4. For any original rom player that hasn't been contracted and has some sort of value once all teams are rolled and offseason officially starts. Preferably OL, DL, LB or DB. Willing to pay fair value.
  5. I also stopped getting these, thought it was because I wasn't signed into the phile. Guess not.
  6. Isn't someone else suppose to bring this up?
  7. I honestly feel (only DB's and LB's done and DL has been worked on for the past 4 hours) that this draft is a monumentally deep draft that will NEVER be touched again in terms of depth. Why can I say this, because I've all but eliminated any guys that were missed in past drafts, have done a shit ton and will continue to do a shit ton of research to prevent anymore forgotten players so there will be no more than 1 or 2 100% line guys ever again while I am the man doing the research. That means that there will be no surprise guys, especially after the 1985 draft. With the updated and PERFECTED formula all players will be rated with accuracy and I have no doubt in my mind by 1991 that teams will look the way they should. Do I feel any of the DB's or LB's should be "toned" down... HELL NO but I don't run the league and in the end it's not my decision to make. But I trust Kamp and feel that once every rookie is done (I have over 500 players on my preliminary list, won't be that many but that's how many I'm researching) that little to any toning down will happen and the original lines will be kept.
  8. Well the adjustment to the formula will mostly be seen in the average to above average players initially. My formula had guys drafted later having better roll opps than they should have. Hall of fame, high draft picks will for the most part still be as good as they "should" be and should still end up as legit top 10 picks with expected value. Karl Mecklenberg will be a legit top 10 pick as he was arguably the 5th best LB in the NFL from 1983-1994. Pretty much any player that is worth a 1st round pick but isn't the biggest name will have a short bio basically "proving" why he could end up being a good player. So unless a guy is a hall of famer or was a multiple time All Pro and Pro Bowler you won't be seeing as many guys over 44 MS for LB's or over 50 MS for DB's from the available players. So your lottery picks for the most part should equal franchise players, useable defenders or elite drones. Your just not going to see high upside in rounds 4 and 5 and your basically drafting average to below average drones.
  9. I understand tanking will still happen, answer is still C
  10. C, to deter tanking! Also, I'm assuming there will be multiple people "witnessing" the roll to determine draft class. How many will there be and how will they be selected? (if that's even relevant?)
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