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  1. As www.tecmoplayers.com says please go to www.tecmoworld.com/twpc in the meantime, the temporary url is 100% functioning including registeration as shown at the following post: http://tecmoworld.com/viewtopic.php?f=1118&t=47038&p=228272#p228271 jrseau if you or anyone else is still having issues please email [email protected]
  2. Out of curiosity do you know what the chance of block would be for the each rating or just some of the common ones with the correct coding?
  3. It was very fun. I think it was Opus and MrTSB and I played in the PureTecmo Bowl. I was just razzing you about "owning you" I think we were pretty even career wise head to head in tcs. I definitely remember this game though, it was like the game just said nope to you and everything started going my way.
  4. Hey, been a while over here for me. I personally thought this was funny.
  5. thats weird, what i was trying to say is the "kit" idea was thrown about in a way a while back with tecmo super bowl ultra.
  6. tecmo super bowl ultra was supposed to be the work around "kit" that horse suggets and arrows asks about.
  7. I don't have the ability to edit the post but the home team chooses the match up and the away team chooses which team to be (opposite of what it says). Home team is the Good side meaning you move from left to right. There is no fee to join, basically free money to the winner. No cost to anyone just a chance to win $$$ at no cost.
  8. eifer....yes i say everyone is eifer
  9. would you like me to set this up on TPC for bracket and archive purposes?
  10. added you brian, last day for sign ups is tommorrow.
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