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  1. Anyone playing here? Bout to start a 8 man league
  2. Well what can i do to get ya on my man. This edition is going to be amazing. You would like diamond Dynasty i bet.
  3. I do appreciate the props manyo. Glad your still around my man. I did enjoy our battles on the 8 bit gridiron back in the day. Stay in touch friend.
  4. Anyone planning on getting the latest version. Drops mid March. For those on the fence, and what knocked me over the fence. Bringing back online leagues/custom leagues. Playing a tournament with your friends is pretty sweet with possibly multiple seasons. But even better being able to use your Diamond Dynasty team. Of course you can make restrictions on team limits. Ie team rating can only be so high, or have to use all power hitters, or only scrub type pitchers. Trying to recruit some for my bracket. Already got 3 including myself....figured id reach out to my brothers from my past life to see anyones plan. Plus a cubby is on the cover, Baez. Must get for me.
  5. Totally forgot about my Anna avatar. Let's see how much buzz this gets. I'm pulling a Favre tentively, kamp knows my situation. Canes R Fo Real
  6. let me know when u get the show rob, and we can play
  7. sounds good rob sitting at 7-20 online
  8. 40 dollar ps+ on ebay just letting ya know.
  9. did you ever get it rob. I tried online for the first time this week. 3-2 so far. FIrst ever game i got "regulated" definitely was not in the same ball park in terms of skill of that guy. Still fun though, and the lag i did not notice at all. I did notice my lack of discipline at the plate anyone else play this online, give this noob some games
  10. Anyone else picking this game up tomorrow? If they can patch together the online choppiness, this game will be amazing. love the diamond dynasty/market place mode. RTTS is pretty cool, but gets boring playing solo the whole time. Flashback players should make it interesting this season. Canesrforeal2 is my psn tag. Never played it online, but would like to get into it if others on here will play.
  11. id be down for a tourney if you or TDO could get something started. Im 6 hrs north in NC.
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