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  1. ash

    Most Hated EVER

    The thing we all forget about Hitler's rise to power was it was because of the worldwide state. There was a serious world-wide depression. Germany was being straved because of WWI reparations. It was an enviroment primed for a dictator to come to power. I can't remember the exact number, but I think there were upwards of 40 canidates for chancellor when Hitler came to power. Depite how I feel about the man, and his choices, for the first 3 years, before he totally flipped, he helped Germans get jobs... however in the form of building up the war machine. I don't think there was another time anywhere in German (or Prussian) history where a man like Hitler could've risen to power and actually be accepted. Things were fishy about the Jews and 'undesireables', but they did clean out entire neighborhoods at once, and they were very good with their propaganda to make it seem as if they were relocating to a safer place. Heck, some camps even had music and the recievers dressed nicely to continue the appearance that it was a nice safe haven... at least at the start. The 30's gave many men a chance to shine going into WWII. It's dissapointing and horrifiying what a couple did with these chances (Hitler, Stalin...). But in any way shape or form to say that the average German knew what was going on was unbelieveable. Once the war hit full tilt, yea, some of the ficade dropped, and it became clearer. At that point, it's not dissimiliar to us in Iraq... despite those protesting, it's must harder to pull out of a war than avoid one.
  2. 10 Yard fight is fun with a human... it's not very fun against the CPU... John Elway was a good game, but we kept using the reverse trick so the fun kinda went away. I remember liking play action football, and I have used copy that I'll admit I bought and haven't played yet.
  3. Toes? I actually learned how to play with my toes when I broke my arm, and couldn't play video games for about a month. I can't say I'm great, but I can at least control a good amount of what I'm doing...
  4. I don't think you should be on the boards if you don't have your own TSB copy. True fans have sought them out. But I won't hold it against those of you that don't.
  5. Testing. Still figuring this thing out.
  6. Yes, the unthinkable. For some strange reason I have started an all COM vs. COM season. I was wondering when we talked about the computer breaking records while auto-simmed, what would the computer do if the attributes really mattered? Right now I'm three weeks in, a few notables are the Bills, 49ers and Raiders are 3-0, the Rams and Colts 0-3. Jeff George has the 4th highest QB ratings... and Thurmal is already to, yes you're going to read this right, 450 yards and 9 TDs. (Only on pace for 2400 yards and 48 TDs) I'll post more as it cranks along.
  7. unlike all those original ideas that have been done before. Anyway vote me for retard of the year, I don't post much but i can act like a n00b overdosing on nyquil and I can take a joke. I guess u missed the part where I said "unoriginal idea to begin with", u balding half-wit. You had to go toward the hair man...
  8. Kickers today are worse... between expansion and the salary cap... honestly, if you had to cut someone for cap space, isn't the kicker a nice place to do it? A great example if my favorite Vanderjerk... he doesn't even kick off a year after he was perfect on field goals... he can't be that good, can he?
  9. I know I'll have the tradtionallist scream bloody murder... but assuming this fix works... I'd like to see it in a lot of roms... I think making guys that are truly fast punt returners get their dues and guys like Muster not return would take Tecmo to another level. It's not changing what the programmers intended... it's changing their error.
  10. I'll do my Tecmo Duty with the colts... and if it's really that easy I might crank out some more
  11. If we're talking about text based sims- regardless of if you're a soccer fan or not, pick up a copy of champman. Let's just say my freshman year of college a british friend of mine had it... and I didn't leave the room for days!
  12. ash

    I just found out..

    My Dad's secratary a couple years back's son was a special teamer in the NFL, and played in the XFL, Jason Kaiser. Don't know if that helps a whole lot, but if you get desperate...
  13. Thank you Marcules for pointing out the error in my ways. I can sleep better tonight knowing you pointed that out for me.
  14. I give the Retard of the week half my vote... the other half has to be the Big Red Seattle one.
  15. AFC Wildcard Colts spank Broncos. Jets over the Bolts Divisional Colts over Pats (revenge!) Steelers over Jets Championship Colts over Steelers (this year the hail mary works) NFC Wildcard Seahawks over Rams Packers over Vikes Divisonal Eagles over Seahawks Flacons over Pack Championship Falcons over Eagles (seriously, the NFC doesn't look good w/o TO) Super Bowl Colts win it all baby!
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