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  1. You guys rock! I was so looking forward to this!
  2. I was waiting eagerly for this release.. I know how my night will be spent after work tmrw!!!!!
  3. gdfuzz


    Hey guys, its been a long time since I've been around. I just decided to get back to my tecmo roots. The state of todays games still suck. (Is anyone really surprised...) I just want to say thanks to drummer for putting out a good rom. Its exactly what I was looking for. A good playable version, I didn't have to make on my own. And drummer, don't worry about gripes on the rom, you can't please everyone. The way I look at it, if you have a problem, just put in a personal edit. That always solves it for me. Great work again everyone.
  4. gdfuzz

    Back and ready to edit

    How's everyone been? I fell off the face of the earth for awhile. I just got burned out editing and really didn't have time. I'm getting ready to start some new edits and finally get my site updated again. Look to see a new Tecmo Bowl series out first. I like putting out the original, because you just don't see many. I'll keep everyone updated as things progress.
  5. gdfuzz

    TSBRMBFFL (2004 Repository head-to-head)

    If the league dosen't generate any more interest, I'm gonna have to open it up to random yahoo users to fill in the left over spots. I don't really want to do this, there is room for 4 more people. The draft is next weekend, so hurry up.
  6. gdfuzz

    TSBRMBFFL (2004 Repository head-to-head)

    I can move it to a later time the 4th but that would be a Saturday night. It's your call.
  7. gdfuzz

    TSBRMBFFL (2004 Repository head-to-head)

    We have half of what we need. There were 2 leagues last year, we can't fill just 1 this year? As I said before it's open to anyone. Let me know it's down to 2 weeks till draft day.
  8. gdfuzz

    Tecmo Custom Cover

    where did you get the template for the cover? I heard there is one on espnvideogames.com, but i can't find it.
  9. gdfuzz

    TSBRMBFFL (2004 Repository head-to-head)

    I was just waiting to give the people on the list the first shot. Whoever wants in, send me a pm.
  10. gdfuzz

    TSBRMBFFL (2004 Repository head-to-head)

    I'm sorry guys, I'm a retard. I don't know why I put the 9th, I meant the 5th. I wouldn't do it on the a weekday.
  11. I figured I would grab the old bull by the horns. I've created a league home for league 1 from last year. It's on Yahoo, and the draft is September 9th at 3:30 pm eastern. I figured that would be a good date, just before the season starts. If anyone has a problem with the time let me know pronto so I can get a better one. PM me for the password and ID# Besides myself here was the list from last year Rod Woodson Ignarant Bad Moon Rison J-Diddy Slig Yo136 Scott Eric USFL I have it set for 12 teams so some people will be added.
  12. gdfuzz

    just uploaded my rom

    You removed the faces? I'll have to check it out. Finding a decent looking face is a pain in the ass sometimes.
  13. gdfuzz

    You Got Served

    I rented it expecting just what I got. The storyline was horrible, but the dance scenes rocked. As to the south park episode, I've heard it was good. I guess I'll have to watch out for the re-run.
  14. gdfuzz

    A Bounty for a true TSB fan

    I'm still around, just sometimes get busy in between visits.
  15. gdfuzz

    Emmitt or Marcel

    Shipp has a better upside, niether played great. Shipp is younger and fresh. Emmitt was great but, should hang up the cleats.