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  1. Airick10

    Join my Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League

    I'm getting an error saying the league is not in pre-draft mode (Error 209)? I'm trying to sign up.
  2. Airick10

    MLB Predictions 2007

    You want to stand by that?
  3. Airick10

    chuck norris

    Wow, it's been just about a full year since this thread started? Talk about time flying.
  4. Airick10

    What system for Tecmo 2008?

    I hope you're right
  5. Airick10

    What system for Tecmo 2008?

    Something that you wouldn't think of... You don't think they'd create this for a cell phone would you?!?
  6. Airick10

    Fantasy Baseball

    And here come the injury bug. Too bad my squad is too inconsistent. Knobbe won't win this by the way... don't get ahead of yourself!
  7. Airick10

    Tom Brady!

    Yep, that formula worked for the Colts last year
  8. Airick10

    Tom Brady!

    I picked them as my champions last year... the defense choked vs. Indy in the championship game
  9. Airick10

    Tom Brady!

    I've said it before and I'll say it again... There's a difference between a team and a collection of talent. The Patriots put together a collection of talent. I don't buy the super bowl Patriots this season.
  10. Everyone lives 40 minutes from me I'm right on the ocean, so Okoye is probably 50 miles away
  11. Airick10

    Devin Hester from the U

    Bo > Hester
  12. Airick10


  13. Airick10

    MLB Predictions 2007

    You probably said the same thing about the Tigers last year too
  14. Airick10

    MLB Predictions 2007

    Here are my annual picks AMERICAN LEAGUE New York Boston Toronto Baltimore Tampa Bay Cleveland Detroit Minnesota Chicago Kansas City Oakland Seattle Los Angeles Texas NATIONAL LEAGUE Philadelphia New York Atlanta Florida Washington Houton St. Louis Milwaukee Cincinnati Chicago Pittsburgh Arizona San Diego Los Angeles Colorado San Francisco PLAYOFFS New York over Seattle Cleveland over Oakland Cleveland over New York Arizona over New York Houston over Philadelphia Houston over Arizona Houston over Cleveland AL MVP - Ichiro Suzuki NL MVP - Albert Pujols AL Cy Young - Roy Halladay NL Cy Young - Brett Myers How many games Dice-K will win - 16
  15. Airick10

    A Request.

    Cool, we are looking forward to it