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  1. I'm still waiting on TSB Time Machine 2! Dang buck I get back on here and you leave?
  2. Hey all, I haven't had time to get on here in a while. Good to see all the local tournaments popping up! I still grab the PSP to play the com sometimes and I rediscovered my unfinished project. This is similar to the original TSB Greats rom on here, but it adds three teams. The first two are Carolina and Jacksonville with just TSB III and I think Playstation players to draw from, so they're very weak teams. The third team I made Houston a full "All Time Greats" team. It is extremely powerful and dominating, comprised of all the Greats unlocked in TSB III. The fourth team was just thrown in because every good rom needs that team to beat up on or control and try to win with. The last team is the all time worst players at each position on each team on Baltimore. Try winning the Super Bowl with that team on a greats rom! Your offensive line caves in every snap. If you use the backups Sam Graddy can be used as your only hope. He was included because of his all time worst abberation of 19 REC trying to catch from Grogan's 25 PC . All the player faces and numbers were updated through extensive Google picture searching. What's not done: Sim data Tennessee Titans should be Houston Oilers Baltimore Ravens should be AllTime Losers (or something) Houston Texans should be Alltime Greats I'm not sure how updated the rom this was started on is, so it might be better to transfer it. I think it starts on 4 min quarters. If someone wants to finish this and repost it that'd be cool. If not and you just want to smash some teams with the greats or try to win it all with the losers then have some fun with the rom. Later! betagreats1.zip
  3. You should keep the old versions up too, they're pretty cool.
  4. This reminds me. Does any of this help us get the "hut hut hut" back into the 32 team rom?
  5. well, mort does stand for Master Of the aRRow Trick
  6. Actually he left when sois took off the stats database page. It seemed malfreds only wanted to play to drive up his rushing totals vs noobs.
  7. Hey that logic thing would be good for regular play, but if you are trying to complete some sort of running or passing challenge won't that make it almost impossible?
  8. That reminds me, I finally finished this a while back. I was just going for Jones/Greene rushing yards at first and when both were injured early in the same game and I was getting stuffed on the run already I used Sanchez to try to win the game, to no avail. Other than that I followed the rules. Funny thing is the ENTIRE season Greene was never in any condition above average, and spent most of his time in bad. Jones on the other hand was almost always in good or excellent. Anyways here's the breakdown: Jets record 12-4 Points for 540 against 299 Team Rankings Offense #1 4942 - 318 pass 4624 rush Defense #1 2964 - 1418 pass 1546 rush (20th) Thomas Jones 255 4078 15.9 61 Shonn Greene 101 472 4.6 7 Darrelle Revis 16 int 178 yards 2 td Lito Sheppard 3 int 76 yds 1 td Bart Scott 10 sacks Shaun Ellis 5 sacks I had the best record so I got a bye. Bengals beat the Ravens and I finished them off 35-14. Jones had 377 yards on 25 carries. Colts beat the Titans and Chargers then went down 35-21. Jones had 350 yards on 30 carries. Manning threw for 59% and only 59 yards, but Addai could no be tackled rushing for 157 yards on 12 carries. Super Bowl was vs. the Cowboys. It took me until the last few seconds of the game on 3rd down I broke off a 30-40 yard td run... man I was sweating it. Thing is a couple guys would usually bust through every down and I could barely get past the line when that happened. On all 3 of my long td runs they were held up and I was able to get into the secondary. I was worried on the ensuing kickoff that they might run it back, but I didn't even need to use my super-slow punter as he was tackled immediately. Final score 21-17. Jones had 37 rushes for 281 yards and the 3 tds. Barber had 75 yards Romo threw for 184 and was picked by Revis once. Oh, and interestingly enough run 3 never works for me. Run 4 is my money play but some games it just gets blown up and run 1 is basically my only option.
  9. Go Buck go! It would be cool just to have any new music in there. It would be something unique in any rom.
  10. Ok, I'm doing the Jets running season right now with the Super Bowl update. After that I'm not playing your rom anymore until you promise it is the last update!!
  11. How about just boosting one COM player that the MAN opponent has to watch out for? Is there a way to just give the COM player with the number over his head a RS MS HP INT boost? Then you could randomize which player the COM "controls" each play. That would give it more of a MAN vs MAN feel.
  12. Yeah I need to think up another challenge. I had one but now I don't remember what it was.... I need to try to run on this rom first anyways, all these posts have got me itching to try it. I can tap and know some good com run tricks so we shall see
  13. Yeah I'm probably going to be upgrading soon with AT&T. I still don't want a data plan, I wonder if there's any non-smart phones that can play an NES emulator... The Xenon maybe? I was looking at a sony phone with a 8mp camera but I think it's only available at the main stores with no good deals on them.
  14. Good point. That would give more actual playing time as well.
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