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  1. The SNES version feels better with NES sprites. Maybe this would too.... a little..... enough to give it a shot for sure. Go for it!
  2. It serves them right! I won't be getting any money because I've never given a penny to the Madden franchise.
  3. In fact, T.O., Kerry Collins, and Ray Lewis are our only hopes for any Tecmo players from any version to be in the league. Unless 20 punters get hurt and Matt Turk gets signed somewhere.
  4. There goes the last of em. http://nfl.com/news/0ap1000000157368/end-of-an-era-hanson-retires-after-21-seasons-as-lions-kicker/
  5. Wow nice writeup. I remember cochise from way back. No disrespect to everyone else, but it's nice to see old blue get the win!
  6. I think TSB III was awesome too. HP actually mattered and Reggie Cobb was REALLY a beast! In fact Jerome Bettis was better than Barry IMO.
  7. The Bears rbs of course. I like the rb by comittee teams too (NO and Rams) because someone is always changing conditions to grab the starting job.
  8. I played the first ever TSB game over the internet and was a member of the first league. I'm better than all of you! ;-P k
  9. How the heck do I know I called the play? What am I joeygats?? 2000 posts btw!
  10. Kill Deja Vu. That game is horrible! You could lose a piece of evidence early in the game but it lets you play to the end but be unable to finish. Evil!
  11. Wow man, good to see you are still around. I kinda lost touch with Lee and Ken, shame on me... Yeah that tourney was cool. I wanted to play more but Ken was mad at the Purdue guys that didn't show up LOL. I remember beating Nate Dog Den vs Pitt with Atwater injured. Whew that was rough! Good to hear from you, you should stick around here and fire up some games on the emulators. Maybe show the kids what the best game ever looks like
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