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  1. I think it just posted it was rumored to be out today just now checked and its up.
  2. well the wallpaper and trailer are still on psn for download so they must still plan on releasing it
  3. An entire team/company of workers, logging in let's say 1/2 a year's times (gross under-estimate), annual salaries, benefits, overtime, etc, etc, etc is a little more complicated than "X". And, at $10.00 a download, good luck breaking even let alone getting "10y". Again, I'm not a pessimist, just a realist. Matt, don't you work in the industry?! You know what I'm talking about. It also seems that making money isn't enough anymore as you've got to make a franchise like Halo, or Madden, or COD or the company folds. Actually, EA buys them when that happens but let's not go there. I think what I'm trying to say, not very well obviously, is let's just enjoy this ultra rare occurrence of a Tecmo Football game release that happens a little more often than Haley's Comet and let's not start pine'ing over the next release. Smell the roses people! Thats what I am trying to say I don't really see alot of room to make money on this title either
  4. I also cant help weigh the cost of Throwback vs a SNES rom from nintendo on the wii. Thing is with the wii no MP support or graphics upgrade. My point is I don't think I have ever seen anyone as upset with a SNES rom purchase on wii as people are with the cost of this. I honestly think some money is being made no doubt but I also cant help and think some of it may be going towards possible future dev. of a new game in the franchise. Why is it some people are pissed off that Tecmo is trying to make money ?! Someone called it a get rich scheme , ??? its 10 bucks!? WTF. You have to admit throwback is better than the ps1 version of tecmo and better than the ds version from a couple years ago. And one more thing ....if they don't come out with a tecmo 2011 someone on this forum could be editing this version of the game at some point. If anything it could be material for future rom releases.
  5. 10 bucks sounds good. Now all that has to happen is to convince me to buy a $300 machine to play it on. Well a 360 can be had for under 200 if you shop around on ebay and may other places. Try looking at the 360 or ps3 as I do, aside from a gaming console they are great media centers. The ps3 costing more but it has blu-ray and both devices are great for streaming movies via netflix. It won't be long til they both will be offering full blown live tv via an internet connection, as a matter of fact just the other day PSN added the ability to purchase the MLB.tv baseball package (99.99) much like you get with DTV. You can watch any game live all season and I think its also in HD. Who knows maybe NFL is next? I own both consoles including a wii and I guess you could call me stupid but I mainly use them for everything else other than games. But aside from that I was mainly asking people to support the game who can actually purchase it. No where did I say Throwback alone was worth a $200-$300 buy of a console, or I should say $210-$310. Simply put without us current console owners dropping 10 bucks on this game we may never see a Tecmo Bowl 2011 version worthy of making someone like yourself buy a new 360 or ps3 just to play that game.
  6. Sorry but some of these complaints are alittle silly. I know its frustrating that we want everything and more from the game but at $10 what can we expect. Support the game please! 10 bucks is nothing more than a lunch in your work day. With enough support I am sure we will get another game with the option we all want or at least some of those options. As for changing the plays during online games I can see why that was being left out at this point. How many times would you run into someone not as familiar with TSB as we are and not know what they are looking for or at with the plays. I can see that being a major pain in the ass waiting on someone to switch there plays mid game and doing it multiple times. As for when me and my friends when we play we have a policy no play changing in game it only slows things down. This game was announced and released in no time so we cant' expect everything. The interviews we have heard all lead to them wanting to make a more involved game like we all want but we have to start somewhere and this is it. Buck up and spend 10 bucks! Think of it as a demo for the real game.
  7. I have been considering starting a coaching league for awhile now. But I have some questions and I was wondering if anyone may know the answers to these questions? 1. Say the score is 21-10 I am losing, I score a TD with 35sec remaining to make the score 21-17, Question is... in coaching mode will the kicker have enough sense to kick an onside kick? 2. In coaching mode do the players use sim values or do they use ability score just like a regular man game? or is it some combination of both? 3. Does anyone think offensive lines from team to team make any difference having a good one vs a bad one? 4. Are good players more important in man based leagues or coaching based leagues? My pipe dream plan is to have a 32 player coaching league. With some type of web based full blown draft. Being a coaching league it puts more of an emphasis on the team talent you build. Everyone knows a great TSB player can take a halfassed team along way in a lot of cases. I think the coaching league would level the playing field and make it more about the team you build and the plays you call.
  8. I have a few questions, maybe some of you may have heard the answers or seen them on a site somewhere. If so share please 1. How many players will each team have ? (53 man roster) 2. Will injuries be limited to QB, RB, TE, WR, KR, or anyone? 3. Will injuries be detailed as to how long players will be out? 4. Can you play a 32 Team (MAN) season? Maybe this info has not been released yet...But if you know clue me in please. Thanks
  9. As the title says...I will prob buy a DS and the game but I am sure alot of us are gonna wanna play it on an emulator. So question is whats the best EMU for ds and will it do some form of full screen? As in top to bottom with black bars on each side. I know it would not fill the entire screen. The only ones I have seen only allow you to play in a small window. This will be awesome to pass time til the wii version comes out.
  10. actually no ....I have before but now I am just using jnes. I simmed all those season in the background while I was sittin on my ass basicly. haha
  11. Yeah but the results could be greater, looking at all the season for each test i decided to toss out the low score on each QB with Run Play and 0 Pocket and QB with Run Play and 3 Pocket and reaverage 1. QB Eagles with Run 4 play and 0 Pocket Att. 66.8 Yds. 654.2 Avr. 9.8 TD. 9.8 2. QB Eagles with Run 4 play and 3 Pocket Att. 56.4 Yds. 518.6 Avr. 9.18 TD. 10.8
  12. So the sim pocket value does effect how often the QB will run. Just not very much With a QB running play and 0 Pocket setting a QB will average about 8 more runs a season compaired to a 3 Pocket setting. With No QB running play and 0 Pocket setting a QB will average about 3 runs a season compaired to a 3 Pocket Setting Granted I guess it could be more on all accounts considering on Pass plays its will only count as an attempt when the QB crosses the line of scrimmage for a positive gain anything behind the line being a sack and not counted as a rushing attempt. So in the end you can say that a 0 Pocket Sim setting will result in the qb running more with qb run play or not.
  13. Average for 6 seasons Att. 3 Yds. 45 Avg. 15.3 TD. 0.3
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